Monday, August 20, 2018

Outfit | Co-ord (two piece set)

co-ord two piece outfit matching set

I've been obsessed with matching sets/two pieces for years now, well ever since they became a trend. I always try to find different matching sets, like shorts and tops, skirts and tops, pants and tops, and I just love how easy is to trow it on and have an instant outfit, not to mention looking like you made an effort 😉 and you can always wear them separately with other pieces from your closet.

This time around I'm styling matching pants and crop top. Honestly when I first saw this top I thought the print was lolly pops, oh boy how wrong I was, if you look closely enough you'll find out that these red and white circles are actually snakes. I still thought it was cool so I did ask the girl who was working there if there is skirt or pants to match the top, and she said they don't have it 😕 I wondered around the store for a bit longer and to my surprise I found matching bottom on my own (lucky me). I incorporated some red details (red waist bag and red sunglasses - styled in this post as well - Pool side party - red-lace-up-bikini) to complete the look, and it turned out so cute.

Pants are bit too long on me, since I'm quite petite, and I had to wear highest platform shoes that I own with them. I'm planning on hemming down the pants a bit, but I have to wait until my mum's leg gets better so she can use a sawing machine ( she is the one that does all the little wardrobe alternations for me). 

So if you are searching for some piece you really wanna add to your wardrobe, don't give up yet, cause it just might pop up somewhere just for you!!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Outfit | Pink and lace

shein pink lace sleeves top

I always go back to pink 💗 I don't know if it even looks flattering on me, especially when it's in soft pastel color and me being pale and all but I don't really care cause it's such a pretty color, so girly so feminine. 

So the star of the show is definitely this LACE CAP SLEEVES BLOUSE in the softest summer friendly material, that is also bit creased and I do apologize but I didn't have time for ironing 😉 lace details on the sleeves are what caught my attention in a first place and make this piece so chic and it's gonna be so easy to dress it up as well for some special occasion. Everything else I kept black and simple so the main focus is on the blouse, that is how I actually love to dress, always having a key piece that is going to be in the center of attention.

On the last note, I'm really looking forward to a little vacation, but it's probably gonna be in September, so until then summer in the city...

Monday, August 6, 2018

Outfit | Ruffles on top, ruffles on bottom

shein ruffle sleeves top

Who would know I was gonna love ruffles that much. There are so many trends lately that I'm loving but I'm not getting to style them, and that makes me sad cause you know how much I love me some trendy pieces. Well I think this summer is gonna be super hot and I'm gonna be by the pool or the beach most of the time so I'm not gonna be needing that much clothes anyway 😉

I don't know why I thought that I need this much ruffles in one look, but I feel like it turned out cool and kinda effortless since I opted for sneakers on the bottom. Funny thing is that both top and bottom ( styled here - Outfit | Different shades of grey ) are from the same store and they matched perfectly. This WHITE RUFFLE SLEEVES TOP also has these cute eyelet trim details that makes it more girly and fun. I kept the look white and grey, but I do love me some color so next look is definitely gonna be in color...

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Outfit | It's ok to be vulnerable...

shein v neck top

It's been a while since my last post, I know, I was in a really bad place, I still am but I'm dealing with it, we all are. I don't know if you remember when I talked about my father being very sick, and that is something that we all are dealing with for a year and a half now. Like that is not enough, now my hubby's father has passed away, suddenly a week ago. It has been such an emotional period for us, and I'm an emotional wrack, but God knows I'm trying to stay strong for my hubby, for my father and for myself. It's hard, that is why I look for an escape here on my blog, on my other social media, so I wouldn't think about all these things, about my life. It's nice to look at other people moments in life - happy or sad - and know that you are not alone and that life does go on.

Well after this long intro (sorry) I'll focus on this day when these photos were taken, not so long ago, but I just put them on hold. Fashion and everything beauty related is my passion in life and really does allow me to function "normal" for at least few hours a day.

This SHEIN V-Cut High Low top is a piece that I recently got cause I wanted something simple that would go with practically everything and still be a chic piece that could be dressed up or down. In this case I decided to dress it down for an everyday wear, adding just a few details to make it more interesting - like my leopard loafers, leopard bracelet and this fab straw bag that I found on eBay for about $10.

If you are going through a hard period in life, know that there are people that love you and support you no matter what and that life does go on and that empty spot in your heart is never gonna get full again but that is ok too, you just need to accept it and learn to live with it 💔