Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Outfit | Mickey and stripes

Hey loves! How's this week treating you so far!? Hope well!
Mine has been extra stressful do to my work and other related stuff, but I'm hoping it's gonna get better. We all had a little talk and cleared some things up, it's really hard when you feel unappreciated :/ 
I can honestly say that fashion is my cure, it's my passion, it's my best friend ;) When ever I get frustrated I think of fun ways to style my pieces, make some easy DIYs or just go shopping. I think it keeps me sane, he he. So this outfit was just one of those fun ones to throw on. Mickey mouse printed jeans that you already saw me styling HERE styled with striped crop top and cardigan from Bershka. Relaxed, fun and comfy is my go to look! Hope you like it. 
Do let me know your thoughts on printed jeans or denim in general!???

Monday, March 28, 2016

Outfit | Culottes style

Hey loves happy Monday!!!
I had such a tough weekend, it was quite overwhelming, but I still made some decisions and I'm gonna have to make those changes in my life. I'm not really gonna bore you with details, I just need to mention that those changes will effect my blog as well, but more about it all during the week, so stay tuned!
Finally it feels like spring these days so I got rid off some layers of clothing ;) Styling culottes for the first time on my blog. I did talk about this trend a while ago HERE . I got them in Pull & Bear, and the moment I got them I imagined styling them with a black crop top, so I did. This black off shoulder crop top is from Bershka as well as these ankle boots. I'm so glad I can finally style all the pieces I bought last month on sales. 
Do tell me are you following trends this s/s ?! What do you think about culottes?!

P.S. I cut my hair a little bit, just to freshen it up :) ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Outfit | Casual green

YaY for weekend! Well I'm not really that exited :) Some really huge changes are about to happen in my life and all I can do is wait and hope for the best. And I hope you are all doing great.
Anyway lets get into outfit of the day. It was one of those fun relaxing days that are perfect for a stroll around the town. The weather was kind enough for this time of the year. So I went for another plaid shirt combo, only this time it's green plaid and boyfriend jeans, I mean it can't get more casual than that. This shirt was actually a b-day present for my dear friend that knows me so well, and my trusty faux leather jacket and combat boots are my go to pieces these days. 
I do hope you like this casual type of outfit posts as well, we are not all glitz and glam all the time ;) :) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Outfit | Flares

Hey loves! How are you all!? Hope everything is peachy ;)
I'm back in '70 s again :) I really do find it inspiring and I'm pleased that this trend is coming back big time, from flared jeans, faux fur, bell bottoms and sleeves.. just love it!!! I did went all the way this time with it, flared jeans, crop top with bell sleeves with crochet details and faux fur vest. I can't be more into it right?! he he. Maybe I was born in a wrong time!!! Luckly the weather was kind enough so I managed to show bit of midriff as well. My jeans are Levi's and they are thrifted, I think they were around $5. It's so satisfying when you find a piece in a thrift shop that is in your size and it fits you perfectly and it costs few bucks, seriously such a steal. 
What do you guys say about this trend come back, love it or what!!!?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Outfit | Suede and stripes

black pumps, black stiletto shoes, outfit, striped dress, suede, suede pants, pimkie pants

Happy happy Monday loves!!! Yes Monday is already here ;)
My weekend went by so fast. I had to attend some seminar for my work so half of my weekend went away ;/ but we still managed to squeeze everything in Sunday and finish all we have planned. The only thing that is making me blah this week is that my hubby is on a little vacation and I'm not!!! :/ Oh well at least I'm working till 1 pm so we'll grab some time together...
This season is all about suede, I already talked about this trend in one of my previous posts that you can see HERE . This time the star of the show are these suede pants that I bought on my vacation in Budapest in Pimkie store. They were on sale and in my size so honestly I haven't even tried them in store cause we didn't have much time but I knew I had to have them, luckly they fit me perfectly. Besides this style of pants is also a huge trend right now. I styled them with my striped dress that I wore as a top and with these pointed heels (with DIY-ed straps). You can also see me styling this striped dress as a dress in my post HERE . 
Hope you liked this look and find it inspiring, talk to you soon...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trend | Cropped flared jeans & flared jeans

Hey loves! Happy weekend!
It's time for a little weekend trend talk! I'm guessing you have already noticed, well at least among bloggers and celebs, the flared jeans trend. Yes they are back, and they are styling them in a '70s way as much as in a modern way. But that is not all, they are back but they brought they friend along as well ;) cropped flared jeans are here too. 
For me flared jeans really do look flattering since they do elongate your legs, but I have to wear really high heels with them if I don't want to drag them along with me, he he. And cropped flared jeans are a bit tricky for me, being short they make my little legs even shorter, so I really have to style them properly if I don't want to look like a little dwarf ;) So I think that tall girls are having a win-win situation with this trend!!!
What do you guys say, are you gonna rock one of these jeans or both this s/s!?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Outfit | Red plaid

outfit, plaid shirt, red plaid shirt, combat boots, new yorker, black faux leather jacket

