Monday, February 29, 2016

Outfit | Denim dungarees

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
I can't believe it's already end of February and that tomorrow is my birthday guys!!! I had a hectic week after getting back from our little trip that I didn't even noticed that my b-day is so close. Still have to decide what am I going to do cause I'm working tomorrow till 6 pm, so I'll probably invite my family and friends on Sunday. I'll have more time to prepare everything and decide what to wear and all the other details as well. Honestly I never did love my b-day, I don't know why but I just don't like celebrating it, I just do it for the family. I feel like it never went by the way I planed and it always ended up so stressful for me that I just wanna sleep through the whole day :/
Anyhow back to my outfit, denim on denim once again, dungarees once again, ankle boots once again :) I seem to always go back to my fave pieces. Love denim on denim combo, it always ends up looking cool and dungarees are my latest obsession along with all of the jumpsuits, rompers, overalls etc. These denim dungarees I got on sale at Bershka, and I got them in a size M that is actually little big for me cause I'm usually S or XS but I love the loose fit, it goes with the whole casual vibe I love. Last thing I wanna mention is my bag, it's my little DIY project actually. I got this black bag with another bag that I bought and I just felt like it was to plain I had to do something with it ;) so I did, I added a couple of colorful tassels on it and it became much more fun!!!
Hope you like this look and find it inspirational!!! Have a lovely week ahead!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Travel | Budapest

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
As I mentioned in my previous post, we went on a little weekend getaway. When I say we I mean my hubby, my mum and I ;) We are not actually that far away from Budapest (Hungary), we got on a bus on Friday night and we were there at 7 am. Explored the city whole day with the guide and then we got some free time to explore on our own, grab a coffee, grab something to eat and go shopping of course :) It was pretty cold on Saturday but that is what you get when traveling in winter time. The cold didn't ruin our adventure, I was so fascinated by this city, it's so white, bright and pretty. And by night when all the lights are up, on every building and every bridge, it's just magical. Got back on Sunday just in time to rest and get back to work. I did chose few photos of so many to show you but I highly recommend you to go and visit this city if you live in Europe or somewhere near!!!
Hope you'll enjoy these photos and I'll talk to you soon...

Friday, February 19, 2016

Beauty trend | Double dutch braid

Hey you darlings! How was your week!?
Can't believe it's Friday YaY!!! Tonight we are going on a little weekend getaway to Budapest! I'm so exited I can't wait. Stay tuned for that!
Anyway I wanna talk about a beauty trend (hair trend) that's so huge right now, and I guess everyone saw it and tried it by now ;) Famous double dutch braid! Kim Kardashian West started this massive trend by posting a photo of her and her little daughter both wearing this hairstyle. So now everyone is rocking it, from bloggers, models on editorials, other celebrities, and all the other girls with hair on their heads, he he. Kim is naturally taking it to another level, styling her platinum hair (wig) like it, making four dutch braids and well who knows whats next, cause lets face it what ever she is going to do next is gonna be a next huge trend!
What do you guys say!? Have you tried it already, do you like it?!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Outfit | Bomber jacket

Hey loves! How are you this week!? Hope everything is well!
I didn't work Monday and Tuesday due to a holiday YaY!!! But today I'm back to work. It was nice to have a little break from work, especially cause I'm not feeling very well lately, this cold that I have doesn't seem to want to go away!!! Well I guess that is the down side when working with kids, you always catch something :/ 
On to my black and grey combo, as you can see once again wearing my new boots from Bershka that are gonna be matching almost everything I own ;) But the main focus is my jacket. The trend that is quite popular right now is - bomber jacket. I'm seeing it everywhere, not only in black, but in olive green, white, grey and even baby pink color as well. They are so easy to pop on with pretty much anything, it  goes with dressy outfits as much as with casual and sporty ones. My outfit was a mix of casual and chic, at least I see it like that. 
Hope you find this look inspirational and I'll talk to you soon.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Outfit | Always overalls

