Saturday, January 24, 2015

Moments like this

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Hey you guys!!!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!!
I just wanted to talk a little bit with you and share some things ;) A few days ago a lovely blogger Ivana from blog did this cute drawing of me. I was really surprised and it made me happy. The thing is that this little drawing reminded me why I even started with my blog. I always wanted to inspire people on one way or another, and this tells me that maybe I'm doing something right ;) Cause you know sometimes you get that feeling - What am I doing, why am I doing this, it's not worth my time and stress... Then someone says - Hey you inspired me - and I'm so grateful for moments like that, they keep me going or should I say you guys keep me going. I mean this blog wouldn't even exist without you guys. So I just wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for all your support !!! You can check out this entire outfit post - new coat is all I need!!!
Love you...

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