Monday, November 30, 2015

Outfit | Embellished sweater

Hey you lovely readers! Happy Monday!!! Hope you had a great weekend!
It's quite cold in my country right now :( and I'm really not a fan of cold weather! Well I know it can be fan fashion vise cause you can layer your clothes and look chic, but believe me it's so cold that you can't even see all the layers I'm wearing under a big thick buttoned up jacket I have to wear ;) it feels like winter already! I did manage to style this bit chic look on Sunday, it was bit sunny and warmer. I played with details, cause that's what I do when I'm out if inspiration ;) I wore my lace trim skirt under the grey sweater that I recently found in a thrift store for like $3. The beads and the rhinestones on the collar I added myself, I just thought it was bit to plain and I wanted to make it more chic and cute with the embellishment. It's such a great idea to add detail on a collar cause then you don't need any necklaces or accessories, right?! And I did try to style my hair as well, curled it with a wand just for bit of texture and volume, but it didn't last long hence the weather ;/
Oh well hope you like this kind of look for fall and find it inspirational for this holiday season! Talk to you soon...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beauty | Nude nails

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Hey loves! Happy Sunday!
Hope you're all having great weekend so far!
It's time for my nails update! Lets just say I'm back to basics! I've changed the shape of them to rounder more oval shape and gone completely neutral or shall I say nude ;) I got bit tired of the square shape, this one is more gentle on my hand I think. I got this new nail polish from Flormar Supermatte in color M124, so I wanted to test it out. It really dries quickly but it's not as opaque color as I thought it would be, it's more on a sheer side, I would need minimum three coats to make it look like the color in the bottle. And I don't have time to wait for three coats to dry :) So I did two coats and it's still pretty and it looks more natural.
Do you guys have a favorite nude color polish that you would recommend!?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Outfit | Two piece

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Hey you lovely readers! 
I'm bringing you as I promised another blog post about an online store called As you can see this time I'm wearing their grey two piece set that is unfortunately no longer available ;( but I'll link you similar ones in case you do wanna check them out HERE and HERE. I love matching sets they are so easy to wear, you don't have to think much ;) just trow them on together!!! This grey combo is perfect for fall and I'm probably gonna wear this pieces separately with other items on my wardrobe.
Hope you like this little grey combo I got going on here!!!
Stay inspired and I'll talk to you soon...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Outfit | 70's style

outfit, maxi dress, long bohemian maxi dress,, over the knee boots, grey fur vest, 70's style, boho style

Happy Monday guys!
How was your weekend! I must say my weekend was so much fun and it went by so quickly. My two nieces were at our place for the whole weekend, well since Friday night, and my mom came as well. My brother and his wife went for a little weekend getaway so I told them to bring the kids to me. They are so adorable, we took them to so many places to see and play, since the weather was absolutely annoying being cold and rainy, we had to find all the indoor entertainment ;) They loved everything, well they are so young that they find anything and everything interesting.
Onto my outfit for the weekend, I was watching some YouTube video, it was a haul, and the girl talked about the store called and she styled a few pieces that she got from them. I fell in love with two pieces that she got, and I ordered them ASAP ;) First piece is this lovely LONG BOHEMIAN DRESS. I just love the print and the style of it, and boho style is still trendy even in the fall. I did styled it bit 70's inspired, cause it did reminded me of the style that was trendy back then and I'm glad that it's coming back in fashion. Another great thing is that both pieces were on sale for $9.9 with free shipping, how great of a deal is that?!! Now I'm checking them out from time to time to grab some other hot pieces on sale as well!!!
What do you guys say about this 70's inspired look!?
Stay tuned for me styling another piece from them in my next post!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Beauty | White and red nails

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Happy Friday guys!
It's time for easy breezy nail design for this weekend ;) This time it's white and red combo, but like always you can choose any colors of your choice. I chose these two colors just because these are my only fast drying nail polishes, he he, red one dries in 30 sec and white in 60 sec, it really makes my life easier!!! I just alternated the colors and dots between nails and the only tool I used was dotting tool but honestly if you don't have one you can use a toothpick as well. I have another white and red design in one of my previous posts HERE if you wanna check it out as well ;)
Hope you find it inspirational and I'm wishing you a fab weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Outfit | Summer dress for fall

outfit, sponsored,, striped dress, long cardigan, sweater jacket, statement necklace, black combat boots

Hey loves! How is this week treating you so far!? 
Well now onto the fun stuff ;) and what's more fun than shopping!!! I really started to enjoy an online shopping. This post is gonna be again about online store DRESSIN.COM that I already told you about  in my previous post Outfit | white and foxy so this time I'm gonna present you the other item that I got from them. It's this STRIPED BODYCON DRESS. For me stripes are always in and always will be, especially in black and white combo. The material is so thin and light that it is actually a summer dress, but no one sad I can't rock it in fall season as well ;) Just added long thick cardigan over it and some boots and I'm good to go. It is on a shorter side so for me being short is not a problem but you can also wear it as a off shoulder top with jeans or shorts and it's gonna look super cool and sexy as well!
So guys do check them out, you might find some affordable and trendy pieces for yourself as well! They ship worldwide so you don't have to worry about that!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Outfit | White and foxy

outfit, sponsored,, white sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, white sneakers, furry bag charm

