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Affordable photography backdrops

A backdrop is literally a painted cloth hung at the back as part of the scenery. Aside from being used at events, backdrops also play an important role in photography. In photography, backdrops are used to create a specific visual scene behind the subject of the photo. They help to make a photo memorable. A backdrop can add dimension and depth to a photo. If you are tired of your same old background in a photo and wanna make your photos more interesting and fun definitely get some beautiful backdrops and get creative.

Don’t worry they are not only for professional photographers, now days you can buy a high quality backdrop of your choice or even get it professionally customized to your desire. At you can get personalized unique backdrops. You can choose any size, color, text… with no extra charge, add your own art work in high-resolution that is computer painted, or it can also be hand painted canvas backdrop.


Backdrops are portable, durable and can be reused for your next shoots. They can be folded so you do not need a big storage, and they are ready to shoot at any time with vivid printed images. They can come with the pocket on the top so they can be hanged, but if you don’t want the pocket you just need to point that out. Material is microfiber cloth, compared with other materials, microfiber is soft, it’s a wrinkle resistant cloth, it’s washer safe and a low ironing safe, you can put these backdrops in the washer and dryer to clean them. So cleaning is easy! You can easily clean any dirt that might occur.


When it comes to backdrop styles, sky is a limit, there is a wide range of styles for you to choose from. You can go for abstract textured backdrop, solid color, floral. wood, brick, forest/jungle, door and window, chevron, stripes… You can also go for season backdrop (spring, summer, winter, fall) or themed ones (birthday, wedding, baby shower, sports, festive…)


Beside backdrops, on their site you can get other equipment such as adjustable backdrop stand to hang your drops. They also offer rubber floor mats that are about 3 mm thick, durable, soft and can be customized as well. You can also find photography reflectors, lights, support clips… all that with professional after-sale.


The production time of Printed Backdrops takes about 1-2 days. The production time of Rubber Floor Mats takes about 7-10 days. The production time of Hand Painted Backdrops takes about 7-10 days. The Delivery time includes the production time and the shipping time. Free shipping is for orders over $120, for orders below $120, they charge 12-15 USD for shipping. ships worldwide!


I do hope you find this post helpful when it comes to photography. My goal is to give you some new creative ideas for your future photos and all that in an easy affordable way. Choose your own style, make your own theme, play with colors and patterns, you’ll be surprised with the final result.

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