Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Outfit | I'm neutral

beige ruffled maxi dress, flat tan boots, tan over the shoulder bag, casual look, neutrals

Who would think I would feel most comfortable in a beige maxi dress. I use to avoid them cause I'm petite but now I'm obsessed ;) Actually my hubby told me that day to wear something comfy cause we are going for a long walk. He wasn't kidding, we walked 12 km that day :) so I'm glad I wore flat tan boots and a little tan over the shoulder bag, and I could walk with out fuss!!!
Do you guys like long walks on a lovely day, or you are more of a coffee and brunch type of gal/boy!?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Outfit | Pleats and Minnie mouse

Disney minnie mouse t-shirt tee tank top, pleated floral short skirt, platform clear white straps sandals, avon colorful bracelets

Pleats, floral, minnie mouse - could this look be more girly ;)
Loving the colors of this pleated floral skirt, so soft and great for summer. I don't know why but I just thought it would go great with my minnie mouse top from Disneyland and these clear white wedge sandals that I already styled in this post outfit | gingham style .
Happy Monday and have a fabulous week!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY | Chain boots

DIY, DIY chain cut boots, zara chain boots

Yay for DIY!!! ;)
I know I'm bit late with whole this chain boots trend but I couldn't help it! Honestly I wanted to do a DIY on cut out boots, but I totally turn the idea around and end up with this :) It's actually pretty easy, but I guess it depends on what style of boots you own and wanna DIY.
Here's what you need - scissors for cutting the boots (optional, my were to tall), chain (any kind that you prefer, maybe even from an old necklace) and pliers (to open and close the chain). 
Well depending on a style of your boots maybe you wan't have where to hook the chain on Like I did so your option is sewing of gluing the chain on or both for extra security!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Outfit | Black and white by night

knee ripped black jeans, deichmann white sneakers, white t-shirt, black and white, black studded clutch, casual look

It's casual Friday!
Once again my favorite combo, black and white. Well I do think that black par of jeans and a white t-shirt are a must have in every wardrobe, such versatile pieces easy to combine or throw on together. And wearing white sneakers to complete the look. So what do you say what's your must have piece of clothing!?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Outfit | Comfy in maxi dress

black studded clutch, diesel maxi dress, side braid, gold flip flops, casual look, black cat eye sunglasses

How about exploring your city in comfy maxi dress and flat gold flip flops ;) Well that's what I did! This dress is so easy to wear, it's one of those pieces that you can dress up or down. I decided to dress it down and have fun summer day out! Paring it with my trusty little black studded bag and a casual side braid
So now I'll let you enjoy the scenery of my hometown! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Outfit | Fringes fringes

black overall romper jumpsuit, black fringe wedge sandals, DIY, DIY kimono jacket, how to make a kimono, how to make a kimono out of scarf

Hey you! Happy Monday! ;)
As you can see by the post title, it's all about the fringes today! I'm actually wearing my DIY fringe kimono that I posted how it's done in this post trend-kimono jacket and how to make one This is a version with a big scarf. Then there are fringes (tassels) on my wedge black sandals, which I find adorable and they are comfy too ;) Staying in my zone of rompers and overalls, I'm rocking a black one today. And I just got these sunglasses, they are my fave par now!!! Hope you like this easy breezy summery look!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Beauty | Orange is the new black

orange earrings, orange lipstick, orange is the new black, avon lipstick, beauty and make up, make up inspiration for spring and summer, orange triangle earrings

Happy Sunday! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Orange is not really my color when it comes to styling, but for make up it's a totally different story. I love playing with colors so I chose to wear orange lipstick keeping everything else neutral. Added my lovely orange earrings that I got as a gift from my made of honor, just to make the lips pop even more! 
Are you into orange in summer fashion and make up!?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Outfit | Overall overload

trend overalls, grey shorts overall romper, new yorker black crop top, black flip flops, black studded clutch, ombre hair, casual look, styling overalls romper and crop top,

Hey you! It was a lovely day for a walk or so we thought. Half way it became windy and so cold, and I was bare footed and wearing a little black crop top underneath this grey overall ;) so you can imagine how fast we came back home! At least we took some photos first. Loving the overall trend and planning of wearing them a lot this summer ;)
Have a fab weekend!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Outfit | Matching set & Pineapple express

matching set trend, two piece trend, matching separates trend, matching crop top and high waist shorts, pineapple print top and high waist shorts, messy bun, lemon yellow clutch, black heel sandals,

