Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Outfit | Lets call it sporty chic

outfit, long cardigan, printed sweatshirt, grey pencil skirt, nike free run black and pink, carpisa black studded bag, round sunglasses

Hey you!
Who is exited for NYE!!!?  I wanna wish you all a Happy New Year, may it bring blessings for you and your loved ones!!! 
For me it's time to be with family, having diner, waiting for new years with all the kids, try to keep them awake with candies and presents ;) In the morning we go all together for a walk at the street that is called "Open heart street" on that day!!! It's already snowing so it's gonna be so much fun and so so cold ;)
Till then I'm rocking bit sporty look, being casual and warm with chunky knit cardigan over sweatshirt from Legend, pencil skirt from Calliope and my Nike free run sneakers!
I'm linking-up with because the theme is my favorite sweatshirt ;) what more do I have to say!!!

I will probably plan my NYE outfit later today :) ;)
See you all next year!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Outfit | Bit of blue

outfit, blue turtleneck sweater, baggy pants with polka dots, black crochet lace kimono, black faux fur jacket, black studded clutch, blue boots

Happy Monday!!!
Are you guys exited for NYE!!!?
My New Years eve outfit is gonna be a last minute choice like always ;) I just can't plan my looks in advance cause it all depends on my mood. Are you like that also or am I the only one, totally unorganized!!? :)

Today's look is featuring some of my favorite pieces all together - blue boots from Labrador, black lace kimono from and my polka dot baggy pants!!! I really like the color of the boots so I wanted them to stand out. Wore a blue turtleneck sweater and faux fur jacket to keep me warm!!!

Have a great week!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Outfit | Maxi and fringes

outfit, black maxi skirt, black combat boots, dr martens boots, bomber jacket, oversize scarf, diy fringe cross body bag

Hey you!!!
Here is a quick weekend outfit post. Since is getting colder and colder, it's getting harder for me to think what to wear. I wish I could spend winter somewhere warmer ;) Looks like a lot more fun!
Styled maxi skirt from Calliope with my warm jacket from Terranova and this oversize scarf that is my mums and I haven't returned it yet :) I wore my fringed bag that I show you how to make in this post here diy | fringe bag. That's all from me.

Hope you like this casual combo and that your weekend is being fabulous!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Outfit | Christmas Eve

outfit, peach color sweater, knit sweater, over the knee boots, DIY lace trim skirt, statement necklace, christmas eve outfit, family time

Happy Friday!!!
Hope you enjoyed Christmas eve and Christmas morning or just enjoyed yesterday ;)
We spend a lovely evening with the family, eating as we traditionally do, had fun with kids and of course the auntie had to put them to sleep with a bed time story or five, six :) ;)
I wanted to be comfortable so no gowns for me, he he! My new fave sweater, a black lace skirt from Teranova that I DIY-ed HERE. Accessorized with my statement necklace from and put my hair in a high pony tail, it's slick and off my face ;)

What was your outfit choice for the Christmas eve!!?
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Outfit | Edging up

outfit, grey pencil skirt, DIY sweater, heart sweater, white sweater, black faux leather jacket, black studded clutch, new in, new boots, dr martens boots, black combat boots

Hey you lovely people ;)
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, hope you have a lovely time with your loved ones or with your friends or how ever you decide to spend the evening ;)
I'm really exited!!! First of all I'm so exited because of my new boots!!! I was looking for a long time for a perfect par of everyday boots, and they all are bit crazy right now, with lots of chains and studs or all of it together... I mean I love those as well I actually have chain boots already, but I just wanted them to be plain but still a statement!!! I found these in a local store named Ooh la la ;) and they were actually 50% off which is always amazing!!! It was love at first sight, they are bit dr Martens inspired and they have a gold metal detail above the heel, which is a perfect touch!
So enough about the boots!!! Another thing that I'm exited about is that tonight is the time when we spend time with family, playing with my nieces and nephews, eating and just having fun... We all gather up for a family diner, it's a tradition in our family. I think I did mentioned already, we celebrate two Christmases, Catholic one and Orthodox Christmas = lots of eating!!!

Have a great evening!
Hopefully I'll end up posting what I wore for Christmas cause I still haven't figured that out ;)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Outfit | Lets add colors

outfit, blue boots, zara floral clutch, peach color sweater, black faux leather jacket, aviator sunglasses, golden necklace, boyfriend jeans

Happy Monday!
Yes the weekend is over ;) and yes I did get some rest and I feel much better. I don't know what it is, maybe because my hubby and I are fasting or something, but I got over the cold so quickly! I'm seriously reconsidering changing my diet completely. I feel better in general without meat and dearies in my everyday diet. I'll keep you updated!
So when I feel good my outfit is usually colorful ;) as you can see. I bought this peach color sweater just two days ago and I love it, so bright and fun color for winter. Staying in colorful mood I wore my cobalt blue boots from Labrador with my Terranova boyfriend jeans. Of course I gotta accessorize, added this beautiful Zara clutch that I got as a gift and two dainty gold necklaces. This could easy be transformed into everyday look, just replace the heels with flats or sneakers and you're good to go.

