Friday, October 30, 2015

Beauty | Hairstyle with headband

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Hey guys! Happy Friday!
This time it's something bit different from me, I'm trying out new hairstyles. I'm always rocking my hair in a bun or I just let it loose! I felt inspired by this whole boho trend recently that I wanted to try something fun with my hairstyle. It's really challenging for me styling my hair with hair accessories. So I ordered this GOLD LEAVES HEADBAND from an online store that you can check out right here LOVELYWHOLESALE.COM. I talked all about them in my two previous post. I really wanna try experimenting bit more with my hair, and try changing up my hairstyle once in a while ;) I wanna apologize for my roots that are waiting for me to take care of them, he he. I just didn't have time to refresh my hair, but also I been meaning to change my hair color for fall a little bit. Any suggestions!!!?
Wishing you a fabulous weekend!
Stay inspired...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Outfit | Yoga now, wine later

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Hey you lovely readers, hope you're enjoying your week so far!
I'm bringing you another look this week in cooperation with an online store called LOVELYWHOLESALE.COM. This time is more casual, sporty and relaxed ;) you know for those chill days when you don't wanna be bothered dressing up but still wanna look put together. We all have those days, it's not just me right?! he he. So the star of this outfit is this white YOGA NOW | WINE LATER SWEATSHIRT. Love the fact it's a simple piece that you can just throw on with sweatpants (like me) or jeans and jacket and be out the door. And the cool thing is the statement on it, kinda makes you smile, I know it made me smile! It's made of such soft light weight material and I just love the quality of it. It's true to size if you are wondering, I ordered it in a size S and it fits perfectly. I made the whole look sporty from head to toe with sweatpants and white sneakers the only "chic" thing is my bag ;)
Well I do hope you like my ootd, at least for those running errands days :)
Do check the site out, and tell me what you think, are there some cool pieces for you too!?
Talk to you soon.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Outfit | Suede jacket

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Happy Monday guys!!! How was your weekend!!!?
I recently started cooperation with an online store called is the global online retailer with an affordable items for every lifestyle. Fashion and beauty supplies are available worldwide at unbeatable prices. They have Easy & Safe online shopping with a wide variety of payment options. And there is no minimum order! So I have chosen few items from them. 
This post is gonna be about two things. First piece is this FAUX SUEDE JACKET. I don't know if you remember but I did talked in one of my previous posts about the suede trend that's so popular this fall. Not only suede jackets but vests and skirts too. So I just had to get my hands on at least one suede piece for my wardrobe. I ordered it in a size S and it fits great even with a sweater underneath. I did wore everything else black cause I wanted the jacket to stand out. And the second item are these GRADIENT COLOR SUNGLASSES that go from brown to blue and that in my opinion are a perfect match to this jacket ;) I'm really pleased with the quality and prices of the pieces I got. 
You should totally check them out, they have so many clothing pieces, accessories, jewelry, bags and much more to offer. I bet you can grab a thing or two for yourself ;)

What do you guys think about these trendy pieces I got!? 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Outfit | Denim on denim

Hey you lovely readers. Hope you are having a lovely week so far!
In my last post I talked about the women online clothing store called YOINS.COM and show you what I got from them. This time I styled the other clothing piece I got from them. It's this CHAMBRAY SHIRT that I been meaning to get for a while now. I found one earlier but it's bit oversize on me and it gives completely different vibe. This one fits me perfectly and it's such an easy piece to style, it'll go with so many things that I already own. It's timeless and versatile, two things that I love. I did rock denim on denim this time around with some sporty elements but it could totally be dressed up and look chic! Still in my new sneakers by the way ;) I think they actually go with everything!!!
Hope you like this kind of combo and find it inspirational, if you wanna go and check this site out I have all the links for you. I highly recommend them to you, quality and prices are just what makes them stand out!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Outfit | I woke up like this

Happy happy Monday guys!!!
Hope you are all having great start of the week with the cup of favorite coffee or any other drink ;)
In this blog post I'm gonna share with you site called YOINS.COM. They were kind enough to send me couple of things for a review. Their mission is to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion at an affordable price. They offer women clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. They wanna be an inspiration so you can stand out from the crowd and express who you really are through fashion and style! First piece I've chosen from them is this cool I WOKE UP LIKE THIS black sweatshirt. It's a trendy piece, and I bet you already saw many fashionistas rocking it, but I just had to have it. Love the fact it's an casual shirt but with a cool message. I actually did wore it without any make up or anything just the way I woke up ;) well that's way I'm wearing sunglasses he he. I ordered it in a size S and it absolutely fits true to size, material is soft and light weight. I wore it completely casual with some ripped jeans and my new white sneakers that are inspired by the Adidas originals superstar. 
So if you wanna be unique, fashionable and stand out from the crowd, do check them out!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Dresslink fall wishlist


Hey guys happy Sunday! Are you having a wonderful weekend so far! ;)
For those who read my blog, you already red about the site called dresslink.comIt's an online store that sells women's clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and much more. They have reasonable prices and most importantly they ship worldwide. I did a little spring wish list and now I bring you some of my fall favorites from their site. 

