Friday, November 14, 2014

Beauty | Benefits of coconut oil

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!!
I'm bringing a bit different topic. I really wanted to share this with you. Many of you ask me about my skin, how it looks so healthy and glowy. I did some research and found out all about the benefits of coconut oil so for a while now I'm using organic coconut oil, and not just for my skin, but for everything ;) So here are some of my secrets you may wanna try!!!

1. Make up remover - you can use coconut oil as a make up remover. Wet you cotton pad with some water and add a little bit of coconut oil, you can remove your eye shadow, mascara, foundation... And the good thing is it's great for your eyelashes (makes them longer and stronger over time).

2. Hair conditioner - Massage coconut oil on you scalp and through your hair all the way to the roots, you can leave it on your hair for an hour and than rinse it off. It's great for itchy scalp and dandruff.

3. Face cleanser - Massage coconut oil on your face and wash it off with wet cloth. It's great for acne, acne scaring, itching dry skin, eczema... After cleansing you can use it as a moisturizer as well.

4. Body scrub - Mix equal parts of coconut oil and sugar and use it as a body scrub in your shower, you can even eat a little bit of the scrub  ;) it tastes delicious!!!

5. Shaving cream - use it instead of your shaving cream, the razor just glades through leaving your legs smooth and after it you can moisturize your legs with coconut oil, it doesn't leave your skin grease like other oils, it absorbs very well.

6. Deodorant - yes deodorant, after you shaved your armpits with coconut oil they will smell nice as well. For an extra protection you can mix coconut oil and baking soda and use it as an antiperspirant. It's great because coconut oil is anti inflammatory and anti bacterial as well.

7. Eat it - last but not least that you can do is eat it - as a quick release energy, butter replacement, as your salad dressing oil, in a smoothie... It tastes delicious so why not ;) or you can do oil pulling as well every morning, but that's another topic that I can talk about as well if you're interested!!!

Hope you found this helpful!
And do let me know if you use coconut oil as well and what for! Share with others in comments below!!!

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