Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Outfit | Checkered (plaid) blazer

checkered plaid blazer

I can't believe that it's October and that the weather is so lovely. Not hot not cold just perfect, perfect for a walk by the river. I love sunshine in the fall, it makes it all so much more yellow and happy, and it makes me wear more colorful wardrobe as well ( well not today 😉 )

You probably already know that the checkered print is everywhere and on everything, I recently styled checkered pants, that you can see here - Outfit | Checkered plaid pants - and now I'm styling checkered blazer. This one I got in Bershka on sale for around $15. It's actually my second checkered blazer and I'm already obsessed. They are so easy to style, and I great fall/winter piece. I'm gonna try and style it with something more dressy and see how it looks.

Do you guys love this print!? What are you looking forward this fall/winter?! I think snake print is gonna be huge and I'm all for it 🐍

Monday, October 1, 2018

Outfit | Skinny jeans

shein skinny jeans

Since mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are in trend, I can't remember the moment I wore skinny jeans... But since I'm lately into everything high waisted, I thought why not go for high waist skinny jeans for a change, and I think I'm in love 😉 

These SKINNY JEANS are so simple and so easy to style with everything and they also gonna transition me into fall with ease! I can't wait to style them with chunky knits and boots. I did go for a very simple look this day around, but I really wanted to play with texture, so I wore velvet body suit with velvet sandals. The great thing about this look is that everything was so so comfy, I could spend the whole day in it. 

Are you looking forward to fall fashion!? My thoughts are divided, I kinda already miss summer!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Outfit | Floral top

shein floral top

Since our vacation didn't exactly planed out like it supposed too we had our summer in the city. Not that there is something wrong with being in the city whole summer but I wish we had a chance to go to Greece again. Well at least we have our river side to enjoy while it's still warm and sunny.

I love wearing floral in summer time so this FLORAL TOP was such an obvious choice, especially cause the flowers are yellow and I just love how yellow looks in sunshine. I did play with details for this look and went for gold accessories and these ombre sunglasses. I think everything blended in perfectly.

I feel like everyone is looking forward to fall weather cause then you can play with layers and style but I kinda prefer summer and it's warmth 😉 What's your favorite season!?

Friday, September 7, 2018

Outfit | Denim skirt

shein denim skirt

Sometimes is nice to go back to basics. Yes it's fun following all the fashion trends, experimenting with your style, trying to keep up with everything fashion industry is presenting, but the most comfortable and easy thing to do for yourself is to back to basics and still look good!

I bet everyone owns some of these pieces in their wardrobe and that there is no introduction needed. Classic white shirt and denim is full proof combo. I did go for DENIM SKIRT in this look but denim shorts or even jeans would look great too. I think denim skirts made a bit of a come back, they are getting popular again. Like with everything in fashion - somehow all trends come and go repeatedly. 

I wanted to mention that I didn't thought of this whole combo by myself actually. I asked on my social media for one of you guys to choose my next look and this was the one that popped out. I'm really thankful that you suggested looks for me, and this was the one that represented my style the best. Maybe next time I'll go out of my comfort zone and choose something completely different 😉

Monday, August 20, 2018

Outfit | Co-ord (two piece set)

co-ord two piece outfit matching set

I've been obsessed with matching sets/two pieces for years now, well ever since they became a trend. I always try to find different matching sets, like shorts and tops, skirts and tops, pants and tops, and I just love how easy is to trow it on and have an instant outfit, not to mention looking like you made an effort 😉 and you can always wear them separately with other pieces from your closet.

This time around I'm styling matching pants and crop top. Honestly when I first saw this top I thought the print was lolly pops, oh boy how wrong I was, if you look closely enough you'll find out that these red and white circles are actually snakes. I still thought it was cool so I did ask the girl who was working there if there is skirt or pants to match the top, and she said they don't have it 😕 I wondered around the store for a bit longer and to my surprise I found matching bottom on my own (lucky me). I incorporated some red details (red waist bag and red sunglasses - styled in this post as well - Pool side party - red-lace-up-bikini) to complete the look, and it turned out so cute.

Pants are bit too long on me, since I'm quite petite, and I had to wear highest platform shoes that I own with them. I'm planning on hemming down the pants a bit, but I have to wait until my mum's leg gets better so she can use a sawing machine ( she is the one that does all the little wardrobe alternations for me). 

So if you are searching for some piece you really wanna add to your wardrobe, don't give up yet, cause it just might pop up somewhere just for you!!!