denim dress denim overall OUTFIT pinafore sponsored

Outfit | Denim overall dress (pinafore)

I never owned a denim overall dress before, well maybe when I was little but I don’t remember. Since any type of overalls and jumpsuits are so trendy right now I decided to go ahead and get me overall dress or pinafore dress. This one I got from the same online store I already talked about that is called GAMISS and you …

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denim dress denim on denim double denim esprit jeans flared jeans off shoulder OUTFIT sponsored

Outfit | Double denim and off the shoulder

Denim jeans, denim dress, denim top… you name it, if it’s made out of denim I love it 😉. Also I really like playing with double denim looks or as you may call it denim on denim looks. I’m really glad that flared jeans are back and that they are so trendy now cause I really like how they elongate …

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cami dress embroidered jacket faux leather dress jacket with patches LBD OUTFIT sponsored

Outfit | Embroidered jacket (jacket with patches)

As the week goes by I’m transforming myself from a girly girl wearing pink to an edgy one in military inspired jacket and boots 😊 These are the days when I’m wondering if I even have my own style cause I feel like I’m such a chameleon, I can’t say my style is this or that cause it doesn’t really …

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#fashionblogger 2016 trend fishnet socks fishnet tights TREND

Trend | Fishnet tights and socks

Weekend trend talk – fishnet tights and socks. Have you noticed this trend going on!? I remember when fishnet socks were popular I was at the beginning of my college years, they came in many different colors beside black like pink and blue, but I never had fishnet tights before. Now they are on runways and on streets! When it …

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#fallootd denim skirt mustard yellow OUTFIT over the knee boots yellow jacket yellow sweater

Outfit | All that yellow

I’m trying to blend in with the nature 😉 no seriously I just love that perfect color of the leaves especially on a lovely sunny fall day. Now looking at these photos I can see that my hair is really dark, I did go darker but it turned out almost black, well that’s what you get when you have latina …

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BEAUTY cheap human hair extensions clip on/in hair extension ombre hair sponsored

Beauty | Instant ombre hair (clip in hair extensions)

  You know how your hairstyle depends on your mood, well at least in my case it does 😃 Sometimes we just need a change, we cut it, color it, straighten it, curl it, but most importantly all that leads us to damaging it!!! So next time when you are feeling adventurous try a different approach – OMBRE CLIP IN …

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