Monday, February 22, 2016

Travel | Budapest

Hey loves! Happy Monday!
As I mentioned in my previous post, we went on a little weekend getaway. When I say we I mean my hubby, my mum and I ;) We are not actually that far away from Budapest (Hungary), we got on a bus on Friday night and we were there at 7 am. Explored the city whole day with the guide and then we got some free time to explore on our own, grab a coffee, grab something to eat and go shopping of course :) It was pretty cold on Saturday but that is what you get when traveling in winter time. The cold didn't ruin our adventure, I was so fascinated by this city, it's so white, bright and pretty. And by night when all the lights are up, on every building and every bridge, it's just magical. Got back on Sunday just in time to rest and get back to work. I did chose few photos of so many to show you but I highly recommend you to go and visit this city if you live in Europe or somewhere near!!!
Hope you'll enjoy these photos and I'll talk to you soon...

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