Friday, May 30, 2014

Outfit | All white with a kiss

deichmann white sneakers, white sneakers, white converse, white jeans, white crochet vest, white tank top, zara floral clutch, kiss print t-shirt, all white look

Hello lovely readers! This time I'm embracing all white look! Well with a tiny pop of color and a big kiss ;) I was wondering if I should wear a white bag also but nay I opted for this colorful Zara clutch, it just seemed like more fun! 
Do you like wearing all white or is it just bit too much white for you!?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Outfit | White sneakers by night

OOTD, deichmann white sneakers, white converse, styling white converse sneakers, sammydress black tote bag, blue plaid shirt, denim shorts, messy bun, casual outfit

Yeah guys here I am with another look featuring my white sneakers. This time I wore them for a late walk, but still casual paring it with my plaid shirt and denim shorts. I wasn't sure how the weather will be so I wore black tights just in case! Do you like wearing sneakers in the spring!? They are my recent love ;)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Outfit | White sneakers by day

white converse, white sneakers, styling white converse sneakers, black tote bag, alice t-shirt, denim shorts, OOTD, deichmann white sneakers

Hey you! I'm currently obsessed with my new sneakers! I was meaning to buy white converse sneakers for such a long time, but I always seem to spend the money on something else ;) Then I went to my local Deichmann store and saw these. They look exactly the same as converse but they are more then a half a price, so I was like why not, lets give it a try! Now I styling them with everything, you'll be seeing them on my blog a lot ;)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trend | Birkenstock

birkenstock sandals shoes, black birkenstock sandals, white birkenstock sandals, pink beige birkenstock flip flop sandals, trends spring 2014, birkenstock trend ugly shoes trend 2014

Birkenstock sandals trend 2014!!! How about it! I'm honestly not a big fan, well maybe the flip flop version, but still nay ;) I see that celebrities are rocking them. Well they are comfy I give them that, but that's it, they are just to bulky and I can safely say ugly!!! Yeah guys I sad it ugly shoes ;p so my question is Yay or Nay!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Outfit | LBD

black and gold necklace, black dress,, jewelry and accessories, LBD, statement necklace, fringe sandals

Here I'm as I promised in my previous post with another piece of jewelry that was sent to me for a review from from their jewelry and accessories line !!! I wanted to do separate post about this gorgeous black and gold necklace  cause it deserves it ;) Such a statement piece, you don't really need any other jewelry to wear with it. It comes in variety of color combos that are great for spring and summer and it's so affordable. I wore it with this springy LBD from New Yorker and my lovely black fringe sandals (most comfortable that I own). I'll leave you with all the photos and the links so you can see what I mean ;)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Outfit | Colorful, 5 silver metal rings, colorful rhinestone earrings, jewelry and accessories, aviator sunglasses, black faux leather leggings, colorful sneakers, blue shirt, sammydress bag

I just have to say thank God that the rain has stopped !!! Finally some sun! My prayers go to people affected by the floods in my country and all the countries around  :( !!!

On a brighter note, I had to get out of the house! I've been sick for days and then this weather, so so depressing... Finally I'm out soaking the sun! These days a packet from lovely Jenny from site came to my address and I received beautiful accessories from their jewelry and accessories line for a review. These silver rings that come in a pack of five are just as I like them simple but such a statement, they also come in gold color too. I like that you can combine them how ever you feel like that day ;)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trend | PVC skirt

trend PVC midi skirt, pale baby pink pvc skirt, pastel pvc skirt, beige and camel pvc skirt, red and black pvc skirt, purple and baby blue pvc skirt, trends spring 2014

Another trend that is out there!!! I see celebs are rocking it, bloggers too - yeah PVC skirts. Most popular and I would say the prettiest one is pale pink PVC skirt. I found pale pink midi PVC skirt on Missguided site for really affordable price - check here.  But they come in other colors too - pastel colors - pink, purple, blue, beige, camel ....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Outfit | Floral pants

black tote bag, new yorker black crop top, terranova black floral baggy pants, aldo black sneakers, aviator sunglasses, casual look

Lovely Sunday! They say that the weather is going to change again and it's gonna get cold and rainy again :( I hate that, I can't wait for summer to come! So we are enjoying these sunny days outside and spending time with family! I took out for a walk my new black floral baggy pants from Terranova, flowers for spring ;) and everything else neutral (black crop top seen in this post, black tote bag and black sneakers from Aldo). 
Hope you had an amazing weekend guys!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Outfit | Crop top and ripped jeans

new yorker white crop top, acid wash ripped jeans, beige sandals, zara green cropped cardigan, messy bun, OOTD

Howdy guys ;) Here I am with another crop top look, this time it's white with a print on it from New Yorker! My previous outfit | crop-top  was dark from head to toe, so I wanted to brighten up my day a little bit! Acid wash ripped jeans, beige heels and a little green cropped cardigan from Zara was a wining combo for the day. For those who are not big crop top fans, a simple white tee would be a great choice too ;)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Outfit | Crop top

black crop top, black faux leather leggings, black boots, blue shirt, messy bun, statement necklace, casual look, edgy look

Feeling a little bit edgy today ;) It finally got warm enough to wear crop tops and show a little bit of belly ;) but I kept it simple, black crop top, black faux leather pants and black boots! Well I did bring my shirt with me in case it gets colder later! And yeah I did play with my accessories, layering a few of my necklaces, just for fun!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trend | Kimono jacket and how to make a kimono (EASY)

Hey you! Here I am with some inspiration photos of this lovely trend - kimono jacket! I just love it! It's so easy and fun to wear for spring and summer. It comes in different styles and colors and if you wanna learn how to make a kimono easy on your own just keep on reading!!! I have two easy DIY-s for you!

trend kimono jacket, easy DIY, how to make a kimono, DIY kimono jacket

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Outfit | My go-to look

black H&M blazer, bershka jeans, celine t-shirt, swatch watch, black pointy flats, casual look, go-to look, messy bun, aviator sunglasses

Just look at those clouds!!! One moment it's sunny, the next is cloudy, then sunny again and then it's starts to rain!!! I mean c'mon weather make up your mind ;) Oh well we still went for a walk, my hubby is on a mini vacation so we have to take advantage of it!  This outfit is indeed my go-to look, when in doubt I wear jeans, tee and a blazer. And yeah a messy bun ;)
What's your go-to look guys!?