Monday, June 29, 2015

Outfit | Rainy summer days

outfit, over the knee boots, rain boots, calliope brown oversize sweater, blue denim shorts

Hey loves happy Monday!
Here in my country we are having such a gloomy and rainy beginning of the summer :( I was looking forward to the warm summer days and now it's just rainy and boring! We were running some errands during weekend so my outfit was weather appropriate ;) My favorite rain boots were a must have cause the last time I went out in a rain wearing my sneakers I ruined them and had to trow them away. I learned my lesson ;) It was actually not that cold so I did opted for some denim shorts!
Have a wonderful week guys!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Beauty | 3 nail hacks you need to know


Yay for the weekend!!!
I have a little weekend beauty talk for you guys!!! It's gonna be all about the nails!!! I'm doing my nails every week since I have them natural again so I have 3 nail hacks for you guys that you need to know and that will make your life easier I promise ;)

1. No more mess when painting your nails
All you need is a Elmer's glue (or any washable school glue). You apply it around you nails without touching the actual nail then apply nail polish of your choice and remove the glue with your tweezers. This is great for those who are messy when applying nail polish especially red, black or any dark shade. Also it works awesome when you are doing ombre effect on your nails or nail stamping, and we all know how messy that can get!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Beauty | Yellow nails with flowers

beauty, nails, diy nails, nail design, nail art, manicure, yellow nails, nails with flowers, natural nails

Happy Friday guys!
Here I am with my updated nails ;) Maybe I'll make this a regular Friday nails post ;) since I have them natural I do my manicure weekly! I just don't like my nails to be bare. This time I opted for yellow with some polka dots and yellow flowers. I just wanted something bright, fun and summery!!! It's also really easy to do, all you only need is a same tool for the dots and flowers, that can be a tooth pick or a pointy side of a bobby pin if you don't have nail dotting tool. 
Hope you find it inspirational and try something similar with maybe some other colors or less or more details!
Have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Outfit | Sun kissed

outfit, baggy printed pants, grey denim jacket, black crop top, black flats

Beautiful sunny day always makes me smile!
It was a perfect day for a stroll with my hubby. I wore something comfortable of course ;) you know me, casual is the way to go! These baggy pants are high waisted and perfect to par with a crop top, I have already so many crop tops and still planning to get even more ;) they are just so cute with anything high waisted. We also got some new lenses for our camera so this was a perfect day to try them on.
Hope you like this quick post and this casual look.
Talk to you on Friday!!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Outfit | Neutrals

outfit, neutrals, nude color body suit, acid wash ripped jeans, sandals with rhinestones, white embroidered lace crochet top/shirt/vest, celine inspired knockoff beige boston tote bag

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you did enjoy your weekend!
I'm so happy that the summer is officially here. It's my favorite time of the year. I just love warm weather and long days. I feel like I have more energy in summer and with more energy more inspiration comes. I'm just one of those people who love to create and enjoy sunshine.
My whole look was light colors and neutrals. I rarely do wear neutrals, but I recently got this nude color body suit along with the black one of course, and it was my inspiration for the look today. All of these pieces you probably already saw me wearing, and most of the pieces are bought on my vacations. I don't know why but I feel like some of my favorite wardrobe pieces I bought on my vacations ;) The vest, the jeans, the bag are all from different stores in Europe!
Hope you like this light nudes and neutrals combo.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sketch | Inspired by...

drawings, girl sketch drawing, painting, sketch, inspiration, karissa marie

... Karissa Marie
Lovely bloggers and fashionistas continue to inspire me ;)
I already told you I'm on a roll and that you can be the next one that inspires me! This time I did a drawing of Karissa, cute and stylish blogger with such a bubbly personality. I just loved clean lines and simplicity of this look with a pop of color on her lips, that's I would say her signature go-to make up look. I will leave a link to here blog if you wanna go ahead and check her out here -
Hope you liked this little sketch once again ;)
Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Beauty | White nails with polka dots

beauty, nails, diy nails, nail design, nail art, white nails. nails with polka dots, notd, natural nails

Hey guys happy Friday!
Are you exited about the weekend!?
Now that i'm rocking again my natural nails I have to redo them every week. When I was having gel nails I did them once a month for two years I think. So I have to get use to this routine now if I want them to look decent ;) This time they are white and fresh, with some polka dots just for fun, I just can't seem to have them all in one color :) You don't need any specific tools for these dots, you can use a toothpick or a pointy side of a bobby pin, pretty easy. And don't forget to always try and use base and top coat if you want your manicure to last longer!!!
Hope I gave you some inspiration for DIY nails!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Outfit | Printed dress

outfit, printed dress, spring floral dress, gladiator sandals, ootd

Hey guys! How's going ;)
You know when you are really really trying or wanting something and it just doesn't work out or it's just not going your way and you give up... the moment you give up it happens, I mean how does the universe work!!! If you are forcing it's just not happening and when you are completely like relaxed and let it be, everything works out. Well I do believe in this theory cause things are starting to change and I'm hoping they will continue to change for the better.
Now after my deep thoughts :) we move on to my outfit of the day. This printed colorful dress is actually one of my fave wardrobe pieces, the colors the print the style of it it's just me. I pared it with these gladiator sandals that I got last year on my vacation. Simple and casual...
Talk to you on Friday!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Outfit | Vine red

outfit, marsala vine red pencil skirt, burgundy pencil skirt, don't worry be yonce t-shirt, styling white converse sneakers

