blue denim shorts calliope brown oversize sweater OUTFIT over the knee boots rain boots

Outfit | Rainy summer days

Hey loves happy Monday! Here in my country we are having such a gloomy and rainy beginning of the summer 🙁 I was looking forward to the warm summer days and now it’s just rainy and boring! We were running some errands during weekend so my outfit was weather appropriate 😉 My favorite rain boots were a must have cause …

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BEAUTY diy nails elmers glue nail hacks nails oil spray for drying nail polish ombre nails tin foil for nails

Beauty | 3 nail hacks you need to know

Yay for the weekend!!! I have a little weekend beauty talk for you guys!!! It’s gonna be all about the nails!!! I’m doing my nails every week since I have them natural again so I have 3 nail hacks for you guys that you need to know and that will make your life easier I promise 😉 1. No more …

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BEAUTY diy nails manicure nail art nail design nails nails with flowers natural nails yellow nails

Beauty | Yellow nails with flowers

Happy Friday guys! Here I am with my updated nails 😉 Maybe I’ll make this a regular Friday nails post 😉 since I have them natural I do my manicure weekly! I just don’t like my nails to be bare. This time I opted for yellow with some polka dots and yellow flowers. I just wanted something bright, fun and …

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acid wash ripped jeans celine inspired knockoff beige boston tote bag neutrals nude color body suit OUTFIT sandals with rhinestones white embroidered lace crochet top/shirt/vest

Outfit | Neutrals

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you did enjoy your weekend! I’m so happy that the summer is officially here. It’s my favorite time of the year. I just love warm weather and long days. I feel like I have more energy in summer and with more energy more inspiration comes. I’m just one of those people who love to create and …

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burgundy pencil skirt don't worry be yonce t-shirt marsala vine red pencil skirt OUTFIT styling white converse sneakers

Outfit | Vine red

Happy happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!! First of all I wanna say thank you for your lovely comments on my last post where I showed you my little sketch. I’m always super nervous when I’m showing my art work, I don’t know why :/ I’m glad you like it and hopefully I’ll continue to work on my …

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