Have a great week ahead!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Outfit | Aztec print weekend

outfit, bomber jacket, olive green leggings, aztec print scarf, black combat boots, carpisa black studded bag

Yey for weekend!!!
It's has been a chaotic week for me, so much stress and on top of it I got sick! So yeah I'm hopping that this weekend will bring me some peace of mind. But I'm not gonna bore you with my crazy life ;)
So being casual is way to go when you just wanna take a walk and clear you mind. It was quite cold, so cozy warm jacket, bit of color with this Aztec print scarf from Tally Weijl and comfy olive green leggings with faux leather trim from Terranova was my choice.
I'm wishing you a lovely weekend!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas shopping guide

Christmas is coming guys!!! Are you exited!!!?
Who doesn't love Christmas shopping right! Whether you are buying gifts for yourself or for someone you love, it's always a lot of fun !!! Especially with all these discounts ;)
I still haven't decided what am I going to wear on a Christmas eve, but I do have some ideas and inspirations for you guys!

- you can always wear a dress, it can be classy and chic or it can be fan and casual (this is more for me cause I'm gonna be spending time with family and that includes kids = messy ;)
- you can opt for a cute sweater over your dress, or even with some skirt or jeans. The other sweater option is that "ugly" Christmas sweater, that's always fan!!!
- maybe you just wanna be warm and cozy, so a great option would be an oversize or fluffy cardigan that you can snuggle in while watching favorite shows.
- for those who are going somewhere on Christmas and wanna look cute or chic, throw on a lovely coat or even better trendy fur jacket and off you go.
- last but not least, don't forget to accessorize, whether you wanna be casual or elegant, accessories are the key to any look, so wear your favorite statement piece - bag, necklace, par of earrings, a lovely hat, something that makes you stand out and most important ENJOY!!!

Do you like Christmas shopping for yourself and for your loved ones! Or maybe you are more about gifting something personal that you made on your own!!!? 

Share the love!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Outfit | Back in white

outfit, white t-shirt, white jeans, converse, grey sneakers, long cardigan, dainty jewelry

Hey you lovely readers!!!
Are you preparing for Holiday season, for all the food, for a break, for new beginnings...!!!? What are you looking forward this season!?
I was feeling super casual and I wanted to look fresh, so what's better way for that than wearing white, right? White t-shirt and white jeans pared with cozy long cardigan and some comfy sneakers. I'm ready ;) Sometimes less is more!

I really wanted to say thanks to Yuka for featuring one of my outfits on her blog as one of top 10 bloggers of November 2014, that's so lovely, and really made my day ;)

Have a great rest of the week.
See you on Friday...

Monday, December 15, 2014

Outfit | Playing with plaid

outfit, zara strappy heels, zara pointed heels, zara sandals, pull and bear black pencil skirt, black faux fur jacket, blue plaid shirt, statement necklace

Hey guys happy Monday!!!
This weekend's weather was beautiful, we spent the whole weekend out and about ;) spent time with family, it was so much fun. Beautiful weather makes me happy!!! As you can see by the title I was playing with my plaid shirt a little bit. I don't know why but I usually wear it casually with jeans, shorts or something... so I decided to dress it up a bit with my Pull and Bear black pencil skirt and my fave Zara heels that you probably seen me styling before. Oh and yeah, it wouldn't be it without adding some faux fur ;) 

So what do you think about this look!? Can a plain plaid shirt be chic!? ;)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Outfit | Purple and silver

outfit, stiletto nails, purple stiletto mails, half moon stiletto nails, purple coat, grey polka dots sweater, black flared high waisted shorts, over the knee boots,

Happy weekend!!! ;)
You know how random things inspire your outfits, well that's what happened with this look on me. The color combo on my nails inspired whole this outfit combo! Somehow purple and silver (grey) are a perfect match ;) Purple coat and grey sweater with polka dots from Zara pared with this lovely statement silver necklace and mirrored sunglasses. If you like nail polish colors on my nails, you can find them on  these are all their new shades nail polish colors I have reference for you of the ones I used at the end of this post!!! 

What do you guys think of these two colors together!? Do you like my half moon manicure!!!? :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Beauty | Silver and black nails

beauty, gel nails, nail design, nail art, silver and black stiletto nails, stiletto nails, circle design on nails, festive nails

Hey you! Happy Friday!!! ;)
Time for a new manicure!!! I don't know what is it about the silver color but it's just so festive to me, so I had to figure out some nail design including sparkly silver and black. Like with clothes for me same goes for my nails - you can't never go wrong with black :) 
First I wanted to free paint something but at the end I decided to use those nail stamps that I bought while ago and never tried, I think they turned out nice for the first time using them. One thing though you have to work quick with them because they dry fast, so in a hurry I did crooked some lines, he he, no biggie!

