Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Outfit | Camo print dress

camo print dress

Blending in with the nature 😉 I'm actually big fan of camo print, but don't really own much stuff in this color combo. I would really want to get my hands on camo print cargo pants, that would probably be my go-to look!

For now I'm a proud owner of this camo print dress that is sadly no longer available on EnjoyOurs.com but they do have similar things on the website among other trendy clothes and accessories for you to check out. I did mention them in my previous post Outfit | Sporty weekend and still recommend them to you along with 10% off coupon code "STL10 ". This kind of look is great when you wanna be comfy but still keep it cool...

Do you guys like camouflage print!? What you think of this combo!?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Trend | Spring in white and pastel

white and pastel

It's prom and graduation season ! So I know that a lot of you are on a hunt for a perfect dress to wear and impress, right!!! I was thinking actually what would I wear if I was going to graduate now. I remember how majority of my girlfriends wore black (including me) and that is absolutely no fun... So if I could do it all over again I would be more relaxed about it and try to have as much fun as possible in light bright colors.

Since pastels are so trendy this spring especially pink shades I thought that pastel SHOULDER BAGS would be a great choice. Lovely pop of color that would go with so many things. I found a few options that I thought are cute and not serious what so ever. You can find all these bags at an online store StyleWe.

As I recommended pastel color bags, I'll recommend you with them WHITE GRADUATION DRESSES so you wouldn't have to think of color matching. White such a fresh crisp color and it will make you look fresh as well. When it comes to solid colors you can always play with different textures and make it look not so plain. All these dresses and more you can find at an online store called JustFashionNow.

Do you have any favorites!?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Outfit | Velvet top & velvet shoes

velvet top velvet shoes

If it's made out of velvet I probably gonna wear it 😉 I love how soft this material is, and how it attracts the light and adds dimension to the look. I have already few pieces in this material in my wardrobe and I love them all, so you can imagine how exited I was when I saw shoes made out of it.

These VELVET POINTED LOAFER SLIDES are pure perfection! First of all they are pointy, second they are made out of velvet, and third they are embroidered, so all I have to say is love love love! Such a statement shoe that is also comfortable and can be warn on an everyday basis. They also come in all black color and in brown with the same embroidered details.

I did wore everything black but I played with textures and details, so it's simple but effective. Another little pop of something something are these TURQUOISE DANGLE EARRINGS that somehow blended in perfectly with this outfit. I noticed that all the jewelry I got lately has turquoise details, it's like my favorite color stone at the moment.

What are your thoughts of this kind of shoes, do tell me...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Outfit | Neutral chic

beige loafer slides outfit

I usually wear darker colors in my everyday style but as you can tell LightInTheBox made me wanna lighten up my wardrobe with their amazing pieces. This is not the first time me mentioning this online store to you, but being absolutely satisfied with their products I simply must recommend them once again.

This time around I'm styling their BEIGE LOAFER SLIDES that are by far one of my favorite trend in shoes right now, I have them in black and pink as well, and with faux fur naturally 😉 I feel like these type of shoes are so easy to style, they go well with everything, they are super comfy and don't heart my feet at all. Being a sneakers kinda a girl this a perfect replacement for when I wanna be bit more chic and stylish.

Kept the whole look simple and neutral, even my bag is in a pinkish beige color with some fringe details that makes is so perfect for spring. This CROSS BODY TWEED BAG screams spring with color and with material, and I think it's gonna be great for day and night as well.

Last but now the least is the jewelry. You might noticed by now that I don't wear it often and if I do I don't wear many pieces, just a few dainty ones or a singe statement piece. So when I saw this BRACELETS SET that is simple and dainty looking I just had to get it. Beside this set of three bracelets I got the hollow heart one cause I thought they would match perfectly and they do...

Let me know your thoughts in comments bellow. What is your fave piece!?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Outfit | Oh those ruffles

ruffled bodysuit

Am I trendy or what 😉 As you probably noticed by now ruffles are so in style right now, and I feel like it's going to be - the bigger the better - kinda trend!!! I can't lie I love it... Statement pieces are my favorite.

Sticking to those "go big, or go home" lines I styled this ONE SHOULDER RUFFLED BODYSUIT that is my current obsession. Love these big ruffles that are structured, and I love the fact that is a bodysuit so it's not gonna move anywhere. It's also two trends in one - cold shoulder detail and ruffles, what more can I ask... and it's fits perfect. Staying true to my street style vibes I pared it with ripped jeans and loafer slides. 