stradivarius floral overalls dungarees

Hey loves! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day!!!
We celebrated within family, cause Valentine's day it's actually the day my mum's grandfather was born, so she always gathers all of us to celebrate this day! So as you can see I wasn't really wearing something Valentine appropriate ;) no hearts, no red dress, no red lipstick, nothing special just being my casual self. Hope you don't mind not inspiring you to dress for the occasion :) 
I recently got these overalls at Stradivarius on sale, they are so soft and made out of a thin material, they will be perfect for spring/summer season also. I love the tiny flower details on them, it kinda makes them unique don't you think?! I'm all about overalls lately, they are such a huge trend right now. I have them in white, blue denim ones and these. Pared everything with black faux suede ankle boots from Bershka (also on sale for $10) and my trusty faux leather jacket from C&A
Wishing you a fab week ahead, and talk to you soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trend | Fur lined slides (Gucci)

gucci fur lined slides loafers shoes

Hey loves, how's going?! Hope you are all doing great!
I wanted to talk about a trend that is quite popular right now. I don't know if you notices these furry creatures around?! These furry shoes - slides are such a unique looking shoes and a real show stopper ;) I still don't have an opinion about them, I kinda like the idea of fur picking through but I don't know if they are something I would actually wear. Celebrities are rocking them and they are becoming more and more popular among fashion bloggers as well. Being more popular they are getting their copies and shoes that are inspired by them! 
Gucci was the first one that show them on the runway and everyone else accepted it and made their own versions! What do you guys think about this trend!? Would you wear them!? If so how would you style them!?!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Outfit | Boho jumpsuit

outfit, boho style, jumpsuit romper, bershka jumpsuit romper, carpisa purple cross body bag, over the knee boots, black grey faux fur vest

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
I don't know where the weekend went!!! We were out and about the whole weekend. On Sunday I went to the movies with my mum and my nieces and nephew. It was first time for my little nephew to go to the movies, he is only 3 years old, and we didn't know how he is going to react. But he was so good the whole time, watched it till the end, we were so proud. There were some other older kids in there that didn't last that long, crying, walking between seats, talking loud... So that was a good day, well until I went home, I got such a bad headache again that I went to sleep immediately but it didn't help I just ended up throwing up :/ I don't know about you guys but when I get a massive headache I always end up throwing up, so annoying!!! Then on Sunday my hubby and I went with our friends at one of those Escape Mania games. It was so much fun using our brains for a change ;) 
On to the outfit - this is the jumpsuit I got recently on sale from Bershka. I just love the print, so boho and cute. Styled it with my fur vest, I just feel like it matches with the whole bohemian vibe. The little cross body bag is from Carpisa, my mum bought it for me, she got the yellow one and I got the purple, maybe I'll steel hers for one of my future ootd-s ;)
Love you and talk to you soon.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Beauty | Nude nails with glitter and dots

#beauty, beauty, #nails, nails, nude nails, nude nails with dots, glitter nails, nail art, nail design, natural nails, diy nails

Hey loves! Here I am with another beauty post for you! My updated nails are here ;)
This time I had a little bit more time and inspiration to do them! Started with painting them nude and then decided to add some black dots using a dotting tool and added some gold glitter using a sponge technique cause you get much better result than using a brush. It's so so easy to do it and also quick way to paint nails without them being ordinary, if that is your thing though ;) Hope you like it and find it inspirational. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Outfit | Stripes and mustard

c&a black pu faux leather jacket, mustard scarf, outfit, striped sweater dress, white sneakers

Hey you! Are you having fun week so far!?
This weather has been so crazy lately, there is no transition between extremely cold and warm, and my head wants to explode. Cloudy, rainy weather and extreme changes of weather affect me, I start having terrible headaches. Oh well those are my problems ;) But I still try and go for a walk!
This was my casual outfit for a partially rainy partially sunny day. I been shopping like crazy now on sale, so many cute things for such affordable prices. I found this striped sweater dress in Stradivarius for like $10 and it fits so good. Made it casual with white sneakers and trusty faux leather jacket. What do you guys say about this look!? I'm gonna be styling other things I got too ;)
Love you...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Outfit | Faux fur jacket

Hey loves! Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely weekend!
I know I've been bit MIA lately but I didn't feel so good. I caught pretty bad cold, I never felt so bad before, I had fever for three days in a row, it was quite overwhelming. So I took some time to rest, relax and feel better. But I'm back now, and I did miss you all, did you miss me too?! ;) 
I'm back with an outfit of the day for you. As I promised I styled my faux fur jacket that I got on my vacation from H&M. I kinda imagined this look with it, a sweater, bit of lace peaking through and over the knee boots. I just feel it's a such a match, especially styling lace and fur! What do you guys think of a combo like this!? 
Talk to you soon...