Monday, August 31, 2015

Outfit | Matching in floral

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Hey you! Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend! Today I wanna present to you online store that is one of the leading online stores with the latest style and high quality clothes. They have established trust with thousands of customers from all over the world. They offer a wide range of women clothes (dresses, lingerie, tops, bottoms, swimwear...) and accessories as well. Kindly enough they sent me few pieces of my choice for a review. First piece well actually a two piece that I picked up is this floral matching set ! I just love everything about it, it's floral off shoulder light material top with a matching shorts, that can be worn together or separately. I just love versatile pieces like this one. I'm a size us XS and I ordered it in a size asian S and it fits me perfectly. You'll probably see me wearing it a lot with other pieces from my wardrobe ;) I did ordered two more things from them but I'll style them in my next post.
Do tell me what you think about matching sets, are you into this trend?! Feel free to check this site out cause you never know what lovely affordable pieces you might find there!!! ;)

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Have a fabulous week!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beauty | Nude nails with Aztec accent

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Hey guys!!! Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far!
It's time for my little nail update this week! I went back to nude nail polish, it's easier to style and honestly I love how this color looks on my hands ;) But I did added an accent on my ring finger, it's bit Aztec print inspired, and I wanted a pop of color. It's so easy to do, you only need some tape if you want your lines to be perfect and a dotting tool or a toothpick for the dots, simple right?!
Hope you find it inspirational! Wishing you a super relaxed weekend ;)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Banggood | GIVEAWAY (closed)

Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well!!! Surprise, surprise I'm doing a little giveaway on my blog today!!! Yay! I partnered with site that is hosting a giveaway !!! 
They believe in providing not only the best products but also the best support and service to their customers. Their motto is best bang for your back with exclusive deals and offers without minimum order quantity. They offer a wide range of products including clothing, beauty, jewelry, watches, electronics and more. Why they claim to have a best bang for your back, cause if you see the same product else where you can contact them to see if they can beat the price. Also if they make their prices cheaper whitin 3 days of your purchase they will refund the difference, you just need to contact them. I think that's a pretty good deal. And with all that they ship worldwide!!! This time they are having a giveaway only for their women tops - HERE

You just need to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway link down below:
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leave a link of the product in a comments section below and an e-mail so we can contact you!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Outfit | Sporty with leopard print

outfit, leopard print pants, black converse, alice t-shirt, black studded backpack

Happy Monday!!!
Hope you had a great weekend! It was a relaxing one for us. Spent whole Saturday with my mum since she is on a vacation and Sunday with my hubby. Went for a walk, did some shopping and chill the rest of the weekend ;) So my outfit was chill as well. I found these leopard pants at Terranova, and I immediately had couple of outfits planed in my mind! This time I kept it sporty and casual with sneakers and a new black studded backpack, but I'm planning to dress them up as well. I was looking for a new backpack for a while now, it's easier for me to carry all my stuff in there cause my bag can get so heavy sometimes. Do you guys still like to wear backpacks, I feel like they are quite trendy right now?!
Hope you find it inspirational. Have a fabulous week!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Outfit | Anniversary date


Happy Friday guys!!! Yes it's finally here ;)
As I promised here is a post about what I wore on our third wedding anniversary on Monday! The weather was nice up until we had to leave, than it started to rain and continued through the evening ;/ well that didn't stop me from wearing heels ;) Actually we kept it kinda casual, since it was Monday, we both came tired from work and didn't have much time for a special pampering, he he. Went to our fave Mexican place that opened up near us. Mexican food is one of my faves, I like it spicy and hot!!! Anyway we had a great time, like always, our anniversaries always end up with lots of food and lots of love, lol!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Outfit | Hint of fringe

outfit, nude heels shoes pumps, zara heels pumps, zara pointed heels, nude pointed pumps, distressed high waisted denim jeans, white t-shirt, black statement earrings with tassels

