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Beauty | Classic red nails

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Happy Friday guys!
As you already know I had my gel nails for almost two years now and the last time I did my nails I took them off. Yap back to my natural nails!!! I just felt I needed a break and that I need to let my natural nails breath and recover, cause they are now quite thin and fragile. I was not going to leave them bare, some nail polish want do them much harm, it will actually protect them from braking fast. We’ll see how long I’ll be able to have them natural 😉 So I opted for a classic red nail polish with bit of gold sparkles on every other nail. I do recommend using good base coat first that two layers of a polish of your choice and finishing off with a good top coat as well, if you wanna your manicure to last longer without chipping. I used Seche Vite dry fast top coat and Seche Clear cristal clear base coat. I do highly recommend these two!!!

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