Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy b-day to my baby blog

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YaY!!! I made it this far!!!
It's been a year now. My little baby blog is growing up :)
Well actually I recently realized that 23. September is my blogs b-day, and that's the day my mom's mommy was born, my lovely grandma's b-day. It's also beginning of spring in South America where my grandma lives and 23 is my hubbies lucky number. So is it all this a coincidence!? Or is it that wonderful things happen on that day?! he he, I let you to be the judge of that ;)
I also made some changes to my blogs header as you can see, I did it all by my self, and I'm so proud cause that's my weak spot - programming, designing, etc. 
All I wanna say to you guys is THANK YOU, with out you all supporting me I wouldn't made it this far and I wouldn't enjoy it all so much. I'm looking forward every day to your lovely comments, they make my day and always put a smile on my face!!!
Love you all so much!
Have a great week!

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