Friday, May 29, 2015

Sketch | Inspired by...

sketch, inspiration, art, drawings

... Sincerely Jules
It has been a while since I painted anything actually. I just wasn't inspired I guess ;) So recently I saw this photo of Jules and I wanted to do a little sketch. It's been a long time so don't be harsh on me :) I'm glad that I'm back on track, and I hope I'll be more inspired in the future to paint and draw and sketch!!!
Hope you like this kind of posts from me, cause if you do, be prepared for more of them to come in future!
I'm gonna leave you the link to lovely Jules blog but I bet you all already do follow her
Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Outfit | Blue shades

outfit, blue plaid shirt, black high waisted skinny jeans jeggings, h&m black jeggings, zara pointed heels, zara strappy heels, lindex sunglasses

Hello guys!
I thought I will not be able to post today cause of the chaotic weather situation. I just couldn't go out without getting soaking wet. Luckly it stopped raining for an hour or two so we grabbed a chance to snap some photos ;) Everything was wet but it was not that cold so I could wear short sleeves and have my legs bare. I was feeling blue and black combo all the way, so as you can see blue plaid shirt with blue details on my sunglasses and my shoes. And I think I kinda fixed my problem with uploading photos, I hope :/ I still have to resize them. 
Talk to you on Friday...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Outfit | Camo, orange, fringes

outfit, camo print shorts, black fringe tassels wedge sandals heels, orange necklace, black t-shirt, aviator sunglasses

Hey you lovely readers! Happy Monday!
For those who are actually reading my posts :) I'm gonna tell you how my Sunday went by! My mum told me to come and cut her hair (yes I'm my mama's hairstylist) so my sister in law asked me to cut my nieces hair as well, cause they live together and I can do it all at once. I prepared everything and went on a bus station, it's an hour long trip. As soon as I stepped out the rain started and I didn't have an umbrella with me, thank god the bus came quickly. Rain was poring all the way there and my mum waited for me on a bus station with an umbrella. When I got there I realized that my sneaker unglued of all the water and my foot was completely wet :( So anyway I did cut their hair and everything and then realized I even cut my finger :/ At that point I realized it was just one of those days when nothing goes your way and you should just go home and sleep it off. That's exactly what I did went home with my sneakers in a bag, bandage on my finger and my mama's two sizes bigger boots on my feet ;)
How was your Sunday!? Do you have any stories like this one for me?! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Outfit | Casual in white

outfit, h&m high waist jeggings, white jeans, white jeggings, white off the shoulder top, purple sneakers, all white look

Happy Sunday!
We spent a lovely Saturday out and about ;) went for a walk then by accident met our dear friends and their little baby boy so we ended up spending the day with them. Played in a park and then went for a late lunch in a Italian restaurant called Vapiano, ate some pasta and pizza and got home really late and tired ;) but it was day well spent!!! And yeah I totally forgot to take some photos of the atmosphere inside of the restaurant :( my bad. It's so relaxed and cozy, and the food omg delicious, well we did spent most of the time chasing the little one, he he.
The photos are from our walk before the lunch. Casual, like every weekend, if you remember last weekend I wore all black and this time it's all white kinda look. These C&A white jeggings are so comfy and so easy to style. The pop of color are my purple sneakers that I got years back I don't even remember where. 
Hope you like my weekend ootd!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Beauty | Lilac nails

beauty, nails, lilac nails, gel nails, diy nails, nail design, nail art

Hey you! Happy Friday!
It's time for my nails update. Still in a same shape as last month but bit longer. This time I chose this soft lilac color and added a design on a few nails in pale pink. I didn't wanted anything to stand out, I wanted them to blend in, especially cause I have to attend a wedding. I need my nails to par well with anything I decide to wear. Well I already have an outfit in mind, I actually bought new sandals (if you follow me on Instagram you already saw them) and a dress, so I hope that the weather stays lovely so I can rock some sandals ;)
Wishing you a beautiful weekend! xo

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Outfit | Dainty

outfit, black gladiator sandals, striped maxi dress, gold layered necklace, dainty jewelry

Hey you lovely readers!
You know how I love my statement pieces of jewelry, you saw me wearing statement necklaces and earrings over and over again, right? Well today it's a total opposite, this lovely dainty layered necklace came a few days ago in a mail. I ordered it from eBay. It's such a cute everyday piece. I love how it's just one necklace made out of three layered pieces. I pared it with a simple striped maxi dress for that easy breezy feel. This dress reminds me so much of summer, it's going to be a great piece to wear on a vacation over a bikini. And yeah once again rocking my gladiator sandals, they are honestly so comfortable, I wore them for hours and they didn't gave me any pain or blisters. That's all folks ;) dainty, simple and comfy.
Talk to you on Friday! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Outfit | Macaroons and leopard

outfit, all black outfit look, leopard print clutch bag, black faux leather shorts, black crop top, macaroons cup

