Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Outfit | Denim overall dress (pinafore)

denim overall dress pinafore dress

I never owned a denim overall dress before, well maybe when I was little but I don't remember. Since any type of overalls and jumpsuits are so trendy right now I decided to go ahead and get me overall dress or pinafore dress.

This one I got from the same online store I already talked about that is called GAMISS and you can find exact same one here DENIM OVERALL DRESS. I kept the rest of the outfit black and simple. But I feel it's gonna be easier to style it in a summer time. Honestly I liked this one cause it wasn't plain denim dress, it has this super cute letters print attached and it says - sunshine girl. That is so me, I hate cold weather and I'm all about warm sunshine days 😉.

What do you think guys, it's kinda hard to style this kind of dress and not look like a little girl.
Would you wear overall dress !?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Outfit | Double denim and off the shoulder

double denim on denim

Denim jeans, denim dress, denim top... you name it, if it's made out of denim I love it 😉. Also I really like playing with double denim looks or as you may call it denim on denim looks. I'm really glad that flared jeans are back and that they are so trendy now cause I really like how they elongate my legs and make me look taller (if that is even possible).

I pared my jeans with this OFF SHOULDER DENIM DRESS, that I wore as a top as you can tell,  just because it's cold, but I can easily wear it as a dress as well. It's off the shoulder and it has those sleeves that you can tie in a bow, I thought that was adorable. I feel like denim goes well with earthy tones so I pared the look with ANKLE BOOTS in khaki color and with METAL RING BAG in brown and of course added brown shearling jacket. I think this look ended up being bit retro, not intentionally but still those '80 always inspire me.

What are your thoughts!?

P.S. My hair is even shorter now, what you guys think!?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Outfit | Fringe hem jeans

choker sweater fringe hem jeans

Remember when I was talking about fringe hem jeans trend recently, well I went for it and got a par! These ones are bit flared and with an uneven hem, shorter in the front kinda thing. They are also from the same online store called GAMISS. Unfortunately these are sold out but I did find a couple of similar ones for you to check out HERE and HERE. This time I kept it all black, white and grey. I felt like the look was already super busy without me adding more color, so I just player with textures. Fringes, embroidery and tweed 😉

I really wanted a bag for an everyday that is not to big and still looks chic, so I think I found the right one. This bag is from DRESSLILY. DressLily is a leading international online fashion clothing and accessory store. Focusing on the very latest and affordable fashion styles, both attire and stunning accessories, they feature thousands of the newest product lines. They also aim to provide an extensive range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing together with service to customers from all over the world.

This bag comes in black, grey and red, the black one is also sold out but you can check other colors out here CROSS BODY BAG.

Also another of the recent trends that I've been seeing is the choker knit sweater. The one that I got is ribbed knit material and a cropped version that you can see here CHOKER SWEATER.

So guys hope you find this look inspiring and do check some of these pieces out!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Outfit | Embroidered jacket (jacket with patches)

embroidered jacket with patches

As the week goes by I'm transforming myself from a girly girl wearing pink to an edgy one in military inspired jacket and boots 😊 These are the days when I'm wondering if I even have my own style cause I feel like I'm such a chameleon, I can't say my style is this or that cause it doesn't really depend on trend or anything else but on my mood, and as you can see I'm moody 😁

Well this EMBROIDERED JACKET is not totally army, it's bit trendy as well with all added patches and floral embroidered details. This jacket I got from an online store called ZAFUL that I recently cooperated with, you can check it out in this post HERE and HERE. The jacket has that oversize fit that I really love but it's not boxy at all it has gathering in the back so it doesn't make you like a square 💟 I got it in a size S and it fits true to size. For my surprise my hubby really likes it, maybe cause it has that military vibe that he is all about.

I kinda played with the look, like combining edgy with feminine, so I wore this FAUX LEATHER CAMI DRESS that comes with the white long sleeves t-shirt. I never had a dress like this before so I really wanted to try and see how would look on me, cause it's not your typical lbd. This dress is from GAMISS, an online store that I also mentioned to you HERE. This is another way of styling dresses that is trendy right now - dress over t-shirt - and I'm really loving it so far. The only thing is that the dress is bit big on me, it's a size S but still big, so I would size down when purchasing this one.

What do you guys say, are you into this embroidered trend right now?! Patches Yes or No?!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Outfit | Pink coat

pink coat over the knee boots outfit

My pink obsession continues 😉 It all begun with cute little bags and backpacks, then I got a bomber jacket and now I just needed a winter PINK COAT. I know that pink is such a trendy color right now but I feel it's kinda tricky to style. It doesn't go with everything and it's always a center of attention, so I really have to think how am I gonna style it, and I'm not into thinking 😃

I got this coat from an online store called GAMISS that I already did talk about in one of my previous post HERE. They have everything you want or need to get fashion forward. They also ship worldwide to virtually every country across the world and very fast. I'm very pleased with my order and with the quality of their clothes.

