Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Outfit | Pink, grey and cupcake

cupcake bag zara grey dress pink bomber jacket

You know how I sad I'm not a girly girl and I'm not really into pink, well I don't know what's happening right now! Pink color is such a huge trend now and is everywhere around me and I just can't help myself, everything I find looks so God damn cute 😇 

First it was this jacket I found at Stradivarius but it's reversible jacket and the other side is black (which I haven't worn yet), than I saw this pink cupcake bag on one of the fellow bloggers and I had to have it (it's so adorable), but I couldn't find it anywhere. So like it always happens when I can't find something I turn to my friend eBay 😉 and I found exact same one and I was praying that when it comes it's turns out to be like on a photo, luckly it did. I love shopping on eBay cause you can find anything and everything for a small price but it's kinda scary experience as well cause you never know what they'll actually send!!! 

I love pink and grey, it always looks so good together so I had to play with this combo. I had this lovely grey knitted dress from Zara that I thought it would match well with pink and white, and I think it did. 

So what do you guys think of this casual street style kinda look and of the fact I wore a dress over a t-shirt!!?

Jacket: Stradivarius
Dress: Zara
T-shirt: Terranova
Bag: eBay
Sneakers: New Yorker

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