Friday, April 10, 2015

Outfit | Tan and leopard

outfit, leopard print turtleneck top, Tan pants, black flats with flower, black cardigan

Yay for casual Friday! ;)
Well actually I'm casual most of the time ;) usually in flats or sneakers and in pants, jeans or shorts. Now that I think about it I'm not much of a dress kind a girl, well I do love them and wear them occasionally but I always prefer something that allows me to move freely :) Yeah I know that's not much lady like of me but I will try to experiment a lot more with my style for sure, I always do!!!
Today I'm styling leopard print turtleneck from Terranova with these tan pants that I got from Jennyfer when I went to Paris. I thought that adding these lovely flats with a flower on them will make whole look more feminine. Hope you like how these colors match!
Have a great weekend people!!!

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