Sunday, September 29, 2013

1 pencil skirt - 3 ways

Elegantna varijanta/Elegant
Pencil skirt - it's a classic for me! I tried to style it my way, I mean in a couple of ways. I like that it can look good in both elegant and casual occasion.
Skirt my mother bought, so I love it even more ;-)

Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY heart sweater

Zavrsna kreacija/Final product

Fan for those with a lot of time and not a lot of money :)

- Sweater is thrifted (around $5), but you can use an old one
- Acrylic paint and brushes you can find in any local craft store
- Studs are from e bay (around $2)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hair talk - Remington Pearl Wand review

I got for my birthday Remington Pearl Wand, and after I tried it I want to share my opinion and experience. In fact, I don't know what all exists in the market, and we here have no much choice :-) but this one I really liked.
First to mention what says on the box - first of all it has the ceramic barrel that provides equal deployment of heat along the barrel, but the top of the barrel remains cool for safety. Widest part of the barrel is 25 mm and the narrowest is 13 mm. It has a digital display that shows the temperature ranging from 130-210 degrees Fahrenheit. It automatically turns off if not used for a long time, normally flashes by holding the power switch. It comes with a pouch that is resistant to heat and a glove. The swivel cord is 3 m long so there is no entanglement ;-) And lets not forget, heats up in 30 seconds!
What I like - that is rapidly heated, and that the temperature can be adjusted because I do not like to fry my hair, and that I need 15 minutes for my hair! Since the barrel is not equal width it can make bigger relaxed curls and smaller tighter curls, and that's not a bad option.
Maybe in some of the following posts I'll show what curls you can get, and what other products I use for the longer lasting curls.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My "updated" nails

I finally managed to find a salon near me, and where nails are nicely done. I've been searching the internet and came across a picture of Dragana Grozdanic respective work and I was thrilled, and when it turned out that she is a couple of stations from me, I was even happier. I immediately contacted her the same day to make an appointment, and here are the results, I must admit that I am impressed. I wanted to try this trend - stiletto nails, but I did not want them to be so prominently pointed, not because I do not like it, because of the work that I do, not very professional ;-)
By the way she did the acrylic nails on me, she says they're better for your nail bed than gel nails that I had before, but even then I did not have any problems. I really like long nails and I'm so sad that I can not let them grow naturally long, my nails do not break and do not split but something worse - they bent, and therefore do not look healthy and beautiful. And of course in a combination with my favorite rings here are the results!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's start with HOWDY

I've asked myself that question for a long time - How to start blogging? Which post would be most ideal to start with? When would be the ideal time to write the first post? Then question what pictures to put first... and the thousands of other issues and reasons not to start.
At that point it became clear that there isn't an ideal moment, that ideal image, you just have to do what you want, and it was for me to make a blog and write about what I really love. I love everything fashion and beauty related. This is going to be my style, my sense and my moments in life ;)

 And here I am, the first few pictures, which I will take on my own for now.
Maybe I'm still playing it safe by selecting the monochrome trend, but I liked this combination. I styled everything I currently like, crop top, black and white and heels of course.
Just to warn you, I'm bit serious in these pictures :-D