Monday, February 5, 2018

Outfit | Black shearling jacket 🖤

black shearling jacket zaful

Of course I'm gonna go back to black... I'm always like lets add some color to my wardrobe and I buy things that are bright and loud and end up not wearing them cause I just feel most comfortable in black. Does anyone else has the same problem?!

Last year I got blue denim shearling jacket (you can see me styling it here - Denim shearling jacket) and it's so warm and cozy but I didn't wear it as much as I like cause it's that kinda oversize fit, I wanted something more true to my size. This year I found BLACK SHEARLING JACKET that is also super cozy and warm and it's fits me just right. It's actually faux shearling, you know me being a vegetarian I ain't gonna buy a real deal. I'm so glad this one fits me perfectly cause I did try one few jackets like this one in stores and they were all oversize and I felt like a sack of potatoes in them 😉 I have plans for this jacket I'm not gonna wear it just will all black I promise...

What are your thoughts of this look!? Do you wear color in winter time?!

BOOTS - Bershka

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