Saturday, December 30, 2017

Outfit | Red is still on trend

outfit red trend

I must begin by wishing you Happy Holidays!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time and relaxing weekend. I can't believe it's end of the year already, for me it doesn't even feel like it's new years in a day. I don't know why maybe it's because I'm getting older 😉 

This was another of our casual walks around the neighborhood. Sweats are lately one of my go to outfits, since it's easy to trow on and be out the door. It makes everything much more easier when it's a matching set, sweatshirt and sweatpants combo. And since red is a huge trend I wanted to par different shades of red in one look. That is why I added this RED BACKPACK with black lace up details. I think this look is sporty and casual and for me a perfect everyday look. 

If you are still looking for what to wear for this holiday season and for new years you can find a great deal of inspiration at 2017 About Zaful Christmas Special Promotion and if you do decide to shop feel free to use discount code "ZafulChen" at the checkout. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Zaful | What to wear for Holidays

two piece blazer and pants

Are you having doubts what to wear for all these gatherings that are happening in Holiday season. We are not done with partying and with eating but most importantly with sharing love in this festive time. So no matter if you are having a family gathering, party or you just love looking fab beside your Christmas tree, I got few suggestions for you.

As you can tell by the photos I was really paying attention to materials. I feel like silky materials scream - I'm chic and sophisticated, and knits are more for - I wanna be comfy but still put together, kinda looks. I always go for those two options and it's up to you to choose what suits your style or if you are like me, what suits your current mood!

I still haven't decided what am I going to wear for New Years, but since we are hanging out with friends that are practically family, I think I'm gonna opt for a comfortable look, we'll see 😉 And if you still need some more inspiration I highly recommend you to check 2017 About Zaful Christmas Special Promotion and if you pick something out feel free to use a discount coupon code "ZafulChen" at the check out for 10%-20% off.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Outfit | Red boots

outfit 90's t-shirt red boots

Can I be more street stylish!? I think not, but what can you do, I just love being relaxed and comfortable in my own skin. I'm just your girl next door with messy hair, ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Since my blog is about my personal style, I think I'm allowed to be myself once in a while 😉

Beside being a street style girl I'm pretty much a 90's girl as well. That was kinda my era and I do remember it con nostalgia, those were my school days and no worry days. So what is a better representative of this period that a slogan t-shirt right 😊 When I saw this BLACK 90's T-SHIRT I was like - mine!!! It's gonna be so easy to style it cause it fits my casual style perfectly, but honestly it can be dressed up as well for those not so casual days.

I wanted to spice up the whole look so I opted for these in your face RED BOOTS that add just a perfect amount of chicness to the overall look! Don't you think!? Most importantly they are super comfy and super warm, so they are gonna serve me well this winter... and super trendy since red is the color of the season!

You can find both of these items at the same online store and while you are there you can check their Rosegal Winter clothes 2017 Promotion and use the discount code "RosegalChen" at the check out for 10%-20% off!!!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Outfit | White sweater

white sweater outfit

I'm all about sweaters this season. Last season I was all about jackets and now I have switched to sweaters. I really needed an update in my wardrobe so I'm playing with different colors and different styles of sweaters. Also trying to step out of my comfort zone especially when it comes to color!

This time around I styled this FRAYED OVERSIZED V-NECK SWEATER in this off white color. It's an easy color to par with but the style of it, is what attracted me to get it. Love the little fray details that look like fringes, love the deep v-neck and the fact that it is oversized so it's all cozy and warm. Wanted to keep it simple with all black and white palette but I did played with textures a lot, incorporating faux fur, faux leather and knits in one look. 

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Best Christmas Gift For Your Love - Zaful

christmas gift guide with zaful

Zaful has prepared the Christmas ultimate sale to celebrate the end of 2017. No matter if you're shopping for your sister, mother, friend or yourself. They've edited the most amazing gifts for you in this Christmas clean-up sale . 

To help you avoid the last minute panic, a list of super-chic product has been compiled. From floral tops, cami dress to drop shoulder sweatshirts and bikini sets. All under $10! Check out the deals zone and collect these 2017 hot sale products to your wardrobe. This might be the last opportunity to get them at such unbelievable price.  

For under $10 Zone, you can almost find everything that was on the 2017 best seller list. It’s time to purchase something for your family members and friends. Accessories for all seasons start from $0.01 to $9.99  and are the perfect affordable choice for X-mas surprise.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Outfit | Pink sweater

pink sweater outfit

As I promised in my last post when I styled Outfit | red sweater here I am styling same one but in different color, and what color would that be than pink 💗

It's great when it's a sunny fall day and you can actually look cute. So I took the opportunity to style this PINK MOCK TURTLENECK SWEATER before I bundle up with layers and layers of clothes. As usual I went for street style vibes with PU leather skirt and some combat boots. I just love that girly - edgy contrast. But this sweater is so easy to combine and I know I gonna be styling it in many different ways this fall/winter.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Outfit | Red sweater

red sweater zaful

Let's start with a sweater weather cliche 😉 I think I'm in an early Christmas mood... winter is so close and I'm not exited at all, I mean I love holidays and gatherings but I just hate cold weather. I wish I could sleep through the winter or at least spend it in a warmer climate. Oh well a girl can dream.

What screams Christmas more than a RED MOCK TURTLENECK SWEATER or any red sweater! To make it less festive and more street style I pared it with some white dungarees and some white sneakers. This is actually the only red sweater in my wardrobe, cause I kinda think red is not my color, it's to strong for me, I feel more pale that usual ☺but I do love #testingtrends and since red is a color of the season I had to at least try it, right!? Thoughts?!

You can find this sweater in many other colors as well, if you are not big fan of red, at Zaful and check their 2017 About Zaful Christmas Special Promotion  and with a ZafulChen coupon code you will have 10%-20% off!!! 

Stay tuned cause I did ordered one in pink and styled it in a completely different way!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Outfit | Sweats

outfit sweats

Super relaxed day calls for a super relaxed outfit, and what is more relaxed and casual then sweatsuit right!? And I did went all the way and wore it from head to toe. This sporty look is back on trend whether it is completely casual or bit dressed up with some heels and chic coats, what ever you feel like that day sweats are gonna go with it!!!

I was feeling super casual and I wanted something comfy so I can walk for hours. I love that these SWEATS are black with a simple white stripe at the side!!! I'm gonna mix and match this set with so many pieces from my closet. I really wanna dress is up as well with some boots and maybe some faux fur jacket, I think it's gonna look so cool. For now some sneakers and back pack will do..

Are you guys loving the sweatsuits!? Are you gonna rock them this winter!?