Thursday, September 28, 2017

Vacation outfit | Kalamitsi beach - Sithonia

outfit kalamitsi beach sithonia

Exploring the beaches in Sithonia Greece, this time we went to the beach we already been to last year, cause we loved it so much and it's Kalamitsi beach. It's only 15 minutes away from Sarti (place we were at). 

It was kinda gloomy day and I was actually really sick that day, I think I even had a fever cause I was cold the whole time. Everyone was in their bikinis, swimming and having fun and I was wrapped in my towel having fever 😰but I couldn't let that ruin my day and ruin my hubbies day so I did everything I would normally do on the beach - drink coffee, sleep and of course take photos!!!

This pleated dress I'm wearing you already saw me styling in this post Outfit | Bell sleeves but as a top, now I'm actually wearing it as a dress with my trusty slides that were perfect for the beach. We were exploring the surroundings and took the photos on the rocks with the view on the beach.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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zaful free shipping

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Vacation outfit | Toroni beach - Sithonia

blue dress yellow tassel earrings

Another day another beach, or at least that's how we roll 😉 We were really trying to see as many beaches as we could, asked for recommendations and went on a different beach every day.

On this day we went to Toroni that is a half an hour ride from Sarti (place that we were at). It's a beautiful long beach with calm water with no wind and waves at all, great for families with little children. We saw couple of couples with little babies there as well, so it's kids friendly. There are many restaurants there to eat as well, with Greek specialties like gyros and souvlaki, but they also serve fish and salads. Not much of a night life, that is why every evening we come back to Sarti. 

I was feeling the blue, kinda matching with the sea. This dress you already saw me styling in the post Outfit Blue ruffled dress but since I love wearing color in the summer I added these statement YELLOW TASSEL EARRINGS that pared well with the blue, I think. You can find them at and use the coupon code "ZafulChen" for 10% off.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Vacation outfit | Sarti view point

vacation outfit sarti greece

Windy day in Sarti, but that is not something unusual, it's almost always windy but luckly not cold, just annoying for those who have hair 😉 This is they view point, you can see the whole beach from here and it's quite beautiful.

Kinda wrong day to wear a skirt, I couldn't tame her for the life of me. This YELLOW GINGHAM SKIRT is actually part of a two piece set and it comes with a cute tube top, but I wore them separately, that is the best part of matching sets, you can mix and match as much as you like!!! I went for all white and yellow, it felt so summery and fresh, I loved this combo. If you like this skirt you can go on and use a coupon code at the checkout and it's "ZafulChen" for additional 10% off!!!

For those planning to visit Greece in the future I highly recommend to go to Sithonia and visit Sarti or any other beaches there you will be amazed by the beauty of them, and there are so so many beaches to see... Also stay tuned for more photos of the beaches we visited, and check my Instagram account @stylesensemoments to see more of Greece and other stuff I post on daily basis.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Vacation outfit | Sarti beach - Sithonia

vacation outfit sarti beach greece

First day on the beach this year and it was windy and kinda cold! Well I was a bit sick already when we got there so I was extra cold 😰 actually I was pretty sick half of the time we were on a holiday... but that didn't stop us from exploring Greece beaches every day.

Our first beach was Sarti in Sithonia, cause that was the place where we were staying. Our villa was 10 minutes walk from the beach. Sarti is usually bit windy in September and it has some quite big waves from time to time. I'm not a swimmer so that was another reason we were exploring other beaches as well. I like hot weather and calm seas 😉 anyway all of that didn't make me not like this place, the views, it's night life and of course the food!!! Being a vegetarian on a holiday it's kinda hard if you don't bring your food, but Greece has plenty of fruit and veggies that kept me going, especially their Greek salad, mmmmm...

So as you can tell I like to wear easy breezy stuff when on the beach, it's so much easier to get in and out of the clothes. I love two piece sets in general so of course I gonna bring one for the beach as well. I was feeling this colorful vibe!!!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Vacation outfit | Dojran lake - Macedonia

vacation outfit dojran lake macedonia

I've been on a vacation for the last week and a half but I'm back now!!! Did you miss me?!! 😉 We went on a little Greek adventure. This was our first year traveling by ourselves, by car and it was quite an experience. We were usually traveling by bus or a plane but now since we bought a car we are going on our own!

So we went to Sithonia, Greece but our first stop was Macedonia's Dojran lake. We stopped there to rest, enjoy the scenery and to sleep and continued our trip the next day. I'm showing you my travel ootd and some of the beautiful landscape, but you be sure to stay tuned for our Greece photos and all the gorgeous beaches we went to.

Since I knew I would be in a car the whole time I tried to be as comfy as possible, so I wore jeans and a tee. I don't usually wear ripped jeans when traveling by bus cause somehow I always get cold, and now I was relaxed about it cause I was the one regulating the temperature. It's so much easier when you can stop when ever you want, where ever you want and as long as you want without any pressure. I guess I wasn't aware of all those things earlier when we didn't have a car... so our adventures will certainly continue!!!

And be sure to check out my Instagram account @stylesensemoments since I post there everyday, and you can enjoy more of our vacation photos and much more.