Monday, March 30, 2015

Outfit | White in spring

outfit, white coat, choies coat, white jeans, white t-shirt, black ankle studded boots, chloe ankle boots, black and white

Happy Monday guys!!!
It finally feels like spring in my town ;) so that's a great reason to go sightseeing right. We were exploring our city trying to find interesting places to snap some photos and to admire all the colors that spring has brought to us!!!
I felt like wearing white and bright, but you know me my look wouldn't be complete if I didn't added something black to it. It's not on purpose but I always end up wearing black and white :) And this coat inspired me ones more. Coat as you already might know is from, my boots are from Tally Weijl and this simple basic white tee from H&M. I did layered a couple of necklaces just for fun...
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
And I'm wishing you a great week ahead!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Outfit | Oversized denim shirt - part 3

outfit, oversized denim shirt, terranova boyfriend jeans, mint converse sneakers, c&a black pu faux leather jacket, denim on denim

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!
Are you having a lovely weekend!?
Well here I am as I promised with another denim look, this is a last one I promise ;) Wearing same oversized denim shirt but this time in a casual everyday way. I wanted to style denim on denim, so I pared denim shirt with boyfriend jeans, added a printed belt to brake the denim and my mint color Converse sneakers for a pop of fun and color. 
Hope you did like my denim series ;) I had so much fun playing with it! Leaving you with the links of the previous two ways of styling the same shirt :


Friday, March 27, 2015

Outfit | Oversized denim shirt - part 2

outfit, oversized denim shirt, pull and bear black pencil skirt, blue boots, black faux fur clutch bag

Hey guys!!! Happy Friday!!!
Here I'm as I promised with another look featuring my oversized denim shirt. I told you I'm gonna be styling it two more ways ;) This time I pared it with my Pull&Bear black pencil skirt and some blue high heel boots!!! You'll have to excuse my hair, it was just not cooperating with me so I through it in a high ponytail ;) 
Hope you like me giving you ideas how to style one piece in a few different ways!!! To see my previous post where I styled this shirt as a dress go to this link outfit | oversized denim shirt - part 1
Have a lovely wekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Outfit | Oversized denim shirt - part 1

outfit, oversized denim shirt, over the knee boots, c&a black pu faux leather jacket, leopard print clutch bag

Hey guys! How are you all!?
I went thrifting the other day, I was not planning to I was just bored ;) So like it always happens, you find what you are looking for when you least expect. That's exactly what happened, I was looking for a oversized denim shirt for a long time and I just couldn't find it, and then I went thrifting and found a perfect one. It's actually men's shirt in a size S, so it was perfectly oversized for me. 
I decided to challenge myself and try to style it in a couple of different ways. So I'm gonna be showing you three different ways to style one denim shirt!!!
In a first outfit I'm wearing denim shirt as a dress with over the knee boots and black faux leather jacket, I think it's a simple way to style it but still effective!!!
Stay tuned guys... ;)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Outfit | Spring

outfit, floral overall, floral jumpsuit, black faux leather jacket, tally weijl boots, spring look

Hey guys!!! I hope your week was amazing!!! I had so much fun, went on a nieces b-day, actually I spent two days with them, caught a cold from them ;) and since it was a lovely weather went for a stroll with my hubby!!! I think it was a well spent long weekend :)
As for my look, well spring is finally here so spring bright colors are in, yay!!! Wearing a jumpsuit that I got few years back in Paris with my trusty faux leather jacket and ankle boots from Tally Weijl.
It was so warm and sunny that I felt refreshed and energized despite of my cold :)
Wishing you a fab week ahead!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Outfit | Lets go for a walk

outfit, nike free run black and pink,, white coat, choies coat, floral scarf, tally weijl floral print oversize scarf

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!!
Are you looking forward to a weekend!? I'm actually going to my nieces b-day party, they celebrate it on a same day cause they were born on a same day with three years apart ;) talking about coincidence right!!! I still gonna try and make the most of my weekend, go for a long walk like we always do, at least for and hour or two. I dare you too, go out, go for a walk in a park or somewhere else where you like, bread some fresh air, soak up the sun, I promise you'll feel relaxed and refreshed!!! ;)
This outfit is my kind of a day off, relaxing in nature, walking and just enjoying the moment!!! Of course I gotta have my Nike free run, most comfortable sneakers I ever bought!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Outfit | All black with a pop

outfit, c&a black pu faux leather jacket, black statement earrings with tassels, black faux leather leggings, black ankle studded boots, chloe ankle boots, all black outfit look

