Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Dresslink fall wishlist


Hey guys happy Sunday! Are you having a wonderful weekend so far! ;)
For those who read my blog, you already red about the site called dresslink.comIt's an online store that sells women's clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and much more. They have reasonable prices and most importantly they ship worldwide. I did a little spring wish list and now I bring you some of my fall favorites from their site. 

1. First thing's first - black faux leather jacket!!! Well honestly this is not just a fall favorite it's my all time favorite and a wardrobe essential! Everyone needs a statement piece like this, whether is a real or faux leather it's a must have. It absolutely goes with everything and it's perfect for this fall/winter transition. 

2. Another must have is oversize wool coat. I picked this grey and black version, it's warm cozy and will make any fall look chic ;) I already own black and purple wool coat and I think this grey one would complete my collection just right!

3. Oversize knitted sweater in any color. Recently I've been loving oversize pieces, they just make me feel comfortable and can make the look casual or chic depending on the way you accessorize. It's such a versatile piece and will keep you warm under the coat on cold winter days as well.

4. Black knitted sweater dress - it's fall's little black dress ;) I don't need to say much, fitted black dress, big knitted scarf and over the knee boots would be my go to fall look ;)

What do you guys think about these pieces!? What are your fall wardrobe essentials!?




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