Thursday, April 27, 2017

Outfit | Pink velvet dress

pink velvet dress

Perfect day for PINK don't you think 💗 Sunshine makes me wanna wear light and bright colors and what's more pretty that light pink shades... and it's a hot trend right now!!!

As you might have noticed I wore this same dress in black in my previous post here Outfit | Black velvet dress and I also mention that I got the pink one as well and as promised here I am styling this PINK VELVET DRESS for you. It's exactly the same the material vise and the size vise just in a different color. I love the layered look so much so I wore a plain white t-shirt underneath it. So this whole look is pink and white nothing else pops. As you can see I also found this PINK VELVET CHOKER to match my dress and I'm in love 😉

Do you guys love pink shades for these up coming spring/summer days!?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Outfit | Black velvet dress

black velvet dress

Lets talk about dresses today 😉 I don't really wear them that often, it's not that I don't like them but I just find it easier to get in a jeans and t-shirt and I'm out the door. Since the spring has actually sprung in my hometown finally I know I'm gonna be styling dresses more often, especially lovely velvet ones...

I'm still layering my clothes on since the sun is on an on/off mode 😏but we still get some sunshine. I got this dress in a mail just the other day and I just couldn't wait to wear it. It's a BLACK VELVET DRESS and this material is the softest ever, it also comes in many different colors as well and since I loved it so much I got it in PINK also and I'm gonna be styling that one soon I promise. The only thing I do want to mention is that it comes in one size so I would go ahead and purchase it if you are a size XS-M it's stretchy but not to much if you know what I mean.   

Hope you find this look inspiring for this still chilly spring days... 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Outfit | Black bomber jacket

black bomber jacket

Just a lovely day for a stroll... I feel most comfortable when I'm strolling around in my Converse sneakers and a bomber jacket. It's really interesting how this kind of jacket goes with everything, no matter if you wanna wear something casual, chic or cool 😉

I thought this BLACK BOMBER JACKET would go great with pants instead of jeans for that casual chic vibe, but I would probably rock it with denim any time now! Honestly the only thing about this particular jacket is that when I saw her online I thought it would be thicker material like a standard bomber but it's actually not, it's thin satin material. I don't actually mind it cause it's gonna be great for spring/summer but just letting you know... Also it's true to size and it comes in white and coffee color as well! 

So if you are looking for a jacket for those up coming warm spring days this would be an option for you especially if you are into this style of jackets.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Outfit | Denim skirt and bodysuit

denim skirt

I don't remember last time I wore a denim skirt if I'm completely honest. I used to wear them with everything and now I kinda live in jeans. Well I think that is about to change 😉 starting today!

As you can tell I'm styling this RIPPED DENIM SKIRT in a casual everyday style and I'm loving it. I used to wear those mini denim skirts but now I prefer them bit more longer, I think they look more flattering that way and especially when they are high waisted! Pared the skirt with OFF THE SHOULDER BELL SLEEVE BODYSUIT that has incorporated few trends in one top, it's off the shoulder, it's bell sleeves and it's a bodysuit, I mean how awesome is that! So considering all that I kept everything else pretty simple, just added cross body bag and my loafer slides.

What you think of this look, are you into these trends lately!?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Outfit | Did someone said embroidery...

velvet embroidered jacket

Honestly when I search for something online to buy I always end up with some sort of embroidered item. I find it not just trendy but really pretty and feminine. Embroidered details add something cool and fun to any plain look.

This time around I'm styling VELVET EMBROIDERED JACKET with a whole black outfit. This particular one is sold out but there are so many jackets like this one to choose from at the link I left you. I do feel like this look is more fall appropriate cause of the color combo but I still love it for this transitional period, cause in my hometown the weather is not quite springy yet 😉

I know I was bit MIA for a while but that is just because my dad is still in a hospital and still not filling well, so I do have good and bad days when I just couldn't be bothered with the world 🙏

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Outfit | Stressed, depressed but well dressed

printed t-shirt stressed depressed but well dressed

It has been a difficult month for me and I'm still trying to stay strong and positive and focus on the things that keep me busy! Also I try to have some fun as well... like now with this new t-shirt 😉

Recently I was contacted by an online store called Likoli that makes printed t-shirts that are stylish, colorful sometimes philosophical but most of all FUN!!! So if you like sending a message with your style or need a conversation started then this store is a right place for you. You can pick from a great variety of men and women t-shirts with different prints and slogans or you can pick one exactly like mine here T-shirt - stressed, depressed but well dressed. The important thing is that they are a great quality shirts and that they are true to size, and you can find them in other colors as well.

So guys if you are into slogan t-shirts that can send a strong or fun message go ahead and check them out, I bet you can find the one just for you!!!