Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beauty | Soft pink and purple make up and nails

pink and purple eye shadow make up for spring and summer, hot pink lips lipstick gloss, messy bun,

Back to pink and girly! ;)
Well actually everything about my style and make up strictly depends on my mood! I'm not one of those who prepare what they are going to wear the night before. I always make up my mind at the moment I need to go out, and that applies to my make up as well. So this time I was feeling girly and for me that means pink ;) So pink and purple eye shadow with my little winged eyeliner and hot pink lips... And this time I matched with my nails!!! Hope it's inspirational for you guys!
And tell me do you tend to plan your outfits the day before or you go with the flow (or in my case with your mood)?!!

pink purple french manicure stiletto nails with studs,

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