Hey guys! How are you all!? Hope you're having a great week so far.
Lately I've been loving plaid shirts. I already own two blue plaid shirts, one with short sleeves and other with long ones, and recently on my vacation in Budapest I found red one in New Yorker that I loved and I had to get it. I'm not really I big fan of red, unless it's in details but I guess I can always tie it around my waist. And lastly my dear friend bought me green plaid shirt for my b-day that was few weeks ago. So I'm gonna be playing with paid this spring/summer ;) 
My outfit is on a bit edgier side, but recently I just feel like it. I'm not really a girly girl, maybe in some rear occasions :) Hope you like the look and find it inspiring!
Talk to you soon...

Monday, March 14, 2016

Outfit | Girly and edgy with Alice's pig

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend, I know I did finally ;)
Today I wanna introduce you to an online store called Alice's Pig that is a new fashion brand from Brixton in South London, inspired by vintage style and Alice in Wonderland where crazy is normal ;) It's a modern and urban take on vintage style. The piece I chose is actually this lovely lace floral dress that is called Lolas lace dress. I just love the design of daisies among diamond pattern printed on lace. It's such a unique piece, and that is the thing that I love about this brand, every piece of clothing is unique in style and it has its own story. I chose size US 2 since I'm usually a size S or XS and it fits perfectly. I love styling girly lace pieces with bit edgier pieces like combat boots and leather jacket for a more casual everyday look, but I'll definitely will style it with heels and more feminine pieces in future for that chic vibe!
If you love being unique and love that vintage style that is coming back in fashion do check this online store. Besides they have affordable prices and free shipping worldwide!!! Happy shopping :) 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Beauty | Black and silver ombre nails

#beauty, beauty, #nails, nails, diy nails, nail art, nail design, ombre nails, natural nails

Hey loves, happy Friday!!!
Time for my beauty post! Well actually nail art post! I haven't done my nails in a while, I broke one of them so I was waiting for them to grow back :/ I was thinking of getting that gel manicure set that you can do it yourself at home, the nail design would last me longer, not just a few days. I think the regular manicure would last me longer if I wasn't washing my hands so often :/ but my job is like that, I work with kids so I have to wash my hands all the time and I have to keep them short :( So I'll have to work with what I got!
This time I did them ombre again but combining black and silver. I really like this combo, and since the weather here is still cold and wintery I feel like it's an appropriate combo! Also it's quite easy as my designs are usually, just a little sponge on the tips action :) Hope you find it inspiring!
Talk to you soon...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Cocomelody | Sexy backless wedding dresses

Hey loves! Happy Monday!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
This week I'm starting with little bridal talk ;) I already mentioned in one of my previous post online store called that is for over 15 years an expert dress-maker in bridal profession. Starting with wedding dresses, CocoMelody has since added more products and strive to provide outstanding quality. 
When it comes to wedding dresses they also follow trends. So this time I wanna talk beautiful BACKLESS WEDDING DRESSES. When you wanna make a statement and catch people's eyes on your wedding day you should definitely try wearing one of their backless pieces. Whether you are looking for sheer lace design, bold V-cut or plunging cut, their selection of open back wedding dresses includes chic ensemble that suits any taste. Find fabric, silhouette, neckline, embellishments and color that suits your needs and your budget. 
I chose few breathtaking SEXY BACKLESS WEDDING DRESSES to show you but you feel free to click on the links and browse for yourself and enjoy and don't worry cause they ship worldwide ;)

P.S. I'm leaving you code for $20 off for wedding dresses, use W20 !!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Outfit | Casual in black & white

outfit, i woke up like this, knee ripped black jeans, cross body bag, white shirt, ankle boots, black faux leather jacket

Hey loves! How's going!?
It was my b-day yesterday but I didn't celebrated it. I was working late, so I just grabbed something to eat with my hubby and my mum, and I'm going to have a little party on Sunday probably ;) So my birthday ootd will be on the blog next week.
This outfit was my weekend black and white look. I always seem to go back to this color combo, it's kinda my safe zone ;) Kept it casual with knee ripped jeans and ankle boots. The only thing I don't usually do is wear a shirt under the sweatshirt, it's not really my thing but I think in this case it does look good! What do you guys think!? Shirt and sweatshirt combo yes or no?!!!
Talk to you soon...