Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Outfit | Street style

Hi guys!!! How's going?!
This outfit was the one I wore on a casual birthday party. I was absolutely relaxed and finally feeling better after the cold I had last week. I think I was still bit pale, even on the photos you can tell I was little bit tired :/ but we had a great time!!! Oh and yes, there was a little "accident" on a birthday party. I don't know if you all know but I'm a vegetarian almost a year now, and in a restaurant there was lot of food, and I asked which food I can it and which not, like I always do. My friend was the one that brought all the food and by mistake told me that one dish was meatless, by accident of course, and I ate it :( I did realize but it was to late. Oh well it was an honest mistake, I guess it happens :) 
On to the ootd I was definitely on repeater ;) you already saw me styling these pieces from my wardrobe except these black lace up flats. I bought them the other day, they were regular flats with a little bow in front, but I DIY-ed them a little bit, took the bow off and added laces. Such a simple and easy way to spice up plain shoes.
Hope you like this look and find it inspirational, at least for casual every day look.
Talk to you soon!

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