Friday, January 30, 2015

Beauty | Black and gold nails

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Hey guys!
Happy Friday!!!
Hope you had a lovely week and that you are ready for the weekend!!!
It's time for my nails! I seen that everyone is having their nails done for Valentines, tone of inspiration everywhere, hearts, pinks and reds... well I'm actually not gonna be that girly girl, sorry ;) My nails are total opposite - black, studded and edgy. I mean it's not on purpose, I love Valentines but I'm just not that romantic, he he. I also found these temporary metallic tattoos in black and gold and I had to try them, I thought they would match my nails perfectly being black with gold round studs.
Hope I did inspired you a bit!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Outfit | The boots

outfit, skinny jeans with ripped knees, black ankle studded boots, chloe ankle boots, diy floral bomber jacket, grey bomber jacket, daisy print top DIY

Hey you!
How is your week so far!?
I have had problem with headaches lately, my neck and head hurt for days so I wasn't sleeping well and I was just feeling like crap in general ;) Yeah that's the latest news !!! ;) I did take time for one casual look on a "lovely" rainy day. I didn't feel like dressing up cause lets face it these boots speak for themselves!!! I'm in love, they are perfect. When I saw the original Chloe ankle boots it was love at first sight and when I saw these inspired by I just had to have them.They are actually from Tally Weijl and they were on sale for like $15! Can't beat that, right?! I'll be wearing  and styling them a lot so be prepared to see them a lot :) he he. My bomber jacket is the one that I did a floral print DIY, you can find it here - diy | floral bomber jacket and the knee ripped jeans are also a DIY thing, just can't help myself with little projects here and there.

Talk to you on Friday!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Outfit | Red in details

outfit, pointy toe flats, red pointy flats, red flats, boyfriend jeans, oversize scarf, tally weijl floral print oversize scarf, red umbrella

Hey guys!
Happy Monday!
I have to start by saying that red is not my color ;) You know when you try something on and you look yourself in the mirror and you look kinda pale and sick, well that's how I feel when I wear red, seriously not my color ;) So I wear it from time to time but only in details and that's rear too. Actually the thing is I found these red pointy flats recently in Zara and I thought they were so cute with the bow and everything, so I bought them. Then the other day I was thinking of a way to style them, since it was bit rainy my hubby suggested for me to wear red umbrella as well. That was a great idea cause I really like how the colors in the photos turned out. Wanted to make it all casual with my ripped jeans and my new fave oversize scarf with tiny flowers on it from Tally Weijl
Have a great week!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Moments like this

moments in life, random moments, drawings, inspiration, thank you

Hey you guys!!!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!!
I just wanted to talk a little bit with you and share some things ;) A few days ago a lovely blogger Ivana from blog did this cute drawing of me. I was really surprised and it made me happy. The thing is that this little drawing reminded me why I even started with my blog. I always wanted to inspire people on one way or another, and this tells me that maybe I'm doing something right ;) Cause you know sometimes you get that feeling - What am I doing, why am I doing this, it's not worth my time and stress... Then someone says - Hey you inspired me - and I'm so grateful for moments like that, they keep me going or should I say you guys keep me going. I mean this blog wouldn't even exist without you guys. So I just wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for all your support !!! You can check out this entire outfit post - new coat is all I need!!!
Love you...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Outfit | Grid and mint

outfit, mint clutch, black pants, grid print top, gingham style check print top, black pumps, all black outfit look

Hey guys!!!
How's going ;)
Today I went almost all black, sometimes I just like it simple!!! Most of the items from this look are from my recent haul. Pants and top are both from Terranova and somehow they were a perfect blend ;) Love how the look came out seamless. Bit of grid print in black and white of course and just a pinch of color with my lovely mint clutch that was made just for me ;) !!!
Hope you like it!
Enjoy the rest of the week!!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Outfit | New coat is all I need, outfit, review, beige faux fur coat with leather sleeves, white coat, black leggings, white sweater, black cat eye sunglasses, green and pink scarf, black converse

Hey you!
Happy Monday!!!
Here we are with black and beige combo ;) It's so easy to style it and wear it. The star of this outfit is actually my new coat from It's fuzzy, it's long and it has black faux leather sleeves, what more do you need ;) You can find it right here - beige faux fur coat To go with the faux leather theme I wore my black leggings with faux leather patches, and to go with the fuzzy beige fur I wore my beige sweater from C&A. At the end I did decided to add a bit of color so this scarf was a perfect addition. I really liked the color combo on the scarf, green and pink, I would never thought of it, it made me wanna wore pink gloss as well. 
Hope you like this quite casual look, but I still think that the coat makes it bit chic as well ;)

Have a great week ahead!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New phone case, new selfies

custom phone case, dream believe achieve,, phone case with quote, white and gold phone case, review, selfie

Weekend is here! Yeah!!!
It's time to relax, the weather is gonna be just blah ;) so I'll probably be indoors most of the time, and you know what that means - I'm gonna get bored, yes... When I'm bored I usually put some make up on my face just to practice my skills for a bit and then well you know the drill - I snap some selfies!!! 
This is a great time to show you guys a little something something that I was sent for a review from It's a site where you can make your own design on clothes like t-shirts, hoodies, jackets...or your own phone case design and even jewelry!!! Recently my hubby and I got new phones so I really wanted new phone case and I did get one for my significant other as well ;)
You can choose from a variety of already created designs for you, or you can add your own photo, text... or any mixture of the sort. The quality is amazing, both plastic and rubber ones. You can check some of the designs right here - I had so much fun making one for me and my hubby. I wanted mine to be in some soft colors, so I chose white and gold with my fave quote - Dream, believe, achieve - just as a little daily reminder for myself. And of course for my hubby anything and everything related with his fave team - Red star Belgrade - so yeah these are the results.