Since everything is black and denim I opted for a pop of something something with this EMBROIDERED CROSS BODY BAG that has the cutest birdie detail. It also comes in pink, and I can't explain to you how much I want that one too 💗 

What are your thoughts of ruffles for this spring/summer?!!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Outfit | Sporty weekend

black mesh leggings

It has been a rough week so far and I would love to have one relaxing fun weekend to look forward to, but I know that's not gonna be the case for me. With everything that is going on, my stress level is so high and I can't seem to enjoy the little things... my blog is my biggest distraction!!!

So I decided to go back to working out!!! I feel that is gonna help me dealing with stress and what is a better motivation than cute and cool workout gear 😉 So I was on a hunt for some BLACK MESH LEGGINGS that will be comfortable and that will go with any top or t-shirt from my wardrobe. Luckly I found these ones at an online store EnjoyOurs that I did talked about before in my post Beauty | Baddie makeup tips for glasses. So far I'm very happy with everything that I got so I do recommend you to check them out and you have 10% off coupon code "STL10 ".

How do you deal with stress, is it working out, listening to music, going for a walk, what do you do guys!!!?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Outfit | So white

white cross body bag outfit

There is something about white that makes me feel so fresh when wearing it. Some days I just enjoy wearing simple crisp colors and clean lines, nothing else, especially now when warm days are closer. 

I kept the whole look white and simple, the only pop of color are the details on this gorgeous WHITE CROSS BODY BAG that is quite eye catching! It actually reminded me so much of a designer bag that I saw and I thought it would be a great addition to my wardrobe since I don't actually own a white bag, not even one... So this little gem of a bag is gonna be a great everyday bag, it's so versatile and the sizing is perfect for all my necessities! It comes with this detachable bow and with two different shoulder straps, short leather one and a long chain strap. This bag I got from an online store that I already talked about in my previous posts Outfit | Pink teddy bear coat and Outfit | Fur loafers for spring and that I had a great collaboration with and it's LightInTheBox !

Guys if you are on a hunt for trendy pieces to add to your collection without breaking the bank, be sure to check them out, you will not be disappointed! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Outfit | Laced up

faux leather lace up skirt

Lovely day for a casual stroll by the river... That is one of my favorite things to do on weekends, especially when the weather is being so nice. And a casual day calls for a casual outfit right 😉

I'm not wearing skirts as often as I would like to but I had to show off this LACE UP FAUX LEATHER SKIRT cause is just perfect. Everything that I want in a skirt - high waist, faux leather material and a lace up detail is what makes it so cool, so edgy but still wearable on an everyday basis. This one I got from GAMISS.COM that I already talked about before and that I really like. And they are having Gamiss Summer 2017 Promotion and Up to 70 % OFF right now for you to check out!!!

Since I wanted the look to be playful I wore this ROSEGAL.COM printed shirt that is sold out but they have so many options of fun printed shirts and also with Rosegal Summer 2017 Promotion Up to 60 % OFF!!! So what more could you ask for beside trendy affordable pieces that are on a sale now!!!

Hope you find it inspiring and have a lovely shopping experience!!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Outfit | Black and yellow

yellow sunglasses yellow jacket

Who doesn't like a nice pop of yellow 😉 I know I do, even on a windy day! I think that black and yellow combo is a great match especially on a sunny day...

I've seen these YELLOW SUNGLASSES everywhere, well not these ones in particular but yellow ones in all shapes and sizes. I like the round and the aviator shaped ones as well but these are kinda more chic less retro in my opinion... I naturally had to pared them with my yellow jacket just to make them pop even more. 

I opted for BLACK WIDE LEG PANTS this time around, I don't really wear this type of pants just because they always end up to long for me and I have to hem them and all, but these fit perfectly, length wise and size wise. That's a rare case so I love them so much. The one more thing that I like about them is that they are high waisted so they will be perfect for hot summer days pared with so many crop tops that I own!

ROSEGAL.COM is having their Rosegal Summer 2017 Promotion Up to 60 % OFF , so be sure to check them out!

What you guys say about wearing yellow for this spring/summer!?