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Beauty | 3 nail hacks you need to know


Yay for the weekend!!!
I have a little weekend beauty talk for you guys!!! It’s gonna be all about the nails!!! I’m doing my nails every week since I have them natural again so I have 3 nail hacks for you guys that you need to know and that will make your life easier I promise 😉
1. No more mess when painting your nails
All you need is a Elmer’s glue (or any washable school glue). You apply it around you nails without touching the actual nail then apply nail polish of your choice and remove the glue with your tweezers. This is great for those who are messy when applying nail polish especially red, black or any dark shade. Also it works awesome when you are doing ombre effect on your nails or nail stamping, and we all know how messy that can get!!!


2. No more waiting for your nail polish to dry
This is actually so easy and everyone already owns the things you need. All you need is a bowl of ice cold water and a bottle of oil spray of your choice. You just immerse your fingers in a bowl of cold water for couple of seconds and then spay them with oil spray. You’ll be surprised how quickly your nail polish will dry!!!


3. Fast and easy (glitter) nail polish remover
Ok so now that we have painted our nails, dried them quickly and have them looking lovely for a week it’s time to remove that nail design off. We all know how pretty that chunky glitter polish looks like and we all know what a pain in the a** is to remove it 😉 Well here’s the tip – all you need is nail polish remover, cotton pads and tin foil. You soak the pad with nail polish remover put it on your nails and then put the tin foil over it, wait for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the polish and remove. You can now just scrape it of the nail and you’re done.
That’s all from me today 😉 I hope you find these tips helpful and that you’ll try at least one of them and let me know if you do.
Also guys if you know any nail hacks that really worked for you please do share in comments below!!!

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