Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Outfit | Dots and plaid

 outfit, plaid jeans, polka dots puffer vest, blue sweatshirt, deichmann white sneakers, white converse

Hey you!
Hope you're having a fun week, well at least interesting one ;) I'm happy that my cold is almost gone and that the weather is starting to look like spring!!! Well most of the days. So I was feeling colorful, that means mix and match. Terranova plaid jeans are ones again star of the look pared with polka dotted puffer vest and a blue sweatshirt. I wanted everything to be casual and sporty cause we were going out for a walk with our friends, I really needed to be comfy. That doesn't mean that if comfortable that it's not fun and interesting, so colors and prints are all over the place ;) Anyway my hair looks more brassy than usual, I just did it the other day so it's extra orange, I don't know why. Maybe it was just the lighting at that moment, oh well if it doesn't go away after few washes I'm gonna have to tone it ;)
Are you guys fans of mixing and matching or you like to play it safe!!?
Talk to you on Friday!

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