Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Outfit | Flares

Hey loves! How are you all!? Hope everything is peachy ;)
I'm back in '70 s again :) I really do find it inspiring and I'm pleased that this trend is coming back big time, from flared jeans, faux fur, bell bottoms and sleeves.. just love it!!! I did went all the way this time with it, flared jeans, crop top with bell sleeves with crochet details and faux fur vest. I can't be more into it right?! he he. Maybe I was born in a wrong time!!! Luckly the weather was kind enough so I managed to show bit of midriff as well. My jeans are Levi's and they are thrifted, I think they were around $5. It's so satisfying when you find a piece in a thrift shop that is in your size and it fits you perfectly and it costs few bucks, seriously such a steal. 
What do you guys say about this trend come back, love it or what!!!?

Jeans: Levi's | Crop top: Cotton | Fur vest: C&A

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