Monday, December 5, 2016

Outfit | Plaid scarf and pink coat

plaid scarf pink coat winter street style outfit

Do we wear pink on Mondays?! Oh YeaH !!! I think winter came sooner that expected, well at least I was hoping it would be not that cold bit rainy fall weather just a little bit longer. So I was trying to cheer myself up with colors, you know how they say that happy colors can change your mood. As you can see I'm not wearing anything black or dark, everything is light, fun and bubbly 😉 but I did freeze my a** off!!! You already saw me styling this coat HERE in a bit dressier way and I promised I'll styled it in an everyday casual look and what's more casual than sweatshirt and sweatpants! I'm actually living in these sweatpants, I just can't help it they are so so cozy and I make them go with everything 😊. I added scarf for an extra layer of warmth and I think it tied the whole look together. I recently got this plaid scarf at the thrift store for like $1, I mean of course I'm gonna get it. I stopped going in thrift stores for a while, no reason at all, and now I feel like I need to go back thrifting cause you can score some unique looking pieces for just a few bucks. Tell me your thoughts on thrifting and about this look!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Accessories | Turquoise jewelry

turquoise bracelets rings jewelry

I haven't talked about any accessories or jewelry on my blog for a long time. I received these jewelry pieces from a while ago and didn't get a chance to future them on my blog until now. I mean look how pretty these turquoise pieces are, how am I not gonna share them with you guys. I think turquoise and silver are match made in heaven, looks so boho and beautiful. I really wanted some statement jewelry this time, don't get me wrong I love dainty jewelry as well but there is an occasion for every piece right?! The only thing is that these pieces would be perfect for summer time, so I can show them of on the beach or on some exotic vacation 😉 These TURQUOISE BRACELETS are adjustable and quite unique looking, they could be worn on their own and still make a statement. The SILVER STATEMENT BRACELET is an addition to my statement necklace that I have in my collection. And yeah I was trying to figure out interesting ways to photograph the jewelry pieces, it was pretty fun 😊. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Outfit | Denim overall dress (pinafore)

denim overall dress pinafore dress

I never owned a denim overall dress before, well maybe when I was little but I don't remember. Since any type of overalls and jumpsuits are so trendy right now I decided to go ahead and get me overall dress or pinafore dress. Honestly I liked this one cause it wasn't plain denim dress, it has this super cute letters print attached and it says - sunshine girl. That is so me, I hate cold weather and I'm all about warm sunshine days 😉. This one I got from the same online store I already talked about that is called GAMISS and you can find exact same one here DENIM OVERALL DRESS. I kept the rest of the outfit black and simple. But I feel it's gonna be easier to style it in a summer time. What do you think guys, it's kinda hard to style this kind of dress and not look like a little girl. Would you wear overall dress !?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Outfit | Double denim and off the shoulder

double denim on denim

Denim jeans, denim dress, denim top... you name it, if it's made out of denim I love it 😉. Also I really like playing with double denim looks or as you may call it denim on denim looks. I'm really glad that flared jeans are back and that they are so trendy now cause I really like how they elongate my legs and make me look taller (if that is even possible). So I pared my jeans with this OFF SHOULDER DENIM DRESS, that I wore as a top as you can tell,  just because it's cold, but I can easily wear it as a dress as well. It's off the shoulder and it has those sleeves that you can tie in a bow, I thought that was adorable. I feel like denim goes well with earthy tones so I pared the look with ANKLE BOOTS in khaki color and with METAL RING BAG in brown and of course added brown shearling jacket. I think this look ended up being bit retro, not intentionally but still those '80 always inspire me. What are your thoughts!?
P.S. My hair is even shorter now, what you guys think!?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Outfit | Fringe hem jeans

choker sweater fringe hem jeans

Remember when I was talking about fringe hem jeans trend recently, well I went for it and got a par! These ones are bit flared and with an uneven hem, shorter in the front kinda thing. They are also from the same online store called GAMISS. Unfortunately these are sold out but I did find a couple of similar ones for you to check out HERE and HERE. This time I kept it all black, white and grey. I felt like the look was already super busy without me adding more color, so I just player with textures. Fringes, embroidery and tweed 😉 
I really wanted a bag for an everyday that is not to big and still looks chic, so I think I found the right one. This bag is from DRESSLILY. DressLily is a leading international online fashion clothing and accessory store. Focusing on the very latest and affordable fashion styles, both attire and stunning accessories, they feature thousands of the newest product lines. They also aim to provide an extensive range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing together with service to customers from all over the world. This bag comes in black, grey and red, the black one is also sold out but you can check other colors out here CROSS BODY BAG. Also another of the recent trends that I've been seeing is the choker knit sweater. The one that I got is ribbed knit material and a cropped version that you can see here CHOKER SWEATER. So guys hope you find this look inspiring and do check some of these pieces out!