With the pink coat I also ordered these black OVER THE KNEE BOOTS that are made of that faux suede material that I love so much, and this coat and these boots are for me match made in heaven, don't you think?! One thing I gotta tell you about the boots is that you size up when ordering, I'm usually size 36 and I got them in 37 and they fit perfectly (maybe cause of the pointy toe and tick socks). I was looking for black over the knee boots that actually fit right around my legs and these do and on top of it they have a tie in the back so they wouldn't slide down your feet during the day - how awesome is that.

Anyway I styled everything bit dressy, but I'm gonna challenge myself next time to style everything casual or for an everyday running errands look!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trend | Fishnet tights and socks

fishnet tights outfit

Weekend trend talk - fishnet tights and socks. Have you noticed this trend going on!? I remember when fishnet socks were popular I was at the beginning of my college years, they came in many different colors beside black like pink and blue, but I never had fishnet tights before. Now they are on runways and on streets!

When it comes to tights I don't know if I would personally rock them just because they are kinda to sexy and out there for my taste but who knows maybe I'll try 😉 . Socks are definitely something I would wear and you can style them with heels and flats. Besides being trendy they are also practical, you know how sometimes when you wear shoes on bare feet they give you blisters well this works as a protection if you don't wanna go all the way and wear a regular sock under your chic high heels (which is also a huge trend right now).

Please do tell me your thoughts!? 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Outfit | All that yellow

yellow jacket and denim skirt fall ootd

I'm trying to blend in with the nature 😉 no seriously I just love that perfect color of the leaves especially on a lovely sunny fall day. Now looking at these photos I can see that my hair is really dark, I did go darker but it turned out almost black, well that's what you get when you have latina roots 😊

I was going for a casual vibe but still wanted that pop of color and I don't know why but yellow jacket with yellow sweater looked like an obvious choice! I think this look screams fall from head to toe.

What do you guys think!?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Outfit | Pink, grey and cupcake

cupcake bag zara grey dress pink bomber jacket

You know how I sad I'm not a girly girl and I'm not really into pink, well I don't know what's happening right now! Pink color is such a huge trend now and is everywhere around me and I just can't help myself, everything I find looks so God damn cute 😇 

First it was this jacket I found at Stradivarius but it's reversible jacket and the other side is black (which I haven't worn yet), than I saw this pink cupcake bag on one of the fellow bloggers and I had to have it (it's so adorable), but I couldn't find it anywhere. So like it always happens when I can't find something I turn to my friend eBay 😉 and I found exact same one and I was praying that when it comes it's turns out to be like on a photo, luckly it did. I love shopping on eBay cause you can find anything and everything for a small price but it's kinda scary experience as well cause you never know what they'll actually send!!! 

I love pink and grey, it always looks so good together so I had to play with this combo. I had this lovely grey knitted dress from Zara that I thought it would match well with pink and white, and I think it did. 

So what do you guys think of this casual street style kinda look and of the fact I wore a dress over a t-shirt!!?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Beauty | Instant ombre hair (clip in hair extensions)

instant ombre hair with clip in hair extensions

You know how your hairstyle depends on your mood, well at least in my case it does 😃 Sometimes we just need a change, we cut it, color it, straighten it, curl it, but most importantly all that leads us to damaging it!!!

So next time when you are feeling adventurous try a different approach - OMBRE CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS No damaging, no coloring, no frustrations and no permanent results cause we all know you're gonna change your mind within a minute or two  😃

With all that being sad I wanna talk about an online store OMGNB that offers just that, quick and easy solutions for hair problems. They have a great variety of choices for you, whether you need you hair long or short (14 Inch -  32 Inch) or custom length, or if you want it curly, straight or wavy and of course in a color that matches you perfectly. You don't have to go Ombre if you're not liking that trend, you can always opt for one color, length and texture of your choice CLIP ON/IN HAIR EXTENSIONS.

I recently cut my hair cause it was quite damaged and I honestly needed a change, I'm happy with it right now but once in a while or for some special occasion when I'm feeling extra sassy I just add in my extensions and instantly become a mermaid again 😆 So guys hope this helps some of you who are thinking of changing their hairstyle but are afraid of permanent results there is a solution for you here HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS.
Do check it out and tell me your thoughts!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trend | Fringe hem jeans

fringe hem jeans trend

Weekend trend talk - fringe hem jeans!!!

I'm guessing you already seen it everywhere, the question is do you like it or not?! ;) It's that kind of a trend that you freaking love or hate, right!? I don't think is for everyone, it's kinda bold and out there, but who knows maybe it's here to stay. It goes with heels and flats and you don't actually need to spent a lot of money to try this trend out, cause is easy to DIY it. So for those who are brave fashionistas this one is for you to try out, I might try and style it myself ;)

Tell me your thoughts Yay or Nay!!!?

