Saturday, December 3, 2016

Accessories | Turquoise jewelry

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I haven't talked about any accessories or jewelry on my blog for a long time. I received these jewelry pieces from a while ago and didn't get a chance to future them on my blog until now. I mean look how pretty these turquoise pieces are, how am I not gonna share them with you guys. 

I think turquoise and silver are match made in heaven, looks so boho and beautiful. I really wanted some statement jewelry this time, don't get me wrong I love dainty jewelry as well but there is an occasion for every piece right?! The only thing is that these pieces would be perfect for summer time, so I can show them of on the beach or on some exotic vacation 😉. 

These TURQUOISE BRACELETS are adjustable and quite unique looking, they could be worn on their own and still make a statement. The SILVER STATEMENT BRACELET is an addition to my statement necklace that I have in my collection. And yeah I was trying to figure out interesting ways to photograph the jewelry pieces, it was pretty fun 😊. 

Turquoise bracelets: (HERE)
Statement bracelet: (HERE)
Watch: Michael Kors
Turquoise rings: from Greece

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