Thursday, October 10, 2013

Overall for me

These modern 90's somehow favor me, I like that all that fashion is back but in a slightly different form, especially overalls, adapted to today's standards! Of course I had to put in the mix and a crop top bustier, that has been one of my favorite clothing pieces for a long time. Now that the cold weather is coming I do not know with what I am going to replace it :) Here are also my wedges in skin color, that little touch of beige to elongate of my legs!

Ove moderne 90-te mi nekako idu na ruku, svidja mi se sto se sva moda vraca ali u malo drugacijoj formi, prilagodjena danasnjem standardu! Naravno morala sam da ubacim u kombinaciju i crop top bustier, vec duze vreme jedan od mojih omiljenih odevnih komada. Sad kako dolazi hladno vreme ne znam cime cu ga zameniti :) Tu su i platforme u boji koze, da malo izduze ove moje nozice!


Crop top: Republic
Overall: Vintage
Wedges: No brand

Vasa M.M.
Yours M.M.


  1. Oh noo! You are so sexy! Love the top and your overall! Cuteee :D

  2. Sexy take on overalls

  3. you are so beautiful sweety!!! you look stunning in this outfit!!! ;)))
    come to find me on my blog to see my new's my pleasure ;)


    1. Thanks dear, I will go to see you on your blog for sure!!!

  4. ODLICNO!!! :)