Monday, July 31, 2017

Outfit | Gingham skirt

gingham skirt

I can safely say that everyone is obsessed with gingham print this season, and I'm not blaming them cause I love it too. You know I recently got gingham print romper and I loved it so much that I continued getting pieces in that print just in different colors 😉 

You will be seeing this print a lot here on these pages, first it was romper that you can check out here Outfit | Gingham and red and now I'm styling this HIGH WAIST GINGHAM SKIRT that is super flattering and super high waisted. Love the mermaid style of it, it just looks so chic. I thought paring it with something casual will make it stand out even more and make the whole look more wearable. I also got my eyes on some shorter versions of skirts in this print but we'll see I don't want to go over board with gingham this year 😊 Skirt is true to size as well, which is really important with these type of skirts, you want them to fit around your hips and waist perfectly, and this model does all that.

You can find this skirt at along with so many other trendy pieces, and while you are there you can check Rosegal dress denim summer 2017 Promotion and use a coupon code "RosegalChen" for a 10% off!!! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Outfit | Changes

white off shoulder crop top

Lets address the elephant in the room 😉🐘 my hair is super short, shortest than it has ever been. I don't know what happened why I chopped it, I just woke up one day I thought that that would be a good idea, and I don't regret it what so ever. Change is good, we all need it from time to time whether is your hair, your style or city it feels good.

Anyway on a super casual day I dress accordingly, so shorts and crop tops are a must. This OFF SHOULDER CROP TOP is all I need for summer in one top, it's cropped, it's off the shoulder and it's white. I feel like it's gonna be great for casual days as much as for dressier dinner date occasions pared with high waisted skirt and heels. Now that I think about all the parings, I think it's also vacation friendly over a bikini and off you go.

I know big statement earrings are a huge trend right now and I did got me a few of those but when I saw these BUTTERFLY EARRINGS I just had to grab them they are just to cute for an everyday wear. Since I accessorized with little earrings I thought that statement sunglasses would be a great choice cause they are quite bold and can not be missed. These WHITE SUNGLASSES have that retro look and are such a statement piece that makes me love them so much!!!

You can find this top and the earrings at along with so many other trendy pieces, and while you are there you can check Rosegal dress denim summer 2017 Promotion and use a coupon code "RosegalChen" for a 10% off!!! 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Outfit | Black, white and pleats

black pleated skirt

I think this is going to be first one from my black and white look series 😉 not intentionally but I realized that few of my last looks are pretty similar, well not only similar but exclusively black and white. I guess that is not a bad thing, just my mood lately...

I'm styling this BLACK PLEATED SKIRT that is kinda not going out of style. Pleats are quite trendy and I feel you can't go wrong with black pleats, classic and timeless. Since my fave way to dress is casual I just pared it with simple tank top and some slides. Simple as that... well I did added a little something something different and that is these MIRRORED SUNGLASSES that I love, cause I had one par in the past that I absolutely loved and ruined so I needed new ones!!!

Are you into pleats this summer!? Do you like pleated skirts?!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Outfit | Pink stripes and bell sleeves

pink striped top

You know when you just reach the point when you are beyond tired and you need that vacation...well that is my current state of mind and the worst thing is that I'll have to wait for September to go on a vacation, another month and a half. But hey at least our little walks by the river side do feel like we are on sea shore 😉

Since I need all the tricks to cool down on these hot summer days, this PINK STRIPED TOP that has open back was a perfect choice. It has a little tie in the back to hold everything in place and it's so breathable and easy just to trow on. And the fact that is pink and has these huge bell sleeves makes it so much cuter 😉 and trendy...

What do you wear on hot summer days!?

Monday, July 17, 2017

Outfit | Yellow and off the shoulder

yellow off the shoulder top

I'm in doubt, do I love yellow more than blue, I think it's a tie!!! Definitely one of my favorite colors for this summer is gonna be yellow. So don't be surprised if you see it more often on my blog in all shapes and styles. I ordered few more things in this color and I'm gonna rock them 😉

This is a total coincidence but everything that I'm wearing in this blog post is actually from one online store and that is Zaful. Honestly I didn't realize that until I started looking for all the links for you. The only recent thing that I got is this YELLOW OFF THE SHOULDER CROP TOP that is ruffled, bright and so fun. It matched perfectly with my yellow sunglasses and these high waist shorts and that it's going to be one of my favorite combinations to wear. 

