Monday, June 30, 2014

Outfit | Mint and white

white tank top, mint green printed maxi skirt, deichmann white sneakers, green over the shoulder bag, lazy spring sunday outfit, statement necklace, sunset photos, casual outfit

Hello my friends ;) Hope you enjoyed your weekend! 
I was attending some seminars during the weekend so the only free time for me was late afternoon, that's way the photos are a bit dark. I tried to relax myself during long walks with my hubby, so for me comfy outfit is the key ;) white tank top, long mint printed skirt and my white sneakers. I even wore a tiny green over the shoulder bag just with my cellphone in it, cause I just couldn't be bothered with big heavy one! 
What do you like to do on your day of!!?

Friday, June 27, 2014

DIY | From skirt to dress

DIY, DIY from skirt to a dress, recycle old skirt into dress, bird and flower cherry blossom print on skirt dress, scenic print on skirt dress

This is definitely a month of DIYs for me!!! I guess that this lovely weather has inspired me ;)
Here is another easy DIY or just an inspiration for you guys!
All you need is a midi or long skirt, acrylic paint and brushes and scissors.
It's easy cause you can paint what ever you feel like it, and it doesn't have to be perfect or you don't need to paint nothing at all, you can just make a dress of an old skirt - cut the armholes with scissors in place where your hips would be in a skirt!!! And that's it!
I played with mine a bit more, I wanted to paint something bright and fun for summer. This skirt was midi length,  so it was not really flattering on me ;) so I made it into a dress, but if your skirt is short you can make a top out of it. Cool right! 
Let me know if you like this DIY, and please do let me know if you try it, or if it inspires you to make something awesome ;) 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Outfit | Olive and orange

olive green cargo pants, orange tank top with mickey mouse print, black fringe sandals, black blazer, ombre hair

Hello lovely readers! Bringing you my outfit of the day today ;) Now that I think about it, olive green use to be my favorite color to wear, but not any more, so I do have few things in olive green, like these cargo pants. I decided to pare them with more fun bright color like orange, and this tank top is so cute with Mickey Mouse print on it. I kept everything else black, my black fringe comfy sandals and black blazer just in case, cause this weather is still bit random ;)

Monday, June 23, 2014

My paintings | ROSES (oil on canvas)

oil on canvas paintings, oil paint technique, oil paintings, roses flowers painting

Here is another of my paintings! I realized that I haven't posted none of my work recently, so here it is. This is actually last of my oil on canvas paintings that I did, my inspiration were roses, the rest of them are acrylic on canvas. I started painting with acrylics cause I find it much easier and less smelly ;) the ones who work with oil paint know what I mean! I leave you enjoying this painting ;) and with the links of my other ones my paintings LANDSCAPE oil on canvas and  my paintings BIRDS oil on canvas
Have a great week!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Outfit | Black maxi skirt & bustier crop top

crop top bustier, animal print crop top, black maxi skirt, tan boots, black studded clutch, ombre hair

Hey guys! Here I'm styling my black maxi skirt. I actually rarely wear maxi skirts cause I'm petite and I find them hard to style without looking even more petite, but who cares, I love them, so I'm wearing them ;) I'm planing to get another one in some bright fun color for summer! Styling it with my bustier crop top in a animal print and my tan comfy boots that I bought in Italy on a vacation last year!
And yeah I know my hear is do to be dyed, you can see all my grey hair very well. I just can seem to force my self to dye it dark any more, I wanna change my hairstyle, do something fun, I just don't know what yet. Any suggestions ;) !??
Wishing you a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trend | Silky pajama style shorts

zara floral print silky pajama style shorts with lace, white silky pajama style shorts with lace, black pajama style shorts with lace, trends spring 2014

This is the one trend that I really like! Silky pajama style shorts, in different styles, prints, with lace, plane white or black, floral... It's great cause you can actually go out in something so so comfy that you would probably wear in house watching TV, and still look so chic and fabulous!!! So what do you guys say, would you rock this trend or is it just to much pajama like!??