1. First thing's first - black faux leather jacket!!! Well honestly this is not just a fall favorite it's my all time favorite and a wardrobe essential! Everyone needs a statement piece like this, whether is a real or faux leather it's a must have. It absolutely goes with everything and it's perfect for this fall/winter transition. 

2. Another must have is oversize wool coat. I picked this grey and black version, it's warm cozy and will make any fall look chic ;) I already own black and purple wool coat and I think this grey one would complete my collection just right!

3. Oversize knitted sweater in any color. Recently I've been loving oversize pieces, they just make me feel comfortable and can make the look casual or chic depending on the way you accessorize. It's such a versatile piece and will keep you warm under the coat on cold winter days as well.

4. Black knitted sweater dress - it's fall's little black dress ;) I don't need to say much, fitted black dress, big knitted scarf and over the knee boots would be my go to fall look ;)

What do you guys think about these pieces!? What are your fall wardrobe essentials!?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sketch | Inspired by...

... Priscila Diniz
It's been a long time since I did one of these sketches don't you agree? ;) It's time to get back on track. I love drawing and sketching especially my fellow bloggers. So this time I did a little sketch of Priscila from Portugal, such a style icon and never ending fashion inspiration!!! I bet most of you already know her, you probably seen her on Lookbook, but still I'm gonna leave you link to her blog if you wanna check her out here -
Hope you like these little fashion sketches from time to time ;)
Talk to you soon!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Outfit | Je t'aime

outfit, faux fur vest, black grey faux fur vest, black faux leather leggings, striped crop top sweater, blue mirrored aviator sunglasses

Happy Monday guys!
Fall is officially here in my hometown too. It's raining practically every single day. It's getting more difficult to choose what to wear on a daily basis. You know when you get up in the morning and look out the window and all you see is dark cold rainy day, last thing I wanna think about is to be chic ;) Well I did make some effort, only because I found this awesome faux fur vest the other day in C&A. I was looking for one like this for a while now, and I found this one by accident. I saw it in a store in a size 42 (XL) and still went and try it on, it was absolutely huge on me, but on my way back to the racks I saw another one in changing room in a size 36 (S) only one left, so I was so happy and I grabbed it immediately. So as you might noticed this vest was inspiration for the whole look to be in black and grey, well I usually gravitate toward this combo anyway ;) And by the way striped crop top sweater in a recent thrifted piece, such a steal!!!
Hope you like this combo and find it bit inspiring for these rainy fall days!
Talk to you soon...

Friday, October 9, 2015

Beauty | Baby pink nails

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Happy Friday!!! Are you ready for weekend!? I know I'm not ;/ I have some seminar to attend this whole weekend, so no break for me.
Still had time to update my nails. I recently saw this technique of painting nails on Instagram, and I wanted to try it on my short nails. I don't know if you have seen it or know how it's done, but it's so easy and fast I love it and I'll try with some other colors as well. Maybe darker colors would look even better. You just paint your nails with clear base coat and then immediately apply couple random drops of polish of your choice over (I opted for baby pink) not letting base coat to dry. That is why I did one nail at time, base coat - drops of polish!!! And finish everything with top coat. I hope I explained that well! Maybe I should do a video on it, he he. 
Well I do hope you find it interesting or different or just fun!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Outfit | Bg vege

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How are you all lovely friends!? Hope you are having a great week so far!
I had to put that title on this blog post. Most of you don't know what it actually means ;) Well Bg stands for my home town Belgrade and vege is as you might thought for vegetarian/vegan! They held a vegetarian/vegan fest in my hometown on Sunday. Since I'm vegetarian for a year now I wanted to see what they had to offer. Honestly it was not anything special and they didn't offer anything new or something I didn't know about, but I'm glad they are doing something about it in my country too! They are finally rising awareness about the animal rights!
This was the outfit of the day. I went for all white, white jeggings and white t-shirt but still rocking my combat boots for little added edge ;)
Do they organize fests like that in your country and is it worth going!? 
Talk to you soon...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Outfit | Daisy

outfit, black off shoulder top with daisy print, distressed high waisted denim jeans, black combat boots, black crochet vest, dr martens boots

Hey you! Happy Monday!
This weather is such a surprise, fall came but it doesn't feel like it. It's still warm and sunny outside and I just love it ;) I still have a chance to rock some summery pieces from my wardrobe. Like this daisy print off shoulder crop top, I'm crazy about off shoulder pieces, and I'm gonna have to try and figure out how I'm gonna wear them in fall too ;) Made the whole look casual and bit edgy with the distressed denim jeans and combat boots. I love that contrast between girly daisy print and edgy boyfriend jeans. 
What do you guys think about this look!? Maybe you'll find it inspiring ;)