Monday, May 30, 2016

Outfit | White with touch of red

Hey lovely readers how's your day!?
I'm trying to get back on track with my blog posts but I'm so busy lately that I just can't manage it all :/ Well I do hope you'll stay with me through it all and be patient. It's hard to stay inspired when you don't have time to find inspiration. Well this time this lovely weather inspired me, it's was quite warm and almost summer like that I just thought all white would be so appropriate. My new red lace up flats from Deichmann are the star of the show ;) pop of color was what I needed. 
What do you guys think of this look!? Hope you find it inspiring!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Outfit | I ain't your mama

outfit, mom jeans, distressed high waisted denim jeans, black off shoulder top with daisy print, choker necklace, diy lace up flats

Hey loves, happy Monday!!!
Have you heard the new song of Jennifer Lopez "I ain't your mama", I bet you did already, I love it. It's not related to this blog post what so ever but since I'm styling mom jeans I thought it's a perfect title ;) I just bought these jeans the other day at Terranova, they are mom fit jeans super high waisted and I thought they wouldn't fit me right but I was quite surprised cause they do fit perfectly and they make my a** look good :) ;) Styled  them with off shoulder top and my lace up flats for a casual vibe, but I really wanna dress them up as well and see how it goes. I also tried layering my choker necklaces and I think it looks pretty cool. What do you guys say!?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Outfit | EDC by Esprit jeans

eds by esprit, esprit jeans, flared jeans, outfit, thrifted flared jeans

Well hello there loves! How are you all!?
Hope you're all well! Really appreciate you liking my previous post HERE where I talk about new piece in my wardrobe from site called Alice's pig. This time I wanna talk about my flared jeans ;) These babies are such an exiting piece to have in my closet. They are actually thrifted and by the brand Esprit. But what is most exiting about them is the fact that I got them for only $1 on sale, whaaaat!? Yes guys can you even imagine that steal. I didn't even tried them on in store, just brought them home. As you can see they fit like a globe! The only thing I did are those rips on the knees, I just felt that would make them more trendy and more me :) 
What do you guys think about these jeans!? Do you get exited as well when you find such an amazing trendy piece that fits you perfectly in a thrift store!?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Outfit | It's all in details with Alice's pig

alices pig, ankle boots, brown faux suede skirt, off shoulder top, outfit, sponsored

Hey loves happy Monday!!!
Hope you had a lovely weekend. We had a busy one, celebrated two birthdays, did some photo shooting and relaxed with the sound of rain almost whole Sunday long.
I wanna present you again an online store called Alice's Pig that is a new fashion brand from Brixton in South London, inspired by vintage style and Alice in Wonderland where crazy is normal ;) It's a modern and urban take on vintage style. I already wore one of their unique looking pieces in the blog post HERE. The piece I chose this time is actually this lovely pleat front skirt with unique burnt out pattern called WINNIE"S WESTERN. I just love the details on this faux suede skirt, it makes it quite different from other suede skirts out there that are so trendy and popular now! I got it in a size EU 34 or US 2, that is actually my size and it fits perfectly. The other little detail that I love are pockets, it just makes it more casual chic, and I love that, that's what my style is all about. 
I highly recommend you to check them out if you like being unique and stylish and get you clothes with free shipping worldwide!!! Happy shopping...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Outfit | White and suede

outfit, white pants, white t-shirt, brown faux suede jacket, brown faux suede lace up sandals, lace up sandals flats, gradient color sunglasses, leopard print clutch bag

Happy Monday loves!!!
How was your weekend!? I spent time with the family, having fun with the kids as usual ;) On Sunday my hubby and I went for a bike ride. We recently bought two new bikes cause we are planing to ride them whole spring and summer. We were riding for 3 and a half hours, stopped for a cup of coffee and went back home. We crossed 20 km (around 12 miles) so I'm quite happy since we are not in training yet. 
On to my outfit of the day - honestly I was inspired by the look I saw on Instagram recently, so I really wanted to recreate it. It's not actually from head to toe like the look I saw but similar and with the pieces I already owned I didn't bought anything new for this ootd ;) I just love the combo of white and brown it's so perfect for spring. And I really wanted to wear my new lace up sandals that I got from New Yorker, they are faux suede material and so comfy and so trendy!!!
Hope you like this little combo!!! Talk to you soon...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DIY | Lace up sandals (EASY)

DIY, diy lace up sandals heels, diy project, diy shoes sandals, leather cord lace, sponsored

Hello loves!
It has been ages since I've done a DIY here on my blog. I have done some little projects here and there but haven't posted anything. But I feel like this DIY would be interesting for you guys since lace up sandals and lace up shoes are so trendy right now. So if you wanna learn how you can make them on your own EASY keep reading :)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Outfit | Turtleneck crop top

outfit, floral pants, joggers, crop top, black heel sandals, black tote bag, turtleneck crop top

Hey loves how's it going!!?
Hope you are all well and that you had a wonderful weekend! It's Easter holiday in my country and that means no work and spending time with the family, my favorite part!!! ;) Anyway, according to my outfit you would think it's a lovely weather in my town, but no. The weather is changing from day to day from one hour to another, it's crazy. The day I took these shots, it was lovely until 2 pm after that it was raining the rest of the day and the temperature dropped drastically. Annoying right, one doesn't know what to wear without these additional problems ;)
My outfit was that casual chic, turtleneck crop top and floral joggers with heels. I just love adding heels to a casual combo, it's that perfect final touch. What do you guys think about this kind a look, do let me know!!! Talk to you soon, besos!!!