Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gamiss Valentine's day big promotion

valentines day outfit inspiration

Are you ready for Valentine's day!? I know I'm not 😉 no seriously I'm not, well I never am since I do everything at last minute. So my advice to you if you're planning to buy something online now is the right time for it!

I have few suggestions for you if you are actually planning to go and celebrate Valentine's day! I tried to be versatile in my suggestion so there is something for everyone. I also tried to find pieces that are trendy now like pleated skirts that are everywhere now and go with absolutely anything. Also I included something pink (such popular color right now) for those you don't like that cliche red

I hope you find these suggestions helpful and inspiring, and maybe you already own some of these pieces in your wardrobe and I made it easier for you to style them!!!

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