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Beauty | 3 easy beauty hacks you’ll love

Hey guys!
I have another beauty talk for you! I did wanted to post this couple a days ago but I just did have time for it. Anyway better late than never 😉 I wanna talk 3 easy beauty hacks that I find really helpful, and I bet you already know some of them 😉 
When you wanna have those matte lips that are so trendy right now or you just want to intensify your eye make up or just wanna have that beautiful dewy healthy looking skin for summer, well I have perfect tips to help you out!!!  
1. Matte lips
Yes matte lips are so trendy right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to go and buy all you favorite colors in matte, well you can if you want to 😉 But a simple solutions to get all favorite colors you already own matte is just use your powder foundation (loose or pressed or even baby powder). Apply your lipstick and than you can lightly press a paper tissue over the lipstick and than dub over your foundation with a brush (like on a photo) or just add some loose powder -generous amount- over your lipstick with fingers and than brush the excess off. This will make your lipstick last longer as well.

2. Intense eye make up
You wanna intensify your eye make up in seconds, have that jet black eye liner look, all you need to do is grab your eye liner pencil and a lighter!!! It’s an old trick but it works I promise. Just hold your eye liner pencil over flame for a second and than wait for it to cool down for 15 seconds (it’s important for it to cool down, I don’t want you to burn you skin!!!) Test it on you hand first and you’ll be amazed.

3. Dewy skin
Last but not least – dewy healthy looking skin – perfect for hot summer days. You need your foundation and your moisturizer. Mix them together on a plate or on your hand, it’ll make your foundation not so heavy and your skin will look glowy. The only thing is if you have really oily skin you might wanna skip this step cause you can look more greasy than usual ;/ Also this trick works well if you have foundation that’s bit darker than your skin, add a moisturizer to make it slightly lighter. 
Well I do hope I helped you in some way, made your make up routine bit easier or saved you some money 😉 !!!
If you do try some of this tips do let me know, and if you have some trick to share leave them in comments down below.
Stay safe!!!

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