Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Outfit | 3 ways to style denim on denim

3 ways to style denim on denim

I've seen myself going back to styling denim on denim over and over again ;) This time I styled denim shirt with mom style jeans. There is something so chic and fresh looking about denim especially when it's light wash. Since I already styled it on my blog in my previous posts I'm leaving you links to these 2 previous looks - shirt and shorts HERE and denim dungarees and shirt HERE if you wanna check them out. I actually wore the same denim shirt in all of the outfits, it's a light wash denim shirt from that you can still find HERE. I think this way of styling denim is comfortable and put together at the same time! What do you guys think?! Do you have a favorite way of styling denim on denim!?

Monday, October 24, 2016

New season new hair

lob long bob hairstyle

Oh yes I did it I chopped my hair off!!! ;) My hair has been long forever and I never thought of cutting it shorter, but this time I was like I'm so bored and it's so unhealthy looking that I just had to cut it. I actually did it the moment I got back for our vacation, the sun and the salt did even more damage to it that I didn't hesitate and I chopped it off myself :) Also my ends were turning so yellow, even when I cut it I had to dye it all one color. Went for bit darker color for fall, buy I'm considering going even darker!!! 
As for my outfit. I recently got this yellow jacket from New Yorker and I think it's just a perfect color for fall, I just love mustard yellow. And the jacket makes a great contrast to my hair as well. Everything else I kept pretty casual, since it was a lovely day for a stroll.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trend | Choker neklace

lace up choker necklace kim kardashian

Another weekend another trend talk ;) This one you probably already seen and tried for yourself - choker necklace. Yes they made a huge came back from the 90s but with a modern twist and in all shapes and sizes! I'm showing you here just a few versions I've seen and that I love. The newest version is the lace up one that even celebrities are rocking, but I really like the cord chokers and layered chokers as well. You can always wear a simple dainty ones for an everyday look or lace chokers for a romantic night out ;) And best thing of all is that you can easily make one yourself with some materials you probably already have around the house!
What do you think!? Which one is your fave!?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Outfit | Grey matching set

matching set two piece skirt and crop top

One more night in Greece! It was an amazing experience and it's over now, back to reality. Now I'm starting to think what am I going to do, I quit my job just before we left on a vacation, got back to university and got my diploma! I'm now officially Spanish language professor!!! YaY!!! Now I'll have to find a job that suits me and that I like. It's gonna be hard, especially in my country, my options are limited, but what can you do. I'm gonna be optimistic about it and see what God has planned for me ;) 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Outfit | Last beach day

beach ootd matching set shorts and crop top

This was our last day on the beach ;( so sad!!! I already know how much I'm gonna miss this place. It was an amazing adventure for us, noting planned ahead but everything turned out perfect. If other things in life would just end up that way. You know how you always plan and imagine something and everything opposite happens or nothing at all, maybe the right thing is to let go and not plan anything just let it happen the way it supposed to. Like that's an easy task, right, well I'll try from now on ;) Like I mentioned in one of my previous post I was living in matching sets whole summer so this day was not different. This set I got from Koton store in a shopping mall. I think this white and blue combo was perfect for blending in with the scenery.