Hey you!
Here I'm, this week's goal for me is styling everything I got and bought recently for my b-day. In a last post a styled a lovely colorful sweater, today I'm styling this lovely cross body bag in color orange from Parfois. If you wanna know where to find this bag go to my previous post here - mini birthday haul. Since the bag is in a bright color I wanted it to stand out, so I kept everything else black. That's actually how I usually style pieces, I like having one central piece ;) Maybe it's just my thing I don't know ;) I'm also into earrings lately, if you haven't noticed, and not any earrings but big statement ones. These I found in a local store but I've seen them everywhere, it's so trendy right now to wear big statement earrings with tassels, so I accept this trend with pleasure cause that's totally my thing along with statement necklaces.
Well hope you like this little pop of color look!
Talk to you on Friday!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Outfit | Colorful

outfit, white sweater, colorful sweater, pin striped sweater, DIY lace trim skirt, black ankle studded boots, chloe ankle boots, black faux fur clutch bag, white gemstone statement earrings

Hey guys !!! Happy Monday!
I don't know where the weekend went. I was all over the place, spending time with family, hanging out with some friends, being with my hubby, time just flu by!!! As you can see I'm styling my new colorful sweater that I got for my b-day and we took these photos with our new camera, finally ;) Well we do need to practice a little bit cause of the lighting and everything but I think they turned out pretty well being our first time using Nikon D3200 camera
Cause the sweater is so bright and colorful I wanted everything else to be black, well except the earrings. These lovely earrings I got from, and you can find them right here - white gemstone drop earrings. Anyway I think I'm gonna be wearing this sweater a lot, casually, sporty, chic... ;)
Have a lovely week!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Mini birthday haul

rowenta epilator with 3 accessories: shaving head, exfoliating head and armpits accessory

Hey guys! Happy Friday 13th!?
I know my birthday was a few days ago, but I just recently got all the presents ;) On my actual b-day I got gifts from my friends but my family usually gives me money so I could buy what ever I want !!!
So just the other day I went and bought what I wanted to. It's a new Rowenta epilator! This is a version with micro contact technology and it supposed to be ultra silent. It actually comes with 3 extra accessories: having head, exfoliating head and armpit accessory. Every head accessory is washable and it says it <0,5 mm precise, and it also comes with a little pouch. So I would definitely have to give you an update on this little guy or maybe a full review if you are interested.
I also received couple of NYX cosmetics products: NYX eyeshadow palette Love in Paris - Je ne sais quoi, I have a link for you - | eyeshadow palette and NYX soft matte lip cream in color Copenhagen, and if you wanna check it out here is the link | matte-lip-cream. I'm really exited about these colors and can't wait to try them all and play with some new make up looks for you. If you are interested in some eyeshadow and lipstick swatches I would be happy to do them for you, but I bet there are like tones of them on the youtube already ;)
The next piece I got is this lovely cross body bag in color orange from Parfois that can be worn as a clutch also. I found a link for you guys if you wanna check it out - It also comes in beige and black.
The last but not least is this lovely fuzzy and colorful sweater. And I will be styling it as soon as I figure it out what to wear with it ;)
It's still left for me to by another gift ;) and that's going to be a new chair for my vanity mirror!!!

Hope you like me sharing this little haul with you guys!!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Outfit | Fur jacket

outfit, dr martens boots, black combat boots, sweater dress, cropped fur jacket, statement necklace

Hey guys! How's it going!!!? ;)
This winter is so persistent, I just need a bit of sunshine!!! So according to the cold I'm still in sweaters and jackets. This time I'm wearing a cropped version of a faux fur jacket that I bought in a sports store. I know you've seen these boots so many times by now but I just can't help it, they go with so many things from my wardrobe ;) I still tried to make it not so casual by adding layers of necklaces
Have a fun day!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Outfit | Crop top in winter

outfit, burgundy pencil skirt, striped crop top sweater, black chunky shoes heels, c&a black pu faux leather jacket