What's your go to festive color if you have any!!!? Let me guess - red!!!? 
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Outfit | Long cardigan

outfit, mint converse sneakers, sweater jacket, long cardigan, black faux leather jacket, orange necklace, knee ripped black jeans

Hey you!
Holidays are coming, winter is coming... the only thing that makes me happy about these cold days and winter to come is snow, yes snow. I love when everything is covered in white outside, that's what makes happy when I look through the window, well that and hot chocolate ;) I hope it snows soon.
Until then I'm keeping myself warm and cozy ;) wearing this thick long cardigan under my jacket. I did added some color to my look with my mint Converse sneakers and orange statement necklace, just to keep everything fun!
Hope you like this combo!
Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Outfit | Black and white mix

outfit, black and white, black and white pants, feather print pants, polka dots puffer vest, black and white sweater, black slip ons, messy bun

Happy Monday!!!
Hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend, I know I did ;) 
It was a cold foggy day and I decided that mix of black and white in different prints was the way to go! Mixed this puffer vest with polka dot print with my feather print pants from New Yorker. Even my sweater is black and white ;) I know, I know so much b&w but I really like how it turned out!!! I went for a sporty casual look adding my comfy slip ons.

Have a great week ahead!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lazy Sunday

lazy sunday, day off, day to relax, bad hair day

Oh those lazy Sundays...
I love Sundays, I have a whole day to relax and do what ever I feel like doing that day, and that usually includes:
- waking up late
- having a smoothie
- reading a book
- reading a magazine
- browsing through blogs and Instagram
- while drinking a coffee or a tea
- watching my fave TV shows, series or a movie with my hubby
- go for a stroll
- preparing posts for my blog
- have a bad hair day ;)
- have a no make up day :)

Tell me guys how does your lazy Sunday looks like!!!?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to stay chic in winter

choies promotion,, how to look chic in winter, stay chic in winter, fall/winter sweaters beanies scarfs, statement earrings, statement necklace, oversize scarf

Weekend is finally here guys!!!
It's time for a little weekend fashion talk! You know how when it's so cold outside you just don't know what to wear to still look chic or cute! No one sees you between all those layers of clothing! Well I have few suggestions for you ;) Let talk about accessories!!!

1. You can always throw on an oversize scarf (colorful or in a bright color) or even wear a trendy poncho!!!
2. Wear a cute beanie or a hat. That always makes the look more chic (and hides a bad hair day)
3. Wear a statement bag in some interesting structure or material, or in some bright fun color or print!!!
4. It's still important how you look when you take of all those layers of clothes so wear a statement necklace underneath your coat! There's nothing more chic than a bit of bling bling. Speaking of bling...
5. Add a pair of statement earrings! Even if you're wearing all black, a pair of cute sparkly earrings will make a huge difference!

I'm not saying to wear all these things together though ;) I mean you can if you wish :)
You can find all of these pieces at if you like any of suggestions I made.

Tell me how do you stay chic during cold days!!!?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Outfit | Burgundy and mustard

outfit, burgundy leggings, black poncho, mustard scarf, DIY chain cut boots, #fallootd

Hey guys!
Hope you're having a fab week so far. 
You know I usually post on my blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, even on weekend sometimes. But yesterday was impossible for me to post, I didn't feel well whole day. So here I'm with a new post today! And this cold weather with rain and wind is not helping ;)
Today's outfit is bit more fun and bright. I really like the color burgundy and when I saw these leggings in C&A I had to get them. Styling them with bright mustard yellow scarf, cause I really like these two colors together. But the outfit wouldn't be complete without the trendy piece - black poncho!!!

What do you say guys about the mix of these two colors!!!?
See you on the weekend!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Outfit | All about that dress

outfit,, choies dress, blue floral print puff midi dress, grey jean jacket, grey boots, statement necklace

It goes like this:

I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble
I'm all about that bass
'Bout that bass, no treble...

Can you feel the rhythm already!!!?

I really like this song, it gets me going ;) But yeah this post is gonna be all about the dress ;) Yes I received this beautiful colorful dress from and I just love everything about it. Color is beautiful, soft blue with some soft yellow flowers all over. I know it's floral print and it's bit more summery but why not brighten up these cold cloudy days with some fun colors, right? I did toned it down a bit, wearing everything else grey. Grey jean jacket from Terranova and my favorite bling bling - statement necklace. Also the structure of the dress is awesome, cause of the firm material it stands in an a-line silhouette making it flattering for any body type, especially mine petite one ;)
If you like the dress you can go ahead and check it out here - limited blue floral print puff midi dress , it comes in light pink color as well and it's only $13.90, or you can browse through site and find a perfect dress for you!!!

Wishing you a happy Monday and a great start of the week! 
And don't forget that the Cyber Monday sale on lasts until December 3rd!