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Beauty | Black and silver ombre nails

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Hey loves, happy Friday!!!
Time for my beauty post! Well actually nail art post! I haven’t done my nails in a while, I broke one of them so I was waiting for them to grow back :/ I was thinking of getting that gel manicure set that you can do it yourself at home, the nail design would last me longer, not just a few days. I think the regular manicure would last me longer if I wasn’t washing my hands so often :/ but my job is like that, I work with kids so I have to wash my hands all the time and I have to keep them short 🙁 So I’ll have to work with what I got!
This time I did them ombre again but combining black and silver. I really like this combo, and since the weather here is still cold and wintery I feel like it’s an appropriate combo! Also it’s quite easy as my designs are usually, just a little sponge on the tips action 🙂 Hope you find it inspiring!
Talk to you soon…

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