Happy Monday guys!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!
When we went shopping on a weekend for a b-day present I found this beautiful fun cup with macaroons on it and I had to have it ;) well I've been wanting a cup that I can carry with me instead of a bottle of water, it's practical and pretty right?! As for my ootd I continued with my black theme, adding like always some pop of color. I always seem to gravitate towards this leopard clutch when ever I'm wearing black, it might be cause they are such a great par, ha ha. 
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Outfit | Casual black

outfit, all black outfit look, statement necklace, black high waisted skinny jeans jeggings, black pointy flats

Happy happy Sunday!!!
Just a casual look from a Saturday b-day party that we went to. It was not my brother's b-day party like it was planed to, but completely other party of a mutual friend of ours. I kept my ootd simple and black ;) The only piece that stands out is my statement necklace that you saw me styling in previous posts HERE and HERE. I love all black looks with a pop, that can be a pop of color of a statement piece like this one. Well I did ended up having a pop of color as well cause I brought my denim shirt in case it gets chilly in the evening (and it did). And yeah my hair is freshly dyed and bit lighter but I love going lighter in spring and summer. 
Hope you like this casual b-day party look! And please bare with me still having trouble with my photo quality when uploading, hope I'll fix it soon :/
Talk to you on Monday guys! xo

Friday, May 15, 2015

Trend | Cape blazer

trend, cape trend, cape blazer trend, celebrities in cape blazer, black white cape blazer

Hey guys happy Friday!
Lately I'm seeing so many trends that I like and that I have to share with you ;) So it's time for a little trend talk with you!!! Remember the cape coat trend that was so in whole last fall/winter, well it's transitioning now into spring\summer in a bit moderate version - cape blazer version. They really do look so classy and chic, make any outfit more elegant. It's a nice refreshment for your everyday blazer right?! And I love that they come in many colors as well, something for everyone...
What do you guys think!? Are you liking this trend right now!? Is it here to stay!?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Outfit | Embroidery

outfit, off the shoulder top, black off shoulder top with embroidery, distressed high waisted denim shorts, denim cutoffs, black gladiator sandals

Hey guys!
Today is my little brother's b-day, yaaay!!! I say my little brother and he is turning 29 years, ha ha, well I guess he'll always gonna be my "little" brother. We are going to celebrate it on a weekend or some other day cause his wife had a minor surgery on her toe yesterday, and with two little boys around she is not gonna be able to prepare anything. But yeah it's better that she get's her rest and the celebration can wait a few days. 
Since I'm in - off the shoulders -faze ;) I wore this black top with white embroidery details. It was a gift from a few years back along with same one in white. I wore my high waist denim cutoffs for a casual touch. I don't know if I did mention it but I got these denim shorts of eBay, I just couldn't find high waist ones that I like in stores. Actually I got these gladiator sandals of eBay also last year just before I went on my vacation, so I never got a chance to wear them properly, cause the weather got cold when I came back. So here I'm with my e bay purchases ;) I know it's bit risky buying like that but I try to find affordable pieces so I wouldn't regret it later :)
Do you guys buy on eBay?! How is your experience with them!?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Outfit | Don't worry Be yonce

outfit,, review, don't worry be yonce t-shirt, black faux leather fringed skirt, black chunky shoes heels, black fedora style wool hat

Happy Monday guys!!!
Hope you had a lovely weekend! 
I got package in the mail the other day. It's an order from a site called that they were kind enough to sent me for a review! It's a women's fashion mall that sells latest style clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, lingerie... and much more for affordable prices. I actually chose few products that I liked and thought they would be a great paring ;)

First thing's first I got a hat, surprise right! I think you never saw me wearing a hat ;) I was so inspired with all the recent festival looks that I just wanted one of my own. It's black fedora style hat made of wool blend. It also comes in dark brown, but for me black is always a first choice. If you wanna check it out here is a link for you - BLACK WOOL HAT. It fits my head and it's such a great quality and I love how it goes with this whole look, even my hubby likes it on me, so I'll probably gonna be styling it a lot on my blog ;)
The second thing I got is this black faux leather fringed skirt that I'm in love with. I was bit afraid for the sizing, I'm a size XS and luckly Asian size S fits me perfectly. It has a zipper in the back so it's easy to get in and out of it ;) The tassels are my fave part about it they make it so much more fun and different and we are seeing fringes everywhere lately. If you like the skirt you can check it out here - BLACK FRINGED SKIRT
Last but not least thing that I got is this white t-shirt with a fun Don't worry Be yonce print!!! I can already tell that this is going to be my go-to tee, so easy to trow on and style totally casual or dress it up and make it bit chic! I wanted it to be a bit loose on me, so I was thinking of getting it in a size large or medium but I played it safe and got it in a size S and it actually fits me bit loose so I'm happy with my choice. It's such a trendy piece and it was only $2,87 - talking about affordable right!? You can find it on this link - DON'T WORRY BE YONCE T-SHIRT

Hope you like this little review and that you'll check them out cause you never know what you might find for yourself. Maybe you'll end up like me with a few things in your shopping cart ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trend | Adidas Originals Superstar "Supercolor"

trend, adidas originals superstar, adidas superstar supercolor, pharrell x adidas collection, pharrell williams

