Thursday, January 19, 2017

Zaful Valentine's day big promotion

I know it's almost whole month away but if you are shopping online and don't wanna miss some great promotions and get your order in time than it's right time to shop for Valentine's day!!!

I was hopping to inspire you what to wear or at least what to look for. Maybe it's a cliche but wearing a dress on a Valentine's day is so romantic and so classy. I have a few suggestions for you from an online store ZAFUL that I thought you might like. 

I chose couple of dresses in different materials that are quite trendy now, and those are velvet dresses, lace dresses and of course embroidered dresses. You can't go wrong with any of these styles, but you can choose whether you wanna be sexy and elegant or playful and fun, that is totally up to you.

So guys what are your thoughts on these dresses!?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Outfit | Faux leather embroidered jacket

Faux leather embroidered jacket

Another day another embroidered piece πŸ˜‰ if you couldn't tell so far, I'm obsessed with embroidery everything so when I see it I have to get it. I've got dresses, I've got shirts, I've got denim jackets and jeans and still continue to find more pieces that I πŸ’—.

This time around I found this FAUX LEATHER EMBROIDERED JACKET in black. It has that biker vibe to it, but it's cropped and kinda feminine do to those embroidered details 🌹🌸🐦 It's in a size S and it fits perfectly, so I can safely say it's true to size. Also I don't know if you have seen it but Gucci did leather jacket with embroidery and studs that looks bomb, so I was thinking of adding some studs and rivets to this one!!! I think it would make it look even cooler. This jacket on their website comes in light blue color as well.

You can find this jacket along with other trendy affordable pieces at ROSEWHOLESALE that is one of the largest online cheap clothes wholesalers, that specializes in wholesale clothes as well as online clothing for those looking to save money and buy wholesale clothing. So guys go ahead and check them out!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beauty | Change your hairstyle ASAP with Cocowig


I know many of you share the same opinion as mine about the hair and hairstyles. There is always that moment when you wish your hair is darker or lighter, shorter or longer... There is that moment when you wish you have bangs or that your hair was curly or straight. How about doing all of that without permanent commitment or fear of damaging your hair!? Well you actually can with

Well I for example always wanted my hair to be curly, so I always have to use some heat and damage my hair to achieve that. Not anymore with these fashionable cheap curly human hair wigs for female online that are made of top quality human hair which makes it comfortable to wear. All of these curly human hair wigs are new arrivals and designed by the top designers. With the newest fashion styles and attractive prices, these fabulous wigs are quite popular recently and also suitable for many occasions. You also get to pick your own color and length with 3 free gifts included.

So if you are looking to change your style from the roots πŸ˜‰ or you just feel like experimenting with different hairstyles and spicing up your look for some special occasion why not go for a wig instead!!! And on top of it you get free shipping as well!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Outfit | Long denim jacket

long denim jacket casual outfit

Casual is my middle name πŸ˜‰ I just feel most comfortable when I'm in my denim pieces, jeans or jackets or shorts! That is the case now, when I'm out and about I'm channeling my inner tomboy and rocking denim jacket and sweatpants.

Honestly for the longest time I was looking for a LONG DENIM JACKET that fits me right and luckly I found it. This one is just right, not to long, bit distressed and a perfect shade of blue! I know it's kinda more for a warmer days but with an oversize scarf and couple of layers underneath it you are good to go. I'm glad it's gonna serve me in spring/ summer as well over those easy breezy summer dresses. 

I got this jacket from an online store called CHICME that you can read all about in my previous blog post Outfit | Lace up crop top.  I only got two pieces from them and both pieces came exactly as I expect them to be, so I'm happy about that. So if you are into trendy fashion pieces at affordable prices go ahead and check them out! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Outfit | Holiday party look and make up 2

outfit, beauty, beauty and make up, festive make up, festive outfit, party look, sponsored,, embroidered dress, choker necklace

Being elegant and chic is not my strongest side, you all know I'm all about that effortless casual vibe, but sometimes I just feel like dressing up and being feminine for a change πŸ˜‰

What is more elegant and feminine than a lovely MESH EMBROIDERED DRESS! It's sheer, long and it's has these beautiful flower and butterfly embroidered details, what more could you ask in a dress. It reminds me of a Zara dress that I saw in a store. It's such a statement piece I would say, but I feel like if you dress it down with flats and jeans it could be worn on a casual occasion as well. 

The only accessory I added is this RHINESTONE CHOKER NECKLACE cause I thought it was a perfect amount of bling for this look. It actually comes with another choker necklace with studs as a par but I thought this one alone was enough. After all I did put a lot of make up on my face πŸ˜™ so I don't need an extra layer of anything else. 

All these pieces are from the same online store I mentioned to you before and that is Zaful so if you like any of the pieces I'm wearing do check them out, I promise you want be disappointed. On top of it all they are having their Zaful Valentine's Day Big Promotion right now so go go go!!!