Happy Monday loves!!! Hope you're all well!
I had a lovely but busy weekend. We celebrated my hubbies b-day on Sunday, and the whole family and friends came. It was so much fun, like it always is when they are around. Also the other day another package came from an online store that I already talked about in my two previous posts HERE and HERE. The store is called DRESSIN.COM. They are all about latest style and high quality clothes with a wide range of women dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and much more. This time I ordered few pieces as well. I don't know why but lately I'm all about casual sweatshirts, so when I saw this white one I was soled ;) It's this WHITE GRID SWEATSHIRT! Such a great trendy piece to style, love the grid texture of it and zipper details on the shoulders, it's just not your usual sweatshirt. It came in a size M cause they didn't have it in my size S but it still fits great cause of the cropped and loose style. Another thing I got is this fuzzy and cutest thing ever ;) the FURRY BAG CHARM!!! It so so adorable that I had to have it, I chose grey color fur with this little rhinestone fox cause it will go with so many things in my closet but they have it in red, yellow and pink also. I'm thinking of getting it in other color as well, it's just to cute!!!
Well guys do you like my outfit combo!? What do you think about these furry accessories!?
Have a fab week!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Outfit | Fall layers and stripes

outfit, adidas dress, chambray shirt, black faux leather jacket, black ankle studded boots, black opaque tights

Hey you lovely readers!!!
How's the week treating you so far!? In my country it was some holiday yesterday, so many companies were not working but surprise surprise my firm does work so I went to work ;/ Oh well my hubby was working too so no biggie :) Anyhow it was my hubbies b-day on November 10th, he is 35, and we are going to celebrate it on weekend, we don't really have much time during the week for parties!!! I'll probably be sharing some b-day photos with you, if not on blog than on my other social media, so stay tuned.
This was my outfit from the other day. I found this Adidas striped dress by accident, I usually don't look for dresses in a sports store but this one was just so cool. Since it's already bit chilly I did have to layer up with my chambray shirt, tights and faux leather jacket. It was a quick trow on combo but it turned out pretty casual chic I would say :)
Hope you find this look inspiring and also I did change my hairstyle a little bit so stay tuned for that in my next post as well!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Outfit | Always black and grey

outfit, tracksuit, track pants, striped crop top sweater, crop top, black combat boots

Happy Monday guys! Hope you're all doing well!
I always try to make the most of my weekend time. So I did had a busy weekend, spend it with family and my hubby. It's amazing how the time goes by when you're not at work or at school ;) And I'm back to my lovely black and grey combo, it's just my go to combo along with black and white one. This time I made the look bit edgy, well I do feel like every look it's bit edgy when I wear these boots, but I'm still casual rocking track pants with a "matching" crop top
So yeah guys this is me most of the time, just a simple casual girl next door ;)
Talk to you soon, xo...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beauty | Nude and silver ombre nails

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Happy Sunday guys!
Hope you had a great week!
It's time for a little nails update. As you can see I did an ombre technique on them. I combined nude nail polish with a silver polish, and I think it turned out great. I did the nude polish first and when it dried I took a little sponge and painted it with silver polish and dabbed it on the tip of my nails. I think it's pretty simple and it looks pretty cool. Since it's silver it looks different on a different lighting. 
Hope you like this way of painting nails and I dare you to try it for yourself, it's fun and you can choose any color you want!!! Results are always amazing!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Outfit | Chambray and fringes

outfit, chambray shirt, black faux leather fringed skirt, blue denim shorts, over the knee boots, statement necklace, cross body bag

Hey loves! How are you all!?
Few days ago was my youngest nephew's first b-day!!! He is so so adorable, I love all my little ones so much. It was a fun evening, so many kids all over the place ;) but I'm so used to being surrounded with kids all day at work that I don't mind all the noise and running around. 
This was my kind of birthday look, not to dressy not to casual, I think :) Since it was in a restaurant I just thought little bit of dressing up it's ok even though it's kids party, right!? Loving my new chambray shirt, it just matches with so many pieces in my wardrobe, and paring it with this fringe faux leather skirt was a great choice. 
Hope you like this kind of ootd! Wishing you a great rest of the week!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Outfit | Grey coat

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Happy happy Monday guys!
I hope your weekend was fun! You can't imagine how fast my weekend went by ;) Well I did spent it with my family so that's always a good time! Saturday was day with my nieces and my mum, it was really fun, we went shopping, watched Hotel Transylvania 2 in cinema and they loved it, we eat biggest box of pop corns ever, he he. After it there was Halloween party for kids, and there were like 200 children with costumes. So much fun watching all of them presenting their DIY-ed costumes. I didn't try and make a costume for me this year, we don't really celebrate it in my country but I do love to improvise sometimes ;) This time I didn't have time for it. And on Sunday we celebrated my dad's b-day. He made us all dinner and we all gathered in his house, even my little nephews were there. And I "normally" spilled some juice all over the table, floor and my pants and chair ;/ totally my fault I was holding my nephew and wanted to grab my glass and he grabbed it before me. Oh well those thing happen right!? ;)
Now onto my outfit, I couldn't wait to wear my lovely new coat. I was so pleased when I found this one thrifting. I rarely do go thrifting but I guess I was bored. I went in my local thrift store that sells only stuff that are from designers and stores like Zara, H&M, Mango, Pimkie and much more. This coat is actually from Pimkie and it was in my size 36 and it's fits like a glove. Love the color love the style love the length, it's amazing how you find something perfect when you least expect!!!
Well I hope I didn't bored you with my little weekend story ;) and I do hope you like my ootd.
Stay inspired and I'll talk to you soon.