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Beauty | Baby pink nails

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Happy Friday!!! Are you ready for weekend!? I know I’m not ;/ I have some seminar to attend this whole weekend, so no break for me.
Still had time to update my nails. I recently saw this technique of painting nails on Instagram, and I wanted to try it on my short nails. I don’t know if you have seen it or know how it’s done, but it’s so easy and fast I love it and I’ll try with some other colors as well. Maybe darker colors would look even better. You just paint your nails with clear base coat and then immediately apply couple random drops of polish of your choice over (I opted for baby pink) not letting base coat to dry. That is why I did one nail at time, base coat – drops of polish!!! And finish everything with top coat. I hope I explained that well! Maybe I should do a video on it, he he. 
Well I do hope you find it interesting or different or just fun!!!

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