Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Outfit | Styling waist/bum bag

styling waist/bum bag

I think there is no introduction needed to this particular trend - it's something that we all wore in one point of our lives and that is made a huge come back - waist/bum bag or fanny pack (depending on a style of it). I'm more into this modern designer version than the sports one but for each their own.

Don't you love when a trend piece is so versatile that you can mix and match it with almost everything in your wardrobe, I know I do. Especially this waist bag that I got, it really goes with my style, not to sporty not to girly, just perfect and off course since it's black it makes the life of styling that much more easier. Also you would be surprised how much stuff you can actually put in there!!! Lastly it wouldn't be me if I didn't buy the same thing in two different colors 😉 so yeah you guessed it I got the same bum bag but in red, and I'll be styling it soon as well, I mean you can find them pretty much everywhere and for cheap too. This one I got from eBay for around $7 !!!

Are you loving that this trend is back or you are not really that obsessed!?