Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Outfit | Black and grey layers

winter layers

Hibernation is over, I'm officially outside 😉 snow is melting, there are puddles and mud everywhere, it's slippery... just a true winter wonderland! But I did make an effort to look put together! In winter it's all about layers.

Usually when I layer clothes I don't really play with color, I feel there is more room for mistakes like that so I'm playing safe and neutral in black, white and grey! These are my favorite neutrals to style anyway. That is actually a great tip for you guys, when you need to layer up go for neutral colors cause you can always play with textures! Winter can be your friend, at least in photos, snow makes everything look much more magical, right!? 

If you have a choice try to stay warm and cozy inside but if you need to go outside do layer up !!!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Outfit | Edgy chic

edgy chic winter look

First blog post this year!!! Happy new year everyone, thank you for being with me all these years, that is actually the thing that keeps me going! This past year haven't brought much happiness into my life, so I decided not to look back. Hopefully new year is gonna be a new begging for me... and I'm gonna be more active online as well, if you don't see me necessarily here on my blog you can always find me on my other social media, especially Instagram @stylesensemoments - I'm always there 😉!!!

Getting into my fashion series! I'm trying to make some chic winter looks for you, but it's so freaking cold that I get out just when I really really need to. So this particular look was took on one of those not rainy snowy cold days but I still did layered up and make it all black with a splash of chic with this see through kinda gold dress!

Hope you had a wonderful holidays and may this year bring you much happiness cause you deserve it!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Outfit | Winter casual

winter puffer jacket

Winter is really taking it's toll! And I'm not looking forward to it what so ever. Don't get me wrong, yes winter has it's perks and some magic, especially around the holidays and when it starts snowing, but I just can't handle the cold. Can I have just one new years in a warmer climate please 😉

It's advised to dress according to the weather so here I am in a warm puffer jacket and some boots. It was not freezing cold hence me being unzipped. I'm rocking kinda sporty look matching this BLACK and WHITE HOODIE with black sweatpants. I was thinking of paring white sneakers with this combo but I thought it would be to cold for my little feet, especially here by the river side. This way I was still comfortable and warm at the same time.

How do you guys feel about the winter!? Are you one of those lucky ones that live in tropical climate?!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Outfit | C'est la vie

cropped hoodie sweatshirt

C'est la vie (That's life) or so they say!!! I'm not one of those who takes things in life for granted, I'm always and forever grateful for everyone and everything I have and for every opportunity that comes along my way.

That all being said, I can move on to fun stuff 😉 like fashion. I do hope you don't take fashion seriously cause I sure do not, it's something I love and enjoy and it's makes me happy to play dress up and follow trends but it does not define who I am and it's not my number one priority. I know it looks like I'm explaining myself, but sometimes people tend to judge others by only one aspect of their lives not bothering to get to know them for who they are as a person. Do hope some of you agree with me...

I do have more non fashion days than fashionable ones. This was one of those windy fall days that require quite casual attire or precisely sporty casual look for a comfy walk by the river. I wore jeans and CROPPED HOODIE SWEATSHIRT as so many times before cause why not, it's easy to trow on and you're out the door. What's yours go-to look these days?!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Outfit | Checkered and red

checkered pants leggings

Honestly right now it's snowing outside and it's freezing cold. Luckly these photos were taken before fall became winter and the sun was still fighting the clouds. As you might noticed by now, every time the weather is sunny I wear some bright colors. I really should do that more often, even in winter, cause it makes me more cheerful 😊

Do you think red and checkered are a good combo!? I think so, I actually never wore a combo like this but i think it turned out great. These pants are little bit like leggings but thicker and with two zippers (one actually working). Love the material of the pants they gonna transition well into this cold weather with some tights underneath. Of course I had to make the look casual by wearing some sneakers, I knew we are gonna be walking a lot that day, exploring our city. We took many photos this day but I selected a few for you to bring you closer beauty of our town Belgrade!!!