Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Outfit | Stressed, depressed but well dressed

printed t-shirt stressed depressed but well dressed

It has been a difficult month for me and I'm still trying to stay strong and positive and focus on the things that keep me busy! Also I try to have some fun as well... like now with this new t-shirt 😉

Recently I was contacted by an online store called Likoli that makes printed t-shirts that are stylish, colorful sometimes philosophical but most of all FUN!!! So if you like sending a message with your style or need a conversation started then this store is a right place for you. You can pick from a great variety of men and women t-shirts with different prints and slogans or you can pick one exactly like mine here T-shirt - stressed, depressed but well dressed. The important thing is that they are a great quality shirts and that they are true to size, and you can find them in other colors as well.

So guys if you are into slogan t-shirts that can send a strong or fun message go ahead and check them out, I bet you can find the one just for you!!!

T-shirt: likoli.de (HERE)
Skirt: choies.com
Bag: gamiss.com (HERE)
Sunglasses: zaful.com (HERE)

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