Monday, June 16, 2014

Outfit | Styling daisy print tee

deichmann white sneakers, white converse, grey jeans with polka dots, daisy print top DIY, grey top with white daisy print, black studded clutch, casual look, sporty chic

I'm finally styling my DIY daisy print tee that you saw in this diy from boyfriends tee to trendy tee post. Well I actually wore it already but it was to dark and late to film it, so you are seeing a bit different version now ;) I really like this tee, it's so easy to style, I went with the grey theme, styling daisy flower print tee and a white polka dots on grey jeans with my trusty white sneakers. And for accessories I just wore this necklace that I bought on my vacation in Egypt ;)
Have a fabulous start of the week!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Outfit | Black high waisted shorts

black flared high waisted shorts, black tote bag, purple floral flowers fitted top, side braid, purple flip flops flat sandals, styling high waisted shorts, colorful rhinestone earrings

Hot spring day! It was actually so hot outside that we went for a walk a bit late, when the sun went down ;) I recently bought this black flared high waisted shorts and I already worn it a couple of times, it's such a versatile piece. It looks like a a line skirt, which I love, but it's shorts, so much more comfortable, and safe from the wind ;) I pared it with this purple floral fitted top and purple flip flop sandals. Yeah and I'm rocking a side braid instead of a usual messy bun ;) 
What's your favorite spring/summer hairstyle!!?
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Outfit | Black pencil skirt

pull and bear black pencil skirt, black heel sandals, celine t shirt, aviator sunglasses, black suspenders, black and white

Ok you guys I have a question for you. You know when you stand in front of your closet thinking - I have nothing to wear!!! - and then you grab two pieces that you wear all the time but never together, and think why didn't I par this before!? Did this happen to you?!  It's like a revelation, he he ...
Well I love this Celine tee and I love my black pencil skirt, and I never wore them together ;) I added my suspenders just for fun and some crazy heels! Hope you like it! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Outfit | Styling eye print tee

black slip ons, black tote bag, black shorts, DIY eye print tee, casual look, messy bun, lazy spring sunday outfit

Just a casual lazy Sunday outfit! I really wanted to wear my DIY tee ( diy from boyfriends tee to trendy tee ). I wanted to be comfy, we went shopping for some birthday gifts. The only thing in this whole look that is popping are the eyes on my tee ;) I kept everything else black, my black slip ons, black tote bag and black denim shorts!!! And yeah I added some jewelry, little elephant and slipper necklace and a bracelet. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beauty | Mint and pink make up for spring

mint and pink make up for spring, mint eyeshadow with eyeliner look, pink blush and pink lips, make up inspiration for spring and summer, mint and pink scarf, beauty and make up

Hey you lovely readers ;) this time I'm posting something bit different then usual!!! I was playing with my make up the other day cause I wanted to create fresh and fun make up look for spring. This scarf that I'm wearing was actually my inspiration for this look. I really love mint color for spring and summer so I wanted it to be my main color, with the touch of pink
I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I love girly and fun things ;) Do let me know if you like this kind of make up inspiration posts, maybe you'll encourage me to do more ;)
And I really wanna know what's your favorite color to wear during spring and summer!?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DIY | From boyfriend's tee to trendy tee (eye print)

zara eyes print dress, DIY, zara eye print inspired DIY, DIY t shirt tee top, DIY t-shirt with eye print, recycle old t-shirt

Another DIY ;) well the same day I did my previous DIY t-shirt I did this one too! What can I say when I get inspired I go with the flow :) So this DIY is inspired by this interesting and quite popular Zara eyes print dress! It's such an easy but fun design to make, so I did.
All you need is an old tee, scissors, cardboard, acrylic paint and a paint brush! Everything is exactly the same as in my previous DIY, but I'll write it again for those who haven't seen the previous one ;)
First of all I cut off the sleeves of the tee, but it's totally optional, put the cardboard inside the tee so the paint do not transfer and paint on the eyes!!! If you wanna make your life easier you could make a stencil for the eyes so that all of them would be the same size or you could just eyeball it, he he get it, eye ball the eye!!! Well I find it funny ;)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY | From boyfriend's tee to trendy tee (daisy print)

daisy print t-shirt from urban outfiters inspired DIY, DIY t shirt tee top, daisy print top DIY, black top with white daisy print, grey top with white daisy print, DIY

It's a first day of June and I'm starting it with an DIY post. I haven't done any DIYs for a long time and recently I was inspired, as you can see. I saw this lovely daisy print t-shirt from Urban Outfiters and I decided to recreate it ;) 
All you need is an old t-shirt (or a boyfriend's tee), scissors, cardboardacrylic paint and a paint brush!!!
Well I would say it's an easy DIY but I guess it's safe to say it's an easy DIY for those who love to paint ;)
I simply cut the sleeves off the t-shirt (optional), put the cardboard inside the tee so the color wouldn't transfer and painted the daisy on with my acrylics... I chose this design cause it's so simple and really easy flower to paint ( with just 3 colors ).
All I have to mention is when you finish you should let it completely dry and then put a cloth on the design and iron it just so the color would last longer and it's safe to wash ;)