Don't forget that you can find all these pieces at one place and that is Zaful, and on top of it you can use a coupon code "ZafulChen" at the checkout!!!

Tell me your thoughts of this look in the comments bellow!?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Outfit | Embroidered details and ruffles

embroidered peplum top

Well what can I say I'm back in blue shades, but this time with red details. I never realized how great of a match are red and blue. I'm still into embroidery and I'm glad that this trend is still going strong. 

I don't think I have in my closet any type of peplum top so this EMBROIDERED PEPLUM TOP  is a one of a kind piece in my wardrobe. Not only it's peplum but it has ruffle sleeves and red embroidered details, I mean can it be cuter!!! The quality of material is great and it fits true to size. It pared so well with denim for an everyday look, but it can easily be dressed up with maybe some skinny jeans and heels. 

I would really appreciate your honest opinion about the look and these photos, sometimes I doubt in the quality of my work and I would love some feedback from you guys! Thank you!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Trend | Summer must haves

off shoulder top

Planning to upgrade your wardrobe this summer!? Well I got you, I have few suggestions that are gonna be this summer must have items!!!

Off shoulder - not only off shoulder tops are trendy now but everything off shoulder goes, whether it's a dress, blouse, top, bikini... just grab your fave piece and you want make a mistake!!!

Ruffles - it's same about the ruffles as it is for off the shoulder items... Ruffles are included in every single piece you can think off, so you can definitely find your favorite fashion piece that is ruffled and you're good to go.

Strappy bikini - well since it's vacation season bikinis are a must have, you can find them in a great variety of shape, style, colors but I think that strappy bikini is one of my favorite most flattering ones so I did had to mention it. I know I'm gonna be getting me one!!! And the best thing about it is that you can find all these pieces and more at Zaful

What is your favorite piece/trend for this summer!!?

Friday, July 7, 2017

Outfit | NIRVANA

band t-shirt nirvana

Looking back at this period of my life when I was listening to this kind of band music and my only preoccupation was going to school on time, God help me I thought I'll never say it, but I wish I could go back to that time, so blissful and with no grownup problems. But yeah back to reality...

Now I can only remember that period with the smile on my face and smiley on my NIRVANA t-shirt !!! Seriously how cute is this tee, so fun and so easy to style being black and white. I thought it would be great to dress it up a little bit by wearing a skirt, and I chose my black tulle skirt cause it makes a great contrast!!! These type of looks, styling casual tees with dressier bottoms are becoming my favorite mix for this summer. 

Do you guys like styling band t-shirts!?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Aislestyle | Celebrity style dresses

prom dresses 2017

With Aisle Style turn every event into a huge party!

Looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion? Become the queen of the ball at every party! With Aisle Style you will find your dream dress, because they know what makes a festive dress! Whether you are looking for the latest trend or timeless elegance! Choose from more than 1200 different models! Aisle Style guarantees the best quality at a reasonable price!

Enough introduction right!? Who doesn't love dressing up, whether there is an occasion or not or you just want to feel celebrity special in an elegant PROM DRESSES that can be worn at any special occasion!!! I found few inspiration dresses for you in a variety of styles, short, elegant, long, backless... something for everyone! I think if I was going somewhere special right now I would probably go for a white dress, it's just so fresh looking and chic...

What is your favorite style of special occasion dress!?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Outfit | Gingham and red

gingham print romper

I feel like this particular trend doesn't even need introduction. It's everywhere and anywhere, and I bet you all have seen it in some form of clothing or accessories and it's - Gingham print!!! I don't know what it is, maybe because it just looks so simple and classy, but I love it. 

Following the trend I got me some  GINGHAM PRINT ROMPER ! First I love rompers they are so easy to trow on and be out the door, second it has ruffle details on the bottom that is another one of the latest trends and last but not least it's in black gingham print. So what more could I asked for in one piece of clothing... and for those who love more color it also comes in red!!! 

Speaking of red, as you can see I accessorized with red details. I just love how this simple print goes with bright red color, it accentuates the print even more which I like. Since I don't wear red that often this was a great opportunity for me to rock it.

What are your thoughts of this trend/print and of this look!?