Hey you! Happy Monday!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had some ups and downs, but the biggest thing of all, that's got me so exited is that my hubby and I bought a new camera Nikon D3200 yaaaay!!! Well I still haven't used it for my photos cause I already shot some outfits on the weekend, but during the next week it begins a new chapter ;) better quality photos and lots of practice photos for us ;)
This lovely burgundy pencil skirt just came in the mail from, you can find it HERE. It's in a size S and it's fits great, I thought it would be bit bigger cause I'm actually XS but I'm happy with it. Material is stretchy as well, so I think even those who are size M can fit into S if you like it to be tighter ;) Pared it with my striped cropped sweater in a similar color and my trusty chunky sandals from Bershka. The outfit wouldn't be complete without my C&A faux leather jacket of course ;)
Have a great week ahead!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Trend | Pointed loafers

trend, trend 2015, pointed loafers flats, pointy shoes, black white pointed loafers

Hey guys!!!
Are you having a fun weekend!? It's time for a little weekend trend talk ;)
I've been seeing these pointed loafers a lot lately, everyone is rocking them one way or another. I'm really into pointy heels and flats, so these loafers are a nice addition! I feel like they are comfortable being flat but still chic and sophisticated cause they are pointy and they come in different styles and colors. I found a couple of photos of the ones that I like, to show you, I did see the leopard print ones which a think are my fave, but I couldn't find the proper photo :(
What do you guys say - Yay or Nay!!? Are they here to stay!!?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Outfit | Different textures

outfit, black faux fur clutch bag, plaid jeans, red striped top, black faux leather jacket, black slip ons

Hey guys! Happy Friday!
You know I caught myself lately watching 24h kitchen channel, like all the time. I'm not really a big fan of cooking actually, but when I see them preparing everything so fast and easy, I feel like - I can do it. But honestly I never try it, I just watch and watch and end up preparing same old stuff ;) I would really like to try some new recipes - read very easy recipes ;) well I might surprise my hubby one day!!! Maybe you guys have some suggestions for me, some site where I can find how it's made some yummy food!
On to the look of the day! I played with different textures and prints, wearing leather, plaid, faux fur and stripes all in one. I just thought it's an interesting combo for a casual day. I did found these plaid jeans in Terranova the other day on sale so I got to have them, well I was eyeing them for a while now. Styled them with Lindex striped top and black faux fur clutch. If you remember my Valentines day look I wore the same bag but in pink that a lovely Ivana made for me - here is the link of me styling the pink one - outfit-valentines-day . Kept the casualness with comfy black slip ons!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Beauty | Make up inspired by...

beauty, beauty and make up, everyday make up, make up artist, brown and gold smoky eyes make up, nude lips, make up inspiration, celebrity inspired make up look

...Adriana Lima!
Hey guys! I found another very inspirational make up look that I just needed to try out! It's quite simple but so effective. I love when the eyes are in a center of attention. Also it was an excuse for me to try out my Ardell demi wispies false eyelashes. I love how the look turned out. Only eye shadow colors I used were brown and gold with a lot of blending and a brown eyeliner pencil, simple as that. You can wear this look on a daily basis, with out the false eyelashes if they are bit to much for you. Finished the look with a nude lips and that's it. I hope you find it inspirational as well. I'm only showing it to you so you can see that everyone can do it and everyone can wear it, no mater the eye shape or the face shape!!!
Have a great day!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Outfit | Birthday girl

outfit, c&a black pu faux leather jacket, printed pants trousers, purple violet blouse t-shirt, black pointy flats, birthday girl, birthday outfit

Hey you!
How was your weekend!!!?
I had such a busy weekend I didn't realize when it passed by !!! And yes I'm one year older as of yesterday ;) Had a lovely b-day with my family and friends. I'm so grateful for having all of them in my life. And I wanna thank also you guys that wished me a happy b-day, you are the best!!!
I was feeling playful and joyful, so this is a color palette I chose! Bright fun colors and prints. Well I never did wore red and violet together but I think it's quite lovely combo, maybe because of the purple details on the pants. I bought these printed pants recently in a local boutique and styled them with my trusty faux leather jacket from C&A and a blouse from Urban Republic. My flats are bought in Converse store but I don't remember the brand :/
Wishing you a lovely week ahead!