Go and check them out maybe you get inspired and make a design of your own!!! Do you guys even like custom t-shirts and cases and stuff!!!?


Friday, January 16, 2015

Trend | Lob or mid length hairstyle

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Hey guys happy Friday!!!
Lets talk about trends today!!! I don't know if you have noticed or not but Lob hairstyle or this mid length hairstyle is all the rage at the moment. I mean everyone and their mamma are rocking it! ;) Well I can see why, I also think it's beautiful and flattering on most of the face shapes but most importantly is low maintenance... The only thing that's lame is that now everyone is cutting their hair, when I say everyone I mean everyone. All the YouTubers and Bloggers that I follow have joined the wagon... Actually at the beginning of the last year I had the same hairstyle, I cut my hair like this and I loved it, but now that it has grown I remembered how much I love my long hair. So I don't think I'll be joining them again ;)

How about you guys, do you like this hairstyle!? Are you thinking of cutting your hair like this or even more drastically!?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Outfit | Maxi stripes

outfit, black and white stripes maxi skirt, bershka skirt, faux fur vest, fuzzy vest, statement necklace, cross body bag, michael kors watch, DIY chain cut boots

Hey you!!!
Remember how I told you about the shopping last week, well this time I'm styling black and white striped maxi skirt that I also got from Bershka. I love stripes so this skirt was no exception, especially cause it has a side slit, I find that really cute. I wore it with this fuzzy little vest for extra warmth and my DIY chain boots cause they are comfy ;) Well most of the time I am comfy and casual or just plane boring!!! ;)


Monday, January 12, 2015

Outfit | Leather and floral

outfit, bershka skirt, black faux leather jacket, peach color sweater, colorful rhinestone earrings, black clutch, black knee high socks, black combat boots, dr martens boots

Happy Monday guys!!!
I don't know about you but I love sales, so I did a bit of shopping this week. I thought of doing a haul but you will probably see everything through my outfits so I decided not to. First thing I am styling is this new floral skirt from Bershka. I wanted to buy black a-line skirt for a long time and when I saw this floral one I just couldn't leave it.
Wearing colors this time, peach color sweater and I even added my rhinestone earrings for bit of color and bling!!!

Wishing you a fab week!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Outfit | Love me some burgundy

outfit, burgundy leggings, burgundy sweater, black coat, black boots, leopard print clutch bag, statement necklace, statement necklace, high ponytail

Hey guys!
I can't believe that the weather is getting bit warmer this weekend, that makes me happy, little things like that make me happy ;) I don't know what is about the color burgundy but I just love it so much, maybe because I'm not a big fan of red this is a great alternative for me!!! I got these leggings recently at C&A and I decided to pair them with the sweater in a similar color. The only thing popping is my leopard print clutch and a statement necklace, you know how I like my details to stand out!!!

Wishing you a fab weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Beauty | Blue ombre nails

beauty, blue ombre nails, cherry blossom nails, diy nails, gel nails, nail art, nail design, nails, ombre nails

Hey guys!
Happy Friday!!!
It's time for my nails. Changed the shape again ;) This time it's nude and blue ombre combo! I really like the ombre effect, I had it on my hair when I first started this blog as some of you remember ;) I would love to get my hair ombre again, but for now it's gonna be on my nails!!! For details I added some cherry blossom branches, I made flowers with glitter.

Hope you like it and find it inspirational!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Outfit | Casual in purple

outfit, orthodox christmas, pull and bear purple jacket, c&a purple and black sweater, terranova boyfriend jeans, black combat boots, dr martens boots, new yorker feather print scarf

Hey guys!!!
I'm guessing Holidays are slowly getting over, well not for everyone... Here in my county we celebrate Orthodox Christmas today! So I'm wishing Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates or how we say "Hristos se rodi". 
It's gonna be a day to relax at home, have some of our friends come over and just enjoy the day!!!
I was feeling pink and purple so this is my lazy casual combo of the day. Jacket is from Pull and Bear, scarf is from New Yorker and the sweater is C&A.

Love you guys,

Monday, January 5, 2015

Outfit | It's snow time

outfit, winter outfit, white beanie, black puffer jacket, furry boots, leopard print scarf, round sunglasses

Hey guys!!! Happy Monday!
As you can see it's snowing... I love snow I just don't like that it has to be this cold though ;)
Since my hubby wasn't working on Holidays, we were out and about as much as possible, even when it was snowing. I really like how my white beanie matches the white background :) It's actually pretty hard to wear something cute and still be warm, at least when it's winter time in my country. But we did get to enjoy the lovely view and saw beautiful swans swimming by the shore...

Have a great start of the week!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Outfit | It's freezing time

outfit, winter outfit, stradivarius jacket, black beanie, black combat boots, dr martens boots

What a start of a new year!!! It's was -20ºC that is -4ºF!!! I mean c'mon ;)
Well we still went for a walk, to explore the new bridge that has been finished. It's 1,5 km long, and since we walk from our house to the bridge and went over it and then walked back home, it was 15 km long walk!!! We got all bundled up so we survived ;) 

Are you guys adventurists in winter time!!!?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 1, 2015