Monday, December 10, 2018

Outfit | C'est la vie

cropped hoodie sweatshirt

C'est la vie (That's life) or so they say!!! I'm not one of those who takes things in life for granted, I'm always and forever grateful for everyone and everything I have and for every opportunity that comes along my way.

That all being said, I can move on to fun stuff 😉 like fashion. I do hope you don't take fashion seriously cause I sure do not, it's something I love and enjoy and it's makes me happy to play dress up and follow trends but it does not define who I am and it's not my number one priority. I know it looks like I'm explaining myself, but sometimes people tend to judge others by only one aspect of their lives not bothering to get to know them for who they are as a person. Do hope some of you agree with me...

I do have more non fashion days than fashionable ones. This was one of those windy fall days that require quite casual attire or precisely sporty casual look for a comfy walk by the river. I wore jeans and CROPPED HOODIE SWEATSHIRT as so many times before cause why not, it's easy to trow on and you're out the door. What's yours go-to look these days?!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Outfit | Checkered and red

checkered pants leggings

Honestly right now it's snowing outside and it's freezing cold. Luckly these photos were taken before fall became winter and the sun was still fighting the clouds. As you might noticed by now, every time the weather is sunny I wear some bright colors. I really should do that more often, even in winter, cause it makes me more cheerful 😊

Do you think red and checkered are a good combo!? I think so, I actually never wore a combo like this but i think it turned out great. These pants are little bit like leggings but thicker and with two zippers (one actually working). Love the material of the pants they gonna transition well into this cold weather with some tights underneath. Of course I had to make the look casual by wearing some sneakers, I knew we are gonna be walking a lot that day, exploring our city. We took many photos this day but I selected a few for you to bring you closer beauty of our town Belgrade!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Outfit | Cropped sweatshirt and jeans

cropped sweatshirt and jeans

Can I be more casual?!! I don't think so 😉 this kinda look is ME, don't get me wrong this is not "I don't give a f**k look" it's just me being me. Do you have that kinda go to style that feels and looks so comfortable and put together to you and to no one else - cause seriously no one would take me serious in this outfit!!!

I recently got these white Converse sneakers, I already have them in white with low top but these are high top ones - so totally different story right!? Ha ha no just kidding they are practically same sneaker and I style them pretty much the same, the thing is that I got these in an outlet store for not even $10 cause one of them is slightly more yellow (that you can't really see when they are on my feet). What can I say but how much I love when I score a piece like that 👍   

I don't really have many sweatshirts in my wardrobe, well at least not white ones. I wanted to style white with white to make the look brighter since I usually gravitate towards black or grey. So this CROPPED SWEATSHIRT was a fun option for me, it's cropped and it's printed just enough. 

Is there a too casual style that you guys wouldn't be caught dead in outside of the house!?

Friday, November 9, 2018

Outfit | Button down dress

button down dress

I feel like it's been ages since I properly sat down and checked my blog. Lately I'm feeling quite unmotivated to write and update this part of my life. I used to love it, i couldn't wait to make outfits to inspire you or to let you know what the biggest trend are lately, now I just can help the feeling of - there are more important things in life - and of course there are but this was my sweet escape, and I hate that I'm neglecting this world of mine... How do you guys keep the motivation going strong!?

Anyway continuing with the yellow streak... I'm so glad that this fall still feels like end of summer and that there is still sunshine, it really inspires me to wear color, especially yellow. You have to agree that yellow looks it's best in the sunlight, and I'm a huge fan of this particular shade of yellow - not to bright. This BUTTON DOWN DRESS is actually a trendy piece, cause as you might have noticed everyone is wearing these type of front button dresses in every possible color. I did play with layers, cause I thought it's more fall appropriate hence the black color as well. I kinda feel good in yellow, not as more beautiful but as more cheerful 😉

Hope this lack of motivation is gonna pass soon and I'll continue to inspire you with more fashion and beauty content!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Outfit | Polka dots

polka dots pants shein

Sunshine in October is really inspiring, it makes me wanna wear bright colors. I do love yellow, especially this mustard shade, it's perfect, not to bright, and it goes well with many colors. Not only that I like yellow but I do like polka dots as well, so this was a win win situation for me. 

These Polka Dot Pants are from and I'm quite pleased that I found them. Lately I'm lovin' everything high waisted and the fact that these are high waisted but also a wide leg pants it great, cause this type of pants are the most flattering on me and my short legs 😉 Being petite it's hard to find pants that fit this nice and these are 👌 also I love that they have buttons on the side and not the zipper, it makes them more chic. I think wearing a yellow blazer or jacket with these pants would be cool as well.

What is your favorite color this fall!? Do you like this shade of yellow!?