I'm really loving this matching set, two piece, matching separates trend! How ever you wanna call it! I actually found this matching crop top and shorts on a sale at Tally Weijl, and I had to buy it. How can I not love it, it has everything that I currently like - crop top, high waist shorts and pineapple print ;) Pineapple print is also popular this summer, I've seen it everywhere. The funny thing is that I recently watched the movie Pineapple express, and I loved it, it was hilarious, I sincerely recommend it to you. Now every time I see pineapples I remember the movie and it brings smile to my face ;)
Tell me have you recently watch a great funny movie that you recommend!?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Outfit | Gingham style

gingham style check print top with faux pu leather sleeves, new yorker black faux leather shorts, platform clear white straps sandals, steve madden wizarrd clear strap platform sandals, ombre hair, black studded clutch

Lets start the week with one of my favorite combos - black & white!!!
I recently received this gingham style check print top with faux leather sleeves ( here ) from an online store
I already talked about them in one of my previous posts, but let me remind you ;) It's a site that sales women's clothing, wedding dresses, accessories, shoes and much more for affordable prices and with worldwide shipping. 
I wanted the keep the look simple so I kept everything black and white except the shoes - these are my new platform sandals with clear white straps that reminded me so much of Steve Madden wizarrd clear strap sandals, so I had to have them ;)
I really like this gingham style trend, how about you guys!?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Beauty | Ombre lips

ombre hair, ombre pink lips, pink blush and pink lips, mint green make up look, plum purple eye shadow, black winged eyeliner, beauty and make up, mint and pink make up for spring, make up inspiration for spring and summer, make up for a night out

Happy Friday guys!
Well continuing with my make up inspiration. It's Friday so maybe someone is going on a night out ;) and needs some inspiration how to do make up, I know I'm not going anywhere :) 
This ombre trend is everywhere - hair, nails, make up... So I played with pink ombre lips and staying in that color palette I used some plumy purple on my eyes with black winged eyeliner and bit of mint green on my lover lash line. You know me, I can't go without mint anywhere, he he. Hope you liked this make up look and that I gave you some inspiration!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Outfit | Styling bird print dress

DIY from skirt to a dress, DIY bird print dress skirt, bird and flower cherry blossom print on skirt dress, white crochet vest, white and blue flat strappy sandals, casual look

Hey guys! Remember my recent DIY From skirt to dress post!!! Well here I'm styling that, how I call it, bird dress ;) It's so light and breezy, so it's perfect for these warm summer days and evenings. Cause of the colors on it, I went for white and blue theme. And since is a bit short and it was bit windy I wore white shorts underneath, just in case :)  Added my white crochet vest and these white and blue strappy sandals that I got on my vacation in Spain! Hope you like this combo!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Outfit | Black and blue

black flared high waisted shorts, cobalt blue blouse shirt, zara sandals, zara shoes 2013, black studded clutch, statement bracelet, side bun, layered gold necklaces

Happy Monday!!! Hope you had a great weekend! We had such a lovely weather through whole weekend, finally! I was feeling bright colors, so this cobalt blue blouse was just perfect, you can see me styling it in this post too outfit | denim on denim grey version and it matches the blue on my Zara heels ;) I was so matchy matchy from head to toe!!! Wearing my black high waist shorts that you already saw in this outfit | black high waisted shorts post. Wearing some gold tone accessories and I even styled my hair differently, yay :) 
Wishing you a wonderful week!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Outfit | Comfy grey jumpsuit

new yorker grey jumpsuit, yellow striped top t-shirt tank top, grey ankle strap flat sandals, black studded clutch, casual look

Hey guys! I thing you'll agree with me when I say it's all about jumpsuits trend lately! Well actually jumpsuits, playsuits, rompers, overalls, dungarees... you name it!!! I was thinking of getting some printed bright color one for summer, but with shorts. This grey jumpsuit that I'm wearing is last years from New Yorker. I pared it with some grey flat ankle strap sandals and my yellow striped tank top, cause what's better combo that yellow and grey ;)
So how about it guys, do you like wearing jumpsuits, is it a trend you will be embracing this summer!!?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Outfit | Bit of animal print

black flip flops, black vero moda printed tunic, leopard print leggings, messy bun, black tote bag, six orange necklace, casual look

Hey guys! As I mentioned before, I always try to make the most of my free time, it's usually spending time with my family or going for a walk with my hubby. Any way I always try to be comfy, I think the only time I actually put an effort to my look is when going to some event, like b-day party, wedding or any kind of celebration ;) Maybe that makes me not such great fashion blogger ;) I'm just not fabulous all the time like other fashion bloggers, I'm just your girl next door, and I'm hopping there is someone out there who can relate to that fact... Well I'm just rumbling now, let me introduce you to my outfit :) Black printed Vero Moda tunic pared with some fun leopard print leggings and cute comfy my kind of flip flops! And a messy bun, so typical of me.