Happy happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!
First of all I wanna say thank you for your lovely comments on my last post where I showed you my little sketch. I'm always super nervous when I'm showing my art work, I don't know why :/ I'm glad you like it and hopefully I'll continue to work on my sketches.
On to the outfit of the day, I played with red and white instead of my usual black and white combo ;) All of the things I'm wearing you already saw on the blog but in different combinations. I'm always for a sporty chic look, it's just much more comfortable for me since I do walk a lot, when I say a lot I do mean a lot (10 km per day). So it's really challenging for me to be all put together and comfy and not looking like a hiker, ha ha ha. If you wanna see how I styled already the t-shirt I'm wearing you can find it here - outfit | dont worry be yonce or the pencil skirt right here - outfit | crop top in winter.
Have a fab week you guys!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sketch | Inspired by...

art, drawings, girl sketch drawing, painting, sketch, inspiration

... Ms Treinta
Hey guys!!! Hope you had a lovely week! And YaY for the weekend ;)
I decided to try and do more sketches now that I'm still inspired ;) I wanna try and sketch my fellow bloggers that I follow for such a long time. So don't be surprised if I do a sketch of one of you that follow me and read my blog :) This time I did one of a lovely Alba from a blog I can just say that when I see a photo that I really like or it might be just some detail that caught my eye, I just have to capture it with my own hand. I don't know how else to explain to you why is that person or that moment on a sketch, I just see some movement, color or a detail that inspires me in a moment. I hope I do make sense ;) 
Well I hope you like this little drawing and stay tuned for more cause I'm on a roll!!! He he

Friday, June 12, 2015

Beauty | Classic red nails

beauty, diy nails, gold sparkly nails, nail art, nail design, nails, natural nails, red nails, short nails, sparkly nails, seche vite top coat, seche clear base coat

Happy Friday guys!
As you already know I had my gel nails for almost two years now and the last time I did my nails I took them off. Yap back to my natural nails!!! I just felt I needed a break and that I need to let my natural nails breath and recover, cause they are now quite thin and fragile. I was not going to leave them bare, some nail polish want do them much harm, it will actually protect them from braking fast. We'll see how long I'll be able to have them natural ;) So I opted for a classic red nail polish with bit of gold sparkles on every other nail. I do recommend using good base coat first that two layers of a polish of your choice and finishing off with a good top coat as well, if you wanna your manicure to last longer without chipping. I used Seche Vite dry fast top coat and Seche Clear cristal clear base coat. I do highly recommend these two!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Outfit | Something blue

outfit, denim dungarees, denim romper, tally weijl blue top, white and blue lace up sandals, aviator sunglasses

Hey guys! How are you!?
Welcome back to my blog ;) Here I am trying to inspire you like usual with my posts when I'm the one who is lacking inspiration lately. I just feel like I'm on repeater and that I'm not being innovative and fresh, but what can I say I'm just being me. I'm not all glam all the time, not your typical fancy and chic blogger, just a girl next door trying to connect with other girls like me out there ;)
Well that being sad we can get to the ootd. I'm loving that dungarees trend is back so I can rock my fave denim one. I didn't mean to go all blue on you ;) it just kinda happened. Blue blouse from Tally Weijl and white and blue lace up sandals that I bought on a vacation in Spain were just a right match that day. Hope you like this casual Wednesday look.
Talk to you on Friday! xo

Monday, June 8, 2015

Outfit | Mirrored

outfit, review, sponsored, white chiffon off the shoulder top, floral skorts, blue mirrored cat eye sunglasses, pink sparkly clutch, platform clear white straps sandals