Hey guys!
It's time for a little weekend trend talk ;) I don't know about you but I'm seeing this lovely colorful trend everywhere. These Adidas Superstar "Supercolor" collection are all the rage now!!! It's Pharrell Williams X Adidas Originals "Supercolor" collection. They are calling them 50 shades of Pharrell ;) cause there are nearly fifty different monochromatic colors of these sneakers. I bet everyone can find a shade that their like!!! If you are into bold bright colors or pastel colors for spring and summer you'll find the one you love in this collection ;) Personally I love them even though I'm not a huge sneakers kinda girl, but I still haven't decided what color is my favorite! They are bit pricey but that's expected, so I ain't gonna be buying them any time soon ;)
What do you guys say, do you like this collection!? Do you see yourself wearing them!?

Friday, May 8, 2015

Wedding bells

review, wedding dresses,, cheap wedding dresses from australia

Happy Friday people!
Today I wanna talk wedding dresses ;) As you already know I'm married but like every women I can't never get enough of beautiful dresses :) I would do it all over again just for the excitement!!!
I present you site Be formal - top suppliers of bridal wear and special occasion dresses. They have more than 10 million products including cheap wedding dresses, evening gowns, formal dresses, party dresses, prom dresses... These wedding dresses from Australia are all customized to suit your body. I have chosen couple of them to show you, but you can find beach wedding dresses, mermaid, plus size, princess, a line, vintage wedding dresses.. and more just by clicking this link - cheap wedding dresses from AustraliaTheir designers can customize dresses with bead works and embroidery works, fine detailing... I know how every detail is important cause we all wanna feel princess like on that day. So you just need to imagine your perfect dress, no matter if it is short, long, ball gown, mermaid, with or without lace or appliques, with v-neck or sweetheart neckline...
I know me the bigger the choice the less I know what I want. When I see so many lovely dresses it's hard to pick one ;) 
Tell me guys, for those who are married what was your dream dress like and for those brides to be which one would you choose!!!? 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Outfit | Crop top and joggers

outfit, pineapple print top and high waist shorts, black jogger pants, mint converse sneakers, crop top and pants

Hi you lovely people :)
I don't know what's going on with blogger, but I'm having so much trouble uploading photos, they loose quality and look like I took them with VGA mobile camera, I mean seriously is it just me or what's going on!!!? So long story short I had to resize them all on my laptop first and then upload them to blogger to their original size and I still think they lose some quality. Omg I really need to fix this problem, it's like a bought a new camera for nothing!!! I'm bit upset right now :(
On to my look of the day - loving crop tops and styling them almost daily ;) This time my pineapple crop top from Tally Weijl is pared with these black jogger pants from Terranova. Cause of the green details on the top I wore my mint green Converse.
Hope you like this sporty casual look and if you are having some issues on blogger too please do tell me!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Outfit | Off the shoulders

outfit, off the shoulder top, h&m high waist jeggings, lace up sandals heels, diy fringe bag, DIY lace sandals, tropical print ruffled crop top and shorts

Happy Monday!
Loving the off the shoulders trend that is so actual right now. It was so in for festival looks, especially in white color. I have this off shoulder top that I got from with the matching shorts. I styled it with these high waist H&M jeggings in tan color, I thought it would go well together cause the top has some orangy tan details as well. My DIY fringe bag you already saw in my previous post, but if you wanna see how I made it I'll link it HERE. I was so inspired lately with DIYs I even diy-ed these sandals making them lace up sandals, he he. 
Hope you like this look, and find it inspirational in some way!
Have a great week!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beauty | Orange nails

beauty, diy nails, gel nails, nail design, nail art, orange nails with rhinestones, spring nails

As you can see my nails are done!!! ;) This time it's all about bright spring colors, and what's better than orange right!? I had this little chicken that I got for Easter and I just had to incorporate him in this post, we are so matchy matchy!!! I did added some rhinestones as well just for details. Changed the shape again they were to long so I cut them but I couldn't be bothered making them stiletto shape, I just didn't have time it was so so late at night. Next time I'll do them early I might be more inspired ;)
What is your go to spring nail color?!

Talk to you on Monday...

Friday, May 1, 2015

Outfit | Minimal

outfit, statement necklace, statement necklace with white tee,, black mini skirt, deichmann white sneakers, white converse, silver coins bib necklace

Happy Friday!
It was hot spring day, and perfect time to spend time in town, walking, window shopping, having a coffee break with a hubby... just enjoying the sunshine. So I had to be comfy cause if not I get all stressed out and just wanna go home, that means flats all the way or in this case sneakers ;) As I mentioned in one of my previous posts HERE this statement necklace is a fave and I'm gonna be styling it a lot, as you can see. Another staple piece in my wardrobe is definitely basic white tee especially on a hot day. Whole look ended up being black and white, surprise surprise ;) 
What's yours fave thing to do on a lovely hot spring day!?
Have a great weekend!!!