Monday, March 31, 2014

Outfit | Crispy white

casual outfit, white faux leather jacket, white jeans, white pants, cobalt blue blouse shirt, cobalt blue studded loafers, statement bracelet

Crispy white jeans and white faux leather jacket from Stradivarius for a fresh look. I love combination of white and blue, whole look just stands out. This outfit I wore for a nieces birthday party last week, so of course these blue studded loafers were my choice, I'm the one who runs around with kids ;) And I did accessorize with my big statement bracelet in gold with blue rhinestones that my dad gave me! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ombre pink hair don't care

Ok this is me having fun, nothing else. I wanted to try some crazy fun colors on my ombre hair for a longest time, but I'm just not brave enough. So I was browsing through internet and found this technique of coloring your hair with eyeshadows!!! I thought that so cool, it's not permanent, it's not damaging to your hair, and it's a great way to see if you really really want to dye your hair some bold color permanently. So as you can see I tried it for a first time and here are the results.
I actually love how it turn out with pink eyeshadow, now I wanna try some other colors too!!! What do you guys think, fun!? Maybe this will encourage me to dye my hair for real!

And yeah wearing a black top with all the shadow fall outs was not the brightest idea ;) 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Outfit | White jeans and purple

casual outfit, black tote bag, white jeans, white nike sneakers, pull and bear purple jacket, new yorker feather print scarf, sammydress bag, stradivarius black cardigan

This weather is hectic! One day is warm and it feels like spring, and the other is cold and cloudy. Today was actually so windy and cold! I wore purple and white, purple is one of my fave colors! Crispy white jeans, white nike sneakers, purple jacket and yeah purple shoelaces ;) This scarf you already seen in my previous posts, it's so pretty, colorful and fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Outfit | Mint green and yellow

casual look, casual outfit, mint green blazer, kitty print top, ripped jeans, yellow flats, messy bun

Mint green is becoming one of my favorite colors. This mint green blazer from Bershka is just right for this weather, lovely bright color and so light weight. I wanted bit more colors in this look so I wore my yellow flats and this cute kitty print top that says - which part of MEOW don't you understand? - how adorable ;)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Outfit | Denim on denim (grey version)

casual outfit, casual look, denim on denim, grey denim jacket, grey denim skirt, aviator sunglasses, black boots, cobalt blue blouse shirt

Hello there!!! Yes spring is here, so is my spring mood ;) I feel more energetic and happy! Maybe that's the reason why I chose this bright cobalt blue blouse. I wore it with my grey denim jacket and my grey denim skirt. You can say that this was my take on denim on denim look! We actually went for a long walk, so I kept it casual... xoxo!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Blog outtakes ;)

Hey guys!!! You know how everyone is posting their monthly recap photos, well I was like I wanna do that! Then I was looking through my photos and realized how many outtakes there are. So I was like, who cares about monthly photos you all seen them, lets do something FUN!!! I chose just a few. I know it's so random, but so is my life! ;)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nails | Red, white and rhinestones

stiletto nails, red and white stiletto nails, stiletto nails with rhinestones,

It's time for my nails again! I cut them a little bit, it was getting more and more difficult to put on my make up on without pocking my eye out ;) This time I went for red and white combo with a bit of rhinestones. And of course they are not all the same, it's just to plane for me!!! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Outfit | floral overalls

Spring is near! I'm so happy! This outfit is totally spring inspired, floral print, bold colors, pip toe sandals... ;) I've got this floral overalls when I was in Paris in a store called Promod, and I love them so much, they're so fun and bright. I wore my trusty black poncho over it, just to add some layers to the look. Actually these overalls were a inspiration for my make up today. I'll try to show you my make up, but I warn you, I'm so bad at taking selfies ;) he he.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Trend | Slip on sneakers

leopard slip on sneakers, trend 2014,

Another trend that I see everywhere right now are slip on sneakers!!! They came in such a variety of prints and materials. I think my favorite one is the leopard print one. They are so easy to wear and combine, easy to put on and off, and most importantly so comfy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Outfit | Red, stripes and leopard

casual outfit, red shorts, red striped top, leopard flats, print mix

Now you are thinking - what?!!! How does red and stripes go with leopard? he he. I thought this was such a fun outfit, I usually don't wear red, I think this shorts is the only red thing I have, and this striped red top doesn't count cause it was a gift for my b-day, I didn't buy it but I looove it!!! Mixing prints is really so much fun. What do you guys think!? xoxo

Monday, March 10, 2014

Outfit | Casual with a statement

Hey guys, here I'm with a casual outfit but with a statement piece - gold chain necklace from a site Jenny from born pretty store actually was kind enough to send me this beautiful necklace along with rings that I chose from their jewelry&accessory line! Being a statement piece I wanted to dress it down a little bit, so I opted for this casual tee and leggings combo! The necklace is not heavy like I thought it would be cause it's not metal it's actually plastic, so it's light weight. I wanted it to be in gold color for a change cause I always wear silver, but they have it in silver to!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Outfit | Polka dots on polka dots

grey jeans with polka dots, sheer blouse with polka dots, black faux leather jacket, black pip toe heels

Dots on dots look of the day. Wearing my sheer neon polka dots shirt with my DIY polka dots jeans. Yeah I added this little white dots on the front of my jeans, they looked so plain and boring so I experimented a little bit ;) And of course my black faux leather jacket on top!!!
Happy women's day!!!
Stay fierce ;)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Outfit | crop top and pencil skirt

black crop top, black pencil skirt, fitted midi skirts, grey converse, faux fur jacket, sporty chic,

This outfit is one of my favorite combos - crop top with a pencil skirt or fitted midi skirt. And I love it cause both crop top and skirt are black, you can't go wrong with black ;) For a casual feel I added my grey sneakers, and for a bit of fun my faux fur cropped jacket with a hoodie and pink lining. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keep calm it's my 30th birthday

Yeah 1. march was my 30th birthday!!! I was super busy yesterday preparing everything for my guests ( well my family and close friends ) I don't really celebrate big time, well let's face it I'm 30 so it's not really a reason for celebration, he he, just kidding, I really don't care for my age, I still don't feel like I'm that old :)
And this cake my mom made for me - chocolate dream!!!

Here it is what I wore, super casual, since we were at home! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nails | lime yellow and grey

nail design, stiletto nails, lime yellow stiletto nails, dotted stiletto nails, spring stiletto nails,

Spring is near, so my nails are happy and fun ;) I wanted something bright and loud for my b-day!!! I love this lime yellow color, and I combined it with grey, but I don't know why but this grey doesn't look grey at all ;) I always choose some easy design that doesn't require more than a toothpick and a dotting tool!!!