Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How to style | Floral dress for fall

outfit how to style floral dress for fall

Can you tell it's fall!? Well I would say it's not, weather is like true summer in my country, it makes me so happy. I needed these few extra warm days to energize bit more.

Any way who says that you can't wear floral in fall time 😉 I styled this FLORAL MAXI DRESS with few fall appropriate pieces and made the whole look less summery. Added black faux leather jacket with some lovely embroidered flowers on it that tied with flowers on the dress so well. Black belt to cinch the waist and of course black ankle booties. I bet everyone owns in their closet all of these pieces, so just grab your favorite summer floral dress and play with it for fall as well.

I know most people love fall, it's not to hot nor to cold and you can layer and play with combinations but I know I'll miss summer!!! Do you like fall and fall fashion!?

Saturday, October 14, 2017

How to style | Kimono

outfit how to style kimono

Ok this is not me telling you how to style a kimono, this is me styling one and showing you how I would wear it. I don't want you to think I'm telling you how to dress 😉 I'm here for inspirational purpose only!

Anyway I love how kimonos are a huge trend right now. They have moments when they are less or more popular. They are definitely more popular now then they were in the past, well at least among celebrities and bloggers. Especially long printed kimonos, such versatile piece, goes with so many styles and it's a great transitional fall to winter piece. So I got me one LONG KIMONO in this lovely light blue color with bold print on it - I think these are white cranes - and it's such a unique looking item. I love the side slits on it and these black panels that go all the way, makes it look so chic. I honestly think I've seen this type of kimono somewhere and loved it but I can remember where, so when I found it at an online store called LightInTheBox I was so happy.

Styled it with everything black to make the kimono stand out. I actually just bought these flat sandals in H&M not long ago on sale that are in this light blue color as well and match perfectly with the color of the kimono. Who would know!? And they are made of that velvet like material which makes them so soft and comfy. 

What are your thoughts of this look!? Do you like kimonos!?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Vacation outfit | Thessaloniki Greece again

outfit thessaloniki greece nike slides

Another visit to Thessaloniki and our last day in Greece. We were so lucky to have a lovely sunny day for exploring the city one more time. We stopped by well known shopping mall called Cosmos and then went to center of city for some see sighting.

Time flu by so fast, it was such a different experience from last year when we had a tour guide and with all the rain that day. We were on our own on a beautiful sunny day and it was magical 😉 Actually it was quite hot so as you can tell I'm wearing a tube top that is a part of a matching set and I pared it with my fave pleated skirt, such a comfy look for an all day stroll. I styled everything with slides that I bought in Nike outlet store the day before that were $15 and I had to have them - comfiest shoes EVER!

Hope you enjoyed our vacation photos and me explaining and showcasing every beach and town we were at. Like always I love hearing some feedback from you, so comment down below!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Vacation outfit | Armenistis beach - Sithonia

outfit armenistis beach sithonia greece

Last day at the beach 😞 We had few recommendations where to go, so we have chosen Armenistis beach in Sithonia that was half an hour drive from Sarti. Beautiful beach indeed, but it's more of a camping place instead. We were kinda amazed how gorgeous the water is but kinda disappointed with everything else 😒

First thing when we arrived there we found out that you have to pay the entrance to the beach. So that was a first blah. We had two options, to pay 3 euros to get in, then inside to pay separately for the drinks and for the sun beds or to pay 5 euros at the entrance and have one drink for free but still pay separately for sun beds. We had chosen the second option and got in. Than we ran into some girls that said that they were there the other day and there was no one at the entrance and they got in for free, bummer. Second disappointment were the drinks, we had just few options with out ticket not all the drinks. So we kinda had a rough start that day, but still enjoyed the beach and the sun and the water!!!

I wore this lovely RUFFLED COLD SHOULDER TOP cause I wanted to dress up my simple denim skirt and slides. Such a cute top to trow on over your bikini, and I love the white color of it, it makes me look so tan!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed these last few posts about my vacation and all the beaches that I showed you.
Please leave me some feedback in comments below!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Vacation outfit | Thessaloniki Greece

vacation outfit thessaloniki greece

Beside visiting different beaches in Greece every day we wanted to make one day for Thessaloniki too. We went there last year, and it was such a cold rainy day that we decided to see it this year again but in different light. And we didn't regret it, it is beautiful, we walked for hours...

There are many things to see, depending on your taste, historical places, shopping and outlet centers, little boutiques, souvenir places, bakeries, places where they make only cakes, and off course restaurants and bars... On a lovely day everything seems amazing. We didn't spend much time in center cause we decided also to visit Ikea, Jambo and Cosmos that are bit outside of the center. At the end of the day we were exhausted but gain a new experience.

I did try to be comfortable cause I knew we'll be walking all day, so crop top and a plated skirt was a good choice. Thank God I wore my slides, I wouldn't make it through the day in something else 😉

Monday, October 2, 2017

Vacation outfit | Porto Koufo - Sithonia

beach outfit porto koufo greece

I'm still enjoying in my vacation photos, I hope you do too even though fall has begun. It's still quite warm and lovely weather here in my country so I think these photos are appropriate for at least few more days 😉

We were trying to visit different beach every day, so on this day we were at Porto Coufo beach that is actually the largest natural harbour in Greece - Sithonia. We didn't stay to long there cause I didn't really like it, if I'm honest, the beach is kinda small and it has so pieces of different plants and branches all over it that hurt your feet. Not really a fun, but if you like peace and quite than it's a right spot for you.

I was feeling kinda fancy that day so I did dressed up a little bit cause I knew we will be going to visit few places that day. Wore this gorgeous WHITE LACE KIMONO that is a perfect trow on piece for the beach with my fringed bikini top and these HIGH WAIST PANTS that are actually a part of a two piece set that I styled already in this post Outfit | Grey matching set

Hope you are still enjoying these few lovely warm days before the actual fall/winter season comes!!!