Hey guys! Happy Monday!
Starting fresh this week with some new products that came in mail recently. I ordered few lovely things from site called and they were kind enough to send them to me for a review. It's a site where you can find women's, men's and kids clothes along with accessories, bags and even stuff for your home.
First thing's first, these sunglasses!!! I wanted those cat eye shaped sunglasses for a while now, and when I saw these I was hooked ;) beside being cut eye style they have these blue mirrored lenses and cute gold details. I think they will make any look more interesting. If you do wanna check them out I have the link for you retro style sunglasses they come in black, gold and leopard print as well. Maybe I'll order them in another color as well :)
Then this white chiffon off shoulder top!!! You know I was wearing lately so many off the shoulder shirts following the trend that I really love. It's so light weight, loose and easy to par with I think anything and everything, a skirt, shorts, pants, you name it. It's see through, but it's double layered in a bust area so you're safe ;) I ordered it in size Asian  S, and I'm usually us XS, and it fits great. You can find it here lotus sleeve chiffon shirt. It comes in black as well.
Than these floral skorts!!! Yes I jump the skorts wagon as well. I have been seeing them all over the blogosphere. These are so colorful and fun, although I must say the print doesn't look exactly like the photo on the site and the front over lapping part is bit shorter. I don't really mind that those details don't match cause the size fits me perfectly. I'm gonna leave you the link to it so you can see for yourself floral skorts
And last but not least is this pink sparkly clutch. I do love wearing clutches, in winter furry ones and in spring/summer sparkly or colorful ones. the inside of the clutch is actually in leopard print, that's  a cute detail. It's small enough to fit my wallet, phone and new shades ;) It also comes in silver, black and gold. You can find it here sparkle clutch purse.
I do recommend you guys to check this site out, they ship worldwide and they are really cheap, I mean all these products that I ordered were around $20 with shipping for my country, you can't beat that, right!!!?
Have a blessed week! 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Outfit | Pointy flats

outfit, leopard print clutch bag, terranova boyfriend jeans, red striped top, red pointy flats, zara shoes, zara flats

Yay for the weekend!!!
Hope you had a fab week! We were talking about vacation, where to go, planning, deciding... still haven't figured it out ;) What are your vacation plans guys!? Any suggestions, ha ha. I live in Europe so our close options are Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria... but we'll see. Maybe we'll end up not going anywhere do to all the problems at my hubbies work :/
So onto the ootd, usual casual weekend, pointy flats and boyfriend jeans. I always loved red and leopard print combo so here I am. It's much more fun with colors and prints right!?
Have a lovely weekend! xo

Friday, June 5, 2015

Ericdress | Cheap special occasion dresses


Hello lovely readers!
Today we talk dresses, and not any dresses but those special occasion dresses that we all love so much. We all love to dress up and shine at least that one evening, weather is a homecoming, prom, wedding, or maybe some red carper occasion ;) That's way I present you site, they have a wide range of cheap homecoming dresses, cheap special occasion dresses, plus size homecoming dresses, plus size special occasion dresses...and much more. I did browse through their site and found so many that I like, but I'm gonna show you just a few and let you with all the links so you can check them out on your own. For cheap special occasion dresses HERE I made a few examples how would I style them. All the dresses, shoes and bags on photos are from the site. I'll even leave you the link to their adorable clutches and bags HERE
For my homecoming princesses I made couple of combination including short version of homecoming dresses, they are just more adorable and more appropriate for them, in my opinion. Here is the link to them HERE
Hope you like these darling dresses and that you will check them out, you never know which one is the one for you!!!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Outfit | Sporty with fringes

outfit, black faux leather fringed skirt, terranova black on/off print crop top, nike free run black and pink, choker necklace, gold necklace

Hello loves!
Finally feeling relaxed and well rested, these few days were tense. So when relaxed I wear something casual and comfy, that means sneakers. I didn't had my morning smoothies for few days now, I just didn't have time for them, so I can feel how my energy level went down to zero ;) I need to get back on track if I wanna have some work done!!! 
I was trying not to look like I went for a run :) so I wore my lovely fringed skirt that you can see me wearing in this post also - outfit | dont worry be yonce. My go-to tops lately are crop tops so this one from Terranova is no exception.
Hope you liked this sporty casual look.
Talk to you on Friday.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Outfit | Wedding guest

outfit, purple blazer, floral print dress, sandals with rhinestones, gold clutch, gold layered necklace

Happy Monday!!!
I'm writing this post really late. Just got back from the Sunday wedding party, I'm pretty tired, and I didn't even danced ;)  I just had a headache the whole day, it's probably just me and my period days (sorry for the TMI) Anyway we had a great time, the weather was amazing, the atmosphere, the music... just right. Like I sad I didn't dance not because I don't like dancing just the opposite I love it. But this little genius decides a day before the wedding to wear a new par of flats and go for a walk. I don't know how I even got back home, my feet were aching and I got like a million blisters. And now with my feet like that I was supposed to wear these beautiful new heels whole day = mission impossible ;) But I did manage to suck it up, at the end it was my own fault. 
My look was simple and elegant, floral print dress, sandals with some lovely colorful rhinestones and gold accessories. I did curl my hair for a change :)
Have a wonderful week guys.