Friday, November 11, 2016

Outfit | Pink bomber jacket and Zaful statement pieces

pink bomber jacket backpack with flowers celine sunglasses

What no black!!? I'm kinda surprised myself ;) I managed to style the whole look without anything black, that's such a rare moment. I don't know if you might have noticed but I was styling around same two piece set the whole week. I love challenging myself like that, trying to make the most of the things I get.

First look you can find here WORK WEAR and the second one here STREET FLOWERS. Anyway this time I have on me tree pieces that I got from the same online store called ZAFUL and I already mentioned to you that I'm really pleased with our collaboration. All the colors that I combined are neutral and light so I thought of adding some statement pieces to bring the whole look together.

This backpack is the same one that I already styled in my previous post but these SUNGLASSES you haven't seen before, well at least not on me. I'm obsessed with sunglasses, like seriously I have them in all shapes and sizes, and when I saw these they reminded me of the Celine sunglasses and I had to have them!!! They are so trendy and quite big but that is just the thing that I love about them.

So what do you guys think about this look!? Are you looking for an online store to shop trendy pieces, well look no further this one is the right for you.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Outfit | Zaful backpack with flowers

fendi backpack with flowers

Comfy casual as usual ;) I always go back to my jeans and t-shirt safe zone! Lately I'm just loving these girly cutesy staff, like everything pink, floral and just to girly. I'm not really wearing it all together, I love paring it with simple and bit edgier pieces from my wardrobe, so I don't look 12 :) cause most of the time I'm about 14, he he.

Like I already mentioned in my previous post HERE all the pieces I'm gonna talk about are from an online store called ZAFUL. I must say I had a great collaboration with them and everything that I got was just as it was presented at their website. You know how sometimes you order something and when it comes you can tell that is not the same like on site (the material, color, quality...) well this was not the case!!! I love all the pieces I got and I love the quality!

This adorable BACKPACK WITH FLOWERS was one of the things that I got. Not only that it looks so cute but it's also rummy and functional. And I think it's  a knock off of Fendi's backpack with flowers. It comes in pink, red and black also. I was thinking of getting a pink one but I feel I'll be able to get more wear of the grey one, and also I already ordered similar one in pink, ups !!!

The second piece that I got are the shoes, omg, can we just take a moment and talk about the shoes. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with these shoes cause I kinda think they are ugly but at the same time I think they are so cool, is that weird!? Unfortunately they are SOLD OUT at the store but I'll leave you the link for some similar FLATS. Also they fit true to size, maybe not the comfiest ones but I guess I need to wear them out more.

So lovelies if you are thinking of buying online be sure to check them out you might just find what you are looking for!!! ;) Happy shopping!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Outfit | Work wear with Zaful

zaful matching set, two piece top and pants

This is bit different style for me, since I'm always casual and street style oriented, now being work appropriate is kinda strange. Well I guess I need to try it all before I find my true style and who knows maybe one day I'm gonna work in a corporate world where you have strict business code - hope not ;) You know how much I love these two piece matching sets or separates, they were my obsession during whole summer and now that I can wear them in fall also makes me so happy :)

I got this matching set from an online store called ZAFUL that I already mentioned in one of the previous posts HERE. I'm so satisfied with my purchase, with all the pieces that I got, everything fits right and true to size, quality is great and had no problem with shipping! That is a rare case that everything goes so smooth, I'm impressed!

The only thing I'm super bummed about is that this particular set is SOLD OUT :( so I did try to find some similar ones for you and I did found some cute coords TOP AND PANTS.  This whole look turned out to be black and white, not intentionally, but I just felt like less is more in this case.

So if you are gonna be shopping online I do recommend you to check this site out - trendy and affordable pieces at one place!!!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Outfit | Denim culottes

styling denim culottes turtleneck

I feel like I stepped from the 70's with this outfit, don't you think!? ;) I went shopping with my mum recently and we saw some sales going on in C&A so we had to see what the offer was. We found these denim culottes and fell in love, both of us! She got one par I got one par, hopefully we are not gonna be styling them on the same day, he he. Maybe it would actually be fun to style them on the same day cause my mum and I have completely different taste in fashion, it would be interesting to see two generations styling same pieces different ways.

Well you could say I was inspired with the 70's fashion when I created this look, I just felt everything would blend in nicely. Turtleneck top, wide leg pants or culottes and round sunglasses are my modern take of the 70's style.

What do you guys think, to retro?!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Outfit | Faux fur and red plaid

outfit faux fur vest red plaid shirt

Real autumn day! I wan't say finally cause I don't really like cold and rainy days, the only thing about autumn that I do like are the colors. Since it was bit cold I grabbed my faux fur vest and started layering clothes and clothes ;)

I didn't wanted everything to be so black and grey so pop of red color with this plaid shirt was just what I needed. I remember when I got this shirt we were in Dresden and found a New Yorker there, and this shirt was in men's section, so it's tick and bit oversized but so cozy and perfect!!!
How are you dealing with these cold rainy days!?