Friday, January 22, 2016

Beauty | Ombre nails

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Hey loves! How are you all!?
I'm doing another beauty related post! Honestly it's so so cold outside that I just don't know how to take photos outside that are representable, cause only thing that you'll be able to see are my eyes, everything else is absolutely covered up ;) !!! And I'm not a big fan of inside photo shoot just because I don't have right tools for that! So I turned to beauty, that I actually really do love as much as fashion. This time my nails are winter inspired, white and blue ombre nails. It's bit messy to do but easy. I couldn't be bothered to add some kind of design, I'm not feeling to well, I think I'm catching a cold ;/ but I'm leaving a link to my blog post where I explained how you can do ombre nails easy and mess free HERE along with some other nail hacks!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Beauty | Mofain hair extensions

Hey guys! Happy Monday!!!
Here I am doing another beauty review for you guys, and it's gonna be all about hair extensions, and not any hair extensions but MOFAIN.COM HAIR EXTENSIONS. is an online store that sells 100% human hair products (hair wefts, hair extensions, wigs, hair tools and accessories...) They aspire to become the best hair products online store by offering high quality products at cheap prices. I was contacted recently by lovely Sherry to do a review of some of their products. I chose their clip in hair extensions from their silk straight collection. The reason I go for clip in extensions instead of any other type is because  they are the easiest for me to use, since my hair is already long I just need them for an extra volume. Well this time I went for ones that are actually longer then my natural hair so I did added length as well as the volume. I chose 24" in a color #8 that you can find HERE. My hair is about 18" long so these are pretty longer but they did blended nicely. The quality is great, and they do feel silky to touch and look so shiny. The only thing I missed is the color, well it was hard to choose from a photo to match perfectly to my hair, so I did dyed them one shade darker to match my color. It turned out amazing. The whole process of dying them, washing and drying them was so easy and they didn't shred what so ever. I'm so pleased with the quality I can't stress it enough. On their site you have all the help you need: size chart, color chart, how to apply, how to care about them,,, everything you need to know. They can also custom color them in any color you need.
So guys if you are searching for hair extensions, hair wefts, wigs or any hair tools you should check MOFAIN.COM and don't worry they ship worldwide!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vacation haul | H&M, Primark

Hay guys! Wishing you a lovely and relaxed weekend!!!
I was thinking whether I should do a haul or not for you, since I haven't bought many things actually. Well I did bought but mostly souvenirs and sweets, which doesn't count ;) but at the end I decided to do it just because I really like the few things I got. I would probably bought more but we didn't have much time to shop, luckly for me ;)
First thing is first, in Dresden I found this gorgeous faux fur jacket in H&M on sale from $80 to $30, what a score, right?! And most importantly they had it in my size as well, yay!!! Love it so much, the colors, the style, everything. I will surely be styling it soon on my blog!
Then also in Dresden but in Primark I found few things, some gifts for my nieces (that I'm not gonna be sharing) then cozy pajamas for me in white and wine combo, totally wintery thick and with little snowflakes. And finally, before we even went on a vacation I promised my hubby I'll get him 3D glasses for his phone if I find them abroad and I did so I made my promise! He was so surprised :)
I hope you like this little haul, I know I like seeing what other people got. I was a good girl this time and didn't go nuts like I usually do.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Vacation | Winter in Dresden

Hey loves! Here I am again with my vacation shots ;)
As I promised I'm sharing photos we took on our next stop - Dresden (Germany). Not even the cold and the snow couldn't ruin the experience we had and the beauty of this town, such a magical place to see! Maybe even more magical covered in snow. We had a lovely walk through town with the guide explaining all the important architectural and historical moments. But I'm quite sure that all the photos say more than words ;) Also we did some damage, he he, I mean some shopping so I might share a little vacation haul with you also, if you wanna see of course.
I leave you to enjoy the photos and the link to my previous vacation post WINTER IN PRAGUE and we'll talk soon...

Monday, January 11, 2016

Vacation | Winter in Prague

Hey loves!!! Happy Monday! Happy New Year!!!
Hope you all had wonderful holidays!!! As you can see I'm back! We went on a little vacation right after New Years. It was such an adventure. We never went on a winter vacation before. I didn't know what to expect actually visiting European town in winter. We went to Prague in Czech Republic, beautiful cold snowy city. I was amazed by its architecture, old part of the town... everything is left just the way it was made years ago, they are trying to keep the old spirit and that really makes it unique. We didn't spend much time there, well not enough to see all its beauty but we saw the main streets and famous buildings and monuments, Cathedral, Charles bridge, all with the guide of course ;) It was quite cold but we knew it would be so we were all bundled up! When I say we I mean my mum my hubby and I. The only inconvenience we had it was on the border :/ we waited there for 5 hours and then when it was our turn to cross the bus broke and we stayed there for another 6 hours in a temperature below zero. It was quite unpleasant, and we came to Prague day after at 19 pm and lost whole day of the trip, but what can you do it was no ones fault, those things happen I guess. So we explored the city in an instant way :)
It was still amazing and an absolute adventure. I leave you with some of the photos I have chosen from so many. Stay tuned guys for more photos from our vacation, next stop was Dresden (Germany). Enjoy...