Hey guys! How's the week so far?!
I forgot to mention it in my previous post but it was our 3rd wedding anniversary on Monday! I just can't believe how the time flies. I mean three years of marriage already ;) Well we kept the tradition of going out for a dinner. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant called "Zapata". It was my first time eating there since I became vegetarian. It was bit challenging since I did have my favorite dish there but I tried something new and I loved it!!! I will be posting photos of everything that day so don't you worry ;)
This outfit I wore the other day just before all the rain. It was a perfect time to take my new Zara nude heels for a walk! These shoes are actually my first par of nude pumps, I don't know why I didn't get them sooner, they are so flattering and chic. Well I did rock them bit casually with a simple white tee and distressed denim but there will be chance to dressed them up as well. I forgot to mention that they were bought on sale naturally :) for $20, for Zara shoes I think it's a great deal.
Hope you like this combo! And stay tuned for some anniversary shots! And I bet I made you look for a fringe in the outfit, he he!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Outfit | White dungarees

Hello lovely readers! Happy Monday! Wishing you great start of the week!
We are enjoying summer days in my hometown. It has been so hot it felt like being on a vacation. Talking about a vacation, this year we won't be going anywhere :( do to my new job, I'm not allowed to take a vacation so quickly. So we gonna spend the whole summer in the city, not so happy about that but we'll try and make the most of it :/ Maybe we'll try and go on a weekend getaway somewhere!!!
On to the outfit, recently I went for a little shopping, bought something for my hubby ;) and bought some pieces for me too. These white denim dungarees I found on sale in New Yorker, they were in black and in white, I tried then both and it took me like 15 minutes to decide which one to buy. I really wanted them both but I managed to convince myself it would be bit to much. Do you have those problems as well, wanting to buy two same pieces but in different colors?! ;) I'm still thinking about the black ones though, he he. The other piece I bought is this striped cropped sweater. I found it in Pull & Bear on sale also, and it was a perfect oversize cropped piece. Already in store I had this two pieces styled in my mind and I think they are a great match. Just added my black slip ons and my casual comfy look was complete. What do you think about this paring!? And did I made a good choice buying them in white not in black?! ;)
Talk to you soon!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Beauty | Blue and silver nails

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Happy Sunday guys!
Hope you had a wonderful week!
It's my weekly nails update. I really enjoy changing them weekly, I get tired of one color really quickly ;) This time I was inspired by the cold tones like this cobalt blue in a combination with silver. I didn't wanted to do some complicated design, just added some silver dots at the root of each nail. I know many of you don't have time nor patience to paint some complicated designs so I wanted to make your life easier ;) you can make this design with a any other color combos!
Hope I gave you some inspiration!
Talk to you on Monday!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Beauty trend | Lip plumper tool/Lip enhancer

#beauty, beauty, lip plumper tool, lip enhancer, how to get bigger lips, beauty hacks, beauty tips

Hey loves! Happy Friday!!!
Ok I just need to talk about this trend right now!!! Everyone is trying to get those full Kylie Jenner lips!!! It's such a huge trend right now, so naturally there are so many ways out there to actually do that! I found this form of plumping your lips that's among most popular ones, all the youtubers have tested it. You can go to youtube and check out how it works for yourself. I just find it really interesting how people think of these things. It looks so silly ;) but I guess it works. I suppose the only thing you need to do is to suck the plumper for a while, start with less that do it longer, and do not do it hard so you don't make a bruise. That's it, it should last up to couple of hours, so if you have an event or something where you wanna look extra sexy maybe this is a tool for you. And now thinking about it, it looks really easy to DIY it and make one of your own, hm :) I'm gonna get back to you about that.
I'm really curious guys have you heard or tried any of these lip plumpers/enhancers for yourself!!? Or would you try it!?? Tel me in the comments below.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Outfit | White graphic tee

outfit,, white t-shirt, printed t-shirt, black mini skirt, black slip ons, sponsored

Hey guys!
Here I'm as I promised showing you my second choice from In a last post I talked about my new favorite distressed jeans that I got from them, you can check it right HERE. This time it all about this casual white graphic t-shirt. I just love casual pieces like this that I can wear on a everyday basis, and that I can par with literally anything. This time I wore it with black mini skirt but it would fit perfectly with some denim jeans too. I ordered it in a size S and it's bit oversize on me but I'm loving the loose fit t-shirts anyway ;) So if you are into casual cool pieces like this one feel free to check it out here - white graphic tee

Monday, August 10, 2015

Outfit | Super distressed jeans

outfit, distressed high waisted denim jeans, ripped jeans, black crop top, black lace up sandals flats, styling crop top and jeans

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We actually spent time with the family, celebrated my big brother's b-day on Sunday, well it's actually on Monday but they are planning a trip so we got together bit earlier ;) It was fun like always when all the nieces and nephews get together!
Few days ago a package from a site came to me for a review. They offer latest style clothing for women including bags, accessories, lingerie and more. I got two things from them so I'll do two separate posts about each item. First piece I wanna talk about are these super distressed jeans. When I saw these jeans I had to get them, I know they have big holes and that they are super ripped and distressed but that's just what I wanted to rock on these hot summer days. They are actually high waisted, so if I add a belt I can wear them on my waist or like today on my hips showing my midriff ;) I'm loving that this trend is back again, sometimes I like showing a little bit of stomach. Pared them with crop top and lace up sandals for that casual feel. 
What do you guys think of jeans like this!? Feel free to check their site out for more cheap and cool pieces like this!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beauty | Orange nails with hearts

#beauty, #beauty, nails, diy nails, nail art, nail design, natural nails, orange nails, nails with hearts

Hey loves!
It's time for a weekly nails update ;) This time the color is in your face bright and loud - orange!!! I'm not really a big fan of orange when it comes to clothes but on my nails for summer it's a perfect choice. I did added little hearts design on one of the fingers, and half way through I couldn't be bothered to do it on my other hand as well, he he, lazy bum. Hope the color inspires you to try something fun and bold on your nails too!
Have a fabulous weekend!!! xo

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Outfit | Ballerina vibes

outfit, tally weijl leopard print skirt, black bodysuit, gladiator sandals, layered gold necklaces, aviator sunglasses

Hey you! How's going?! ;)
It's been a busy week so far, I can't believe I'm gonna say this but I can't wait for Friday to come. I was never one of those who live for the weekend but I guess things are changing ;) 
We went for a little walk with my mum and my younger niece. Walk by the river is always so relaxing for me. So my outfit was relaxed and casual. I wore a black bodysuit with an easy breezy leopard print skirt. I reminded myself of a ballerina with this look and with my hair pulled back! Also the weather broadcast sad it's gonna be another heat wave, so I hope I'll survive this week ;) he he.
Talk to you soon...

Monday, August 3, 2015

Outfit | Got munchies?

outfit, sponsored, doughnut print t-shirt, got munchies t-shirt, blue denim shorts, black lace up sandals flats, white gemstone statement earrings,

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend! We spent most of the weekend with my family. We visited my mom at work cause she needed our help with something so we took advantage and took some photos at her work place. Also the other day I received a package in the mail that was kindly sent to me for a review by the site called They are independent UK streetwear brand with firm roots in electronic dance music scene and with a strong focus on original design, premium quality and attention to detail. They invested in art of digital printing which led to some fabulous colorful designs. I chose this t-shirt with a doughnut print and "got munchies?" text on it. It looks so fun and interesting and it's so easy to wear and style. It fits my casual everyday style just right. When my little 5 year old niece saw it she sad to her younger sister : "Look Marija ate a piece of a doughnut" and the little one sad "... and she left some crumbs" ha ha ha, how adorable!!! I really like their message Dream but do not sleep, I'm always supporting the ones who are brave enough to chase for their dreams, but that also means that you have to work hard, right?! If you wanna check this t-shirt out I'll leave you the link - got-munchies-t-shirt
So if you are into streetwear t-shirts and sweatshirts with interesting prints you should definitely check them out, you just might find a cool piece for yourself or someone special ;)
Have a fab week!!! xo

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beauty | Pastel pink and green nails

beauty, #beauty, nails, diy nails, natural nails, pastel nail polish, pastel pink nails, mint green nail polish

Hey guys! Happy august!!!
It's time for my nails!!! I haven't done them for a week now. I had to cut them short cause I broke one on my job, and I hate painting them when they are really short :/ But I tried to make it work, cause I just hate even more having them naked!!! This time I played with pastel nail polishes in pink and green (well it's kinda mint color). I love alternating colors between nails and even added one stripy one on each hand just for fun. Now they are so summery and bright just like I love!!! It makes me smile when I look at them, so I guess that's a plus